MISA greets with joy the fair and objective decision of the Swedish Justice

, 22 October 2005

MISA greets with joy the fair and objective decision of the Swedish Justice, represented by the Supreme Court of Justice of Stockholm, the highest of this country, which declined the request of extradition of Gregorian Bivolaru and released him.

Hopefully this will bring to light the unjust oppression against this yoga school displayed at a political order of the former prime minister and leader of the PSD (Romanian Social Democratic Party) Adrian Nastase. The latter has acted through Ilie Botos, the general prosecutor and started a discriminating campaign of calumny in media. Also the prosecutors who took the political orders of Adrian Nastase got involved in lots of illegal, abusive actions meant to destroy this yoga school and put to jail its spiritual mentor, Gregorian Bivolaru, despite his innocence.
The decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of Sweden on grounds of existing evidence and testimonies points out that this whole framing of the Romanian authorities couldn’t deceive the Swedish justice.
We hope that the decision of the Swedish Justice will draw the attention of the authorities, of the government and of the Romanian Minister of Justice Monica Macovei – who will start off investigating all those responsible for the abusive, illegal actions of 2004 and 2005 and finally the unjust oppression and setups against our yoga school will stop.



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