The abuses against yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru broke out after only 7 days from his release from prison and continue yet again

It is obvious to us all that it is desired for his imprisonment to continue at all costs, as it was transmitted to him, for that matter, through the harsh threatening letters of the so-called ILLUMINATI, sent both in SWEDEN and FRANCE in the year 2016


Just released from prison, only seven days later, lo and behold, Gregorian Bivolaru faces new abuses that are flagrant. After the implementation of some of Romania’s reserve strategies, who prepared ahead of time the grounds for his possible release from prison, the Finnish state is promptly involving in this persecution games and violates his right to a fair trial, through the new “hunt” which they triggered only a week after his release from prison. The bizarre preventive arrest warrant (we consider it important to specify that it is only a preventive arrest warrant, and not an arrest warrant, as it was presented in an absolutely false and tendentious manner by some journalists) was issued in a strange way, without the accusations brought to him being presented to Gregorian Bivolaru in advance, and without him being subpoenaed. As far as we know, Gregorian Bivolaru has never been to FINLAND. The whole timeline of the strange and hasty actions taken against Gregorian Bivolaru demonstrates, once more, that somebody seeks his re-arresting and maintaining in prison at any cost. Besides, this was transmitted to him through the anonymous threat letters sent to him by the secret messengers of the so-called ILLUMINATI both in SWEDEN, FEBRUARY 2016, and in July 2016, while he was under arrest in France.

It is worth mentioning on this occasion that, regarding those threat letters containing a lot of surprisingly “PROPHETIC” details for what is happening now, the MEDIA has kept a strange deafening silence (which indirectly tells us a lot about how public opinion is manipulated with ability by hiding some information or aspects that are considered TABOO by the “agents” of the so-called ILLUMINATI .You can get information following the link bellow, to discover some “PROPHETIC” excerpts from the contents of those letters which, in this context, reveal the criminal ways in which the so-called ILLUMINATI are acting from the shadow: The case of Gregorian Bivolaru – 45 years of serious abuses, terrifying threats and torture.

It is also necessary to mention that, by virtue of his natural rights acquired on the occasion of his conditional release, Gregorian Bivolaru had the right to leave the country without any restriction, if he had so decided. Therefore, under no circumstances can it be said that “he has fled” the country, as it is stated in a mischievous, tendentious and incorrect way in some news that are already seeking to unjustly incriminate him (following the secret orders given from behind the scenes by those who want to launch another anti BIVOLARU HATEFUL PSYCHOSIS).

Gregorian Bivolaru was not favoured in any way, not even by the fact that the prosecutors did not appeal the decision of the Bistrita Court, through which he was conditionally released. We consider this type of insinuation as being despicable and obviously false, and even used by journalists with the intent to cunningly conceal the truth. Based on professional deontology, they should have written about what actually happened. Unfortunately, no journalist mentioned that his first request for conditional release was rejected – hence, in no case can we talk about his favouring in this case – but on the contrary, one might say that there was a 30-day postponement of Gregorian Bivolaru’s conditional release. In addition, it is deliberately omitted to mention that the prosecutors had no grounds to appeal because all the legal conditions regarding the conditional release of Gregorian Bivolaru had been fulfilled. It is even necessary to notice how, in a bizarre way, only the conditional release of Gregorian Bivolaru is regarded as being “suspicious” by many of the MEDIA, while the release of other well-known persons, including some who have caused major injury to the Romanian state, amounting to tens of millions of euros, was not at all accompanied by such malicious comments which are sometimes full of miserable insinuations. Based on the legal information provided to us by Gregorian Bivolaru’s lawyers, it is urgently necessary to mention that in reality the pre-arrest warrant issued by the Finnish authorities is not about any minor, as falsely stated by the press which aims at a malicious sensationalism.

Another amazing aspect worth mentioning is that the Romanian press did not talk about the support that Gregorian Bivolaru has enjoyed in recent years abroad, coming from some people who understood that he was in fact the victim of a skilful set-up. Discussions about Gregorian Bivolaru’s flagrant case, which highlighted some serious human rights violations, took place even with the European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, and Vice-Presidents Viviane Reding and Cecilia Malmstrom. Also, several members of the European Parliament, including Elmar Brok, Cornelis De Jong, Jens-Peter Bonde, Jose Bove, Rita Borsellino, Margarete Auken, Jean Lambert, Cornelia Ernst, Nirj Deva, Nicole Nielsen, Tatiana Zdanoka together with other members of other political groups, have been involved in stopping the persecutions that have been unleashed by the Romanian state against Gregorian Bivolaru. In fact, it is worth mentioning that the ECHR on February 28, 2017, admitted Complaint no. 28796/04 in the case of BIVOLARU v. ROMANIA.

MISA Press Office
September 23, 2017


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