by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Clairvoyance is, according to some views, one of our primary senses that has gradually declined, one that most people have lost. Once, it was in a very tight relationship with an exceptional sense of direction that some animals still fully possess. Apart from mediums, prophets and telepaths which we shall deal with later, let’s examine those who are not only able to see beyond the end of their nose, but to also see things we are not able to see at all, using other parts of their body than their eyes.

Seeing Without Eyes Although they are rare, there still exist people who are able to see very well, without using their eyes. “Paraoptic vision” or “extra-retinal vision”, scientists will say. “Divination”, “intuition” claim those who cannot admit that someone could see without opening their physical eyes at all.

Whatever the explanatory theories and whatever the terms to explain the phenomenon in question, we know for sure a Russian woman who is able to read newspapers with her toes. There are still others, men and women who “see” with their fingers or with their forehead skin. It is known, for example, the case of a woman – reported by Jules Romains, in his book Men of Good Will – who could perfectly recognize colours and was even able to read newspapers titles while blindfolded. The author reports a series of experiments performed in the presence of certain physicians who, in order to eliminate any possibility of telepathy with the witnesses who could see the object in question, would take a leaf out of a calendar, with no one previously seeing it, not even themselves, would insert it into a black box for photographic plates; the “clairvoyant” lady being perfectly able to  read the date printed on the calendar, without opening the box.

Could it not be clairvoyance! It is, even if it’s only its first stage. Clairvoyance, as we usually understand it, is nothing but a more advanced and subtle form of the ordinary view, allowing us to see parts, mysterious facets of the world, aspects and things other than what common people are usually allowed to see.

Magical Mirrors

In order “to see”, some people use bronze disks, dark mirrors, crystal balls, and sometimes simple glasses of water. All these are related to the well-known category of “magic mirrors”. But what matters is not the tool, but the fact that they are able to “read” such exceptional aspects.

I personally knew a military man, an engineer, a Cartesian spirit who would not believe anything of this “nonsense”, until the day he realized that he himself could “read”. Being a good military man, entirely dedicated to his materialistic views, ashamed of his gift, he preferred to break the crystal ball that was guilty for the visions.  And he never bought another one. But what could he have read? He always refused to talk about it, carrying his secret, undoubtedly a personal one, to the grave.

Let us now take the case of a gypsy, Rosa, who explains how she came to “read” a crystal ball. Her grandmother offered her this gift, explaining to her that she had to watch it daily for ten minutes, always at the same place and always at the same time. Rosa practiced this exercise conscientiously for a month that seemed endless to her, without seeing in the ball anything but the reflection of her own room. At the end of this period, her grandmother advised her to continue for another month, watching the ball for fifteen minutes instead of the usual ten.

Towards the end of the second month, she was rewarded with a first vision. The reflection of her room disappeared, allowing her to see the extremely clear picture of a white temple, with a golden gate on which were written some mysterious signs. On each side of the gate there stood a man dressed in white. The vision disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, and once again the reflection of the room found its place in the ball.

Encouraged by this, Rosa persisted, but for a few weeks that seemed endless, she could see nothing special, except for certain moments when some vague and dark shapes appeared, which did not seem to correspond with anything she knew. As her grandmother would insist on her keeping on, she continued to practice daily, discovering gradually that she had to watch the ball always bearing a precise idea in her mind which could be answered by a possible vision, and that the best results would come only when she consulted the ball to find out messages for another person. Presently, Rosa came to read in two distinct ways: “Sometimes, at the beginning I see some clouds or a kind of fog that disturbs the waters of the ball. In three out of four cases, this fog dissipates and there emerges an extremely clear picture, sometimes coloured, sometimes in black and white, similarly to those appearing on a TV screen. At other times, when I focus, the ball remains transparent but suddenly a very clear image appears in my mind. These images of the “inner eye” that most often do not say anything personal to me, are easily understood and recognized by the person who does this visionary projection”.

Rosa affirms that the crystal ball is a wonderful and practically infallible means to obtain not an unconscious trance state, but a total concentration of the mind. She honestly confesses that she does not know whether what she sees is the illustration or reflection of an actual situation in the crystal or is merely the projection of her inner vision. Sometimes her focus becomes so strong that she no longer hears noises around her and even certain physical sensations disappear: she no longer feels headaches or toothaches in those moments.

Rosa considers that symbols play a very important role in interpreting visions. For example, seeing a chain is a sign of prosperity, a rainbow corresponds to fulfilling a desire or a promise. In her opinion, the signs of the zodiac correspond to certain future events. When she sees a black curtain she stops the session and apologizes: a long experience has taught her that the person she is consulting is going to die in the next few days, usually within a week. This vision never betrayed her. Still, sometimes she has very exact visions. For example, during the Second World War she was consulted by a woman whose husband went missing in Czechoslovakia. Rosa clearly saw in her crystal ball a convoy of trucks in a desert area. The first truck stepped on a mine and exploded. However, she was reluctant to tell the woman she was sure her husband was in the first truck and she witnessed his death. A few days later, her client came back and confirmed her vision.

Rosa considers anyone with enough patience and willpower will be able to read a crystal ball. About twice a year she cleans the crystal ball in fresh water in order to free it from an accumulation of certain emotional energies, as she herself sustains. Then she waits for the full moon to expose the ball in order to magnetize it, placing it afterwards in a black velvet lined chest. She avoids as much as possible to expose it to daylight or too close to an artificial light source. As far as her own destiny is concerned, she is convinced the crystalball was of great help to her, showing her certain dangers that could have threatened her and indicating her the wisest and most divinely inspired attitudes to have in certain moments of herlife.

A Simple Glass of Water

In his book,  Aux Frontières de l’irrationnel, J. A. Mauduit tells the story of a man who used exclusively a glass of water to achieve premonitions through clairvoyance. Several piles of books placed around the glass formed a screen, placing the glass in semi-obscurity, while allowing others to check the objective nature of his inspirations, as instead of reading himself for the subject who came to request from him inspired information, he preferred to place the latter with his back against the light, letting him wait and ”read” himself. Here’s how one of the sesessions went, related by himself, while he supported the process energetically. Before the war, at Algiers, this ”psychic” met a young woman, who had just learned that her brother in Morocco was very ill. She feared the worst. He then placed a glass of water in front of her and simply touched her head. The young woman immediately said she could see the water become troubled and in seconds she stated she could see her brother who did not seem seriously ill, though he was lying in bed. She then described the city her brother was in. The psychic recognized the city of Oran. All this was confirmed later: being ill, he was taken to Oran, where he recovered as soon as possible.

In the opinion of Maudit, this man could offer the gift of clairvoyance to any person, due to his ability to induce a higher mental field, coordinated by the third eye or AJNA CHAKRA in the Hindu tradition, merely touching their head while he or she were looking into the glass.

The Police Often Use Psychics

An intuitive detective, with a flair can be extremely useful, but a clairvoyant detective can be an unmatched advantage for the police. Although police rarely mentions it, it often appeals to“seers” in all countries in the world. Not infrequently, seers themselves are those who make the first step and offer the police their services. When these things become known, newspapers come to publish fulminating articles. The Romanian Police also appeals to seers now and again, but keeps silent about it, while Dutch and German police often use them. British and Scottish police have even employees with psychic abilities.

Here are some significant cases:

During the Time of Sherlock Holmes

Toward the end of the last century, the best “cops” of Scotland Yard, gathered in an old house, situated at a low altitude, near Baker Street, a neighbourhood where many bourgeois still have such houses surrounded by beautifully arranged, though modest  gardens. In the ground floor lounge, in front of the extinguished fireplace, there was the body of an old man, dead for several days. Nothing was in disarray and anyway it didn’t seem the kind of house a thief might have been interested in. The police searched the entire house methodically for the slightest hint, when suddenly a well-dressed young man showed up at the door and asked in a slight foreign accent if he could be of any help.

Dumb with surprise, one of the inspectors invited him in. The young man looked around him then headed to a wall where a bloody hand, undoubtedly the hand of the dying man had left a prolonged trace. The young man gazed at the stain for a few moments, then without losing sight of it, declared:

– Gentlemen, the murderer is a well-born young man and a close relative of the victim. He carries a small golden watch in the left pocket of his trousers.

The police were tempted to show the visitor the door as they had expected a serious witness. However, as two journalists had just arrived, they preferred simply  to thank him. But at that instant, one of the journalists asked him who he was.

– Cheiro, the Great Cheiro, at your service, gentlemen, said the young man, pulling a business card out of his pocket. He was a famous clairvoyant of that epoch, having already written a few successful books on predictions.
None of them could withhold a skeptical and ironical smile. However, two days later, the Great Cheiro had a genuine triumph, as all the newspapers were talking about him. The police had arrested the murderer. It was the victim’s son himself, whose description matched that of the psychic. Everything was true, even the detail related to the golden watch found in the left pocket of his trousers!

Within a few weeks, Cheiro became a favourite of parlors, being invited to countless receptions. But few people knew his real identity: the count Louis Hanon. Cheiro would listen, then offer advice, news about distant relatives, about dangers to be avoided… and his bank account grew visibly. He left London in 1895, moving to New York. Here, he established his own luxury consulting office, earning enormous amounts of money in a short time. Suspecting him of being a charlatan, the New York World set a trap for him, inviting him to a control session. Cheiro accepted without the slightest hesitation. In front of a large audience, gathered in a huge hall, the editor of the New York World showed him 13 hand prints on 13 sheets of white paper. Cheiro scattered the sheets in front of him, put one of them aside, then described most accurately, in an astounding manner, all persons who left their handprints on the other 12 sheets.

 - What about the one you put aside? he was asked.

– I refuse to describe this person, for this is the hand of a murderer who will have himself caught due to his boastfulness and will die in jail.

The last handprint was that of a physician, dr. Henry Meyer, who had murdered a woman and who would brag about his heinous deed. Because the facts had already happened, Cheiro could have learned them meanwhile, though this was hard to presume, as the murderer had been arrested just before the session. But what no one could have known was that Meyer, who was declared guilty but insane, would die three years later in the asylum where he was incarcerated.

Cheiro, who had always stated he did not know what to attribute his clairvoyance to, discovered one day that his gift had been taken in a sudden and inexplicable way. This occurred in 1905 and he immediately confessed it. He then became what he himself would call “an honest charlatan”. He died of a heart attack on the street, at Hollywood, in 1939.

Peter Hurkos Became Clairvoyant From the Day He Fell on his Head

Peter Van der Hurk, a skillful house painter from Dordrecht, a village located near Rotterdam, was taken prisoner by the Germans in 1943.  He was perched on a large ladder, busy to paint the exterior wall of the barracks, when suddenly, after a wrong move, he lost his balance, falling from higher than ten meters. He was found unconscious and taken to a hospital: he had a skull fracture.

When he opened his eyes, Van der Hurk was a completely different man. Now he could see the subtle worlds, and was able to have insights instantly and effortlessly. He was able “to read” everything those around him did, could guess their thoughts. He was in a hospital in La Haye and in the neighbouring bed there was a man he had never seen before. Van der Hurk looked at him and told him calmly he was a man without character, having sold the golden watch his father had left him on his deathbed, shortly before dying!

Recognizing everything, the man got up, took his clothes and left the hospital, despite all efforts to stop him, made by a nurse who came in to check his condition. Peter told her what happened and as the hospital was just being visited by a famous psychiatrist, the nurse hurried to look for him. Dr. Pieters examined the patient who, in order to convince him, revealed him a few details related to a suitcase the nurse had left in the train a day before.

Thus, Peter Hurkos, the most amazing and famous clairvoyant of modern times had just been “born”. During the first few weeks following his return to life, he did hardly sleep as he was suffering from terrible headaches. In addition, he felt extremely embarrassed and confused in front of the people, whom he was able “to read” with the utmost ease. Each person who entered the room was accompanied by many images or thought forms he could see, representing their fears, their hopes their most secret thoughts. It took a few months to Hurkos to get used to it and to no longer react so visibly to what he qualified himself to be a “true exhibitionism”.

Little by little he realized that his gift worked even when he touched certain objects. It was enough to hold them to be able to see their owner or the last persons who touched them. He could make very accurate descriptions of all these persons.

His country was occupied by the Germans, and like everywhere, there were refugees, missing persons, all those whom the Gestapo had arrested. Soon, Hurkos was up to his eyes in work. He was receiving objects, photos, in the hope that he might provide news about the missing persons. Contacted by the Dutch resistance, he quickly became the ideal choice to detect the traitors or the spies the Germans were trying to infiltrate. It was enough for him to take one glance or to touch something that belonged to them. After the war, the heads of the resistance admitted that he had never been wrong. Later he was solicited under the most varied circumstances, such as to find persons, documents, treasures. Thus, at one point he went to France in search of a treasure of a trader. The latter could no longer find his chest which contained his wealth in the form of gold coins, that he had buried in his garden in 1940, when the German invasion was imminent. Finally, Hurkos found the chest in a greenhouse, where his gardener, who was later killed, had been hidden it. In the end, under the pretext of not concluding a contract, the trader did not pay Hurkos for his work!

Hurkos always accepted with the greatest pleasure examination and medical experimentation. Thus, professor René Dellaert from the University of Louvain recorded numerous electroencephalograms while Hurkos was watching photos of people that were shown to him. Professor Dellaert noticed that when Hurkos watched certain photos, the EEG showed curious waves, reproducing the reactions of different parts of his brain. He also noticed an astounding drop that was always the same, every time Hurkos watched photos of deceased persons. As a precise and meticulous scientist, the professor concluded that “psychics manifest extremely strong telepathic tendencies”.

Later, Peter Hurkos lived in the United States, where he continued to practice his gift. He lived on a farm in Milwaukee, his main income being provided by a gold mine in Arizona, the trace of which had been carefully hidden and then lost after its first discoverer, a Dutch, like Hurkos himself. All he had to do was to rediscover and then exploit it with a group of associates!

However, Hurkos did not succeed in all cases! Sometimes, he would name an assassin, but the police were not able to discover the necessary evidence to condemn him. Some other times, he seemed to have been wrong. One of the most bizarre cases was no doubt that of the mysterious  “Strangler of Boston”, a crazy sadist who assaulted and strangled 11 women. Harassed by the public opinion and by the press, the Police of Boston, the city where the horrible crimes happened appealed to Hurkos. The latter came and described with amazing accuracy a man who was not black but who “was making himself black”. Later, the police arrested an almost crazy man, named David Parker who used to wear a golden earring and who stated he was reliving “the role of Othello”! He finally confessed his crimes.

A few hours later, without being able to give any explanation, Hurkos identified another man as the killer, a man wearing religious clothing. Indeed, the police arrested a certain O’Brian, also half crazy who furiously denied everything. Called to the scene, Hurkos discovered in the papers of the latter some strange sketches of the apartments of some of the victims, marked with a cross exactly where the corpse had been found. He also revealed a book of drawings, representing women in all positions, among which 11 had been blackened with a pencil!

There also existed a third crazy. Albert De Savo who confessed 11 crimes, in his turn. He gave the police so many details no one could have known, that in the end the police decided to consider him the real culprit. And as he was truly crazy, De Salvo was hospitalized for the rest of his life.

Hurkos considered that in fact there had been two criminals, the ones whom he had described who are at present hospitalized at their turn in mental hospitals. As far as De Salvo is concerned, we might wonder whether his brain had not simply recorded in a telepathic way what the other two had done, in order to fully undertake through a kind of weird and morbid identification their crimes, phenomenon frequently encountered by the police. One thing is certain: in different periods, before, during and after the 11 murders, the two accused appointed by Hurkos, as well as De Savo, had met in various mental hospitals.


June 2016


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