MISA, seen with eyes wide open (II)

by Roxana Florea and Daniel Radu Farcaş

Each human being has own vibrations, aspirations and quests. Yet, there is a place where, even if different reasons bring people together, they all take enthusiastic steps towards the same aim: discovering the ultimate essence. Seekers of the truth meet in the Yoga Holiday Camp twice a year, in Herculane in the spring and in Costineşti in the summer. We were curious to discover some of them and to find out their points of view on MISA and the spiritual practice, beyond the nice words that people exchange, with kindness, whenever they meet in a spiral or in the unique initiations that this yoga school is offering.

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SVEN, 5th year of Yoga, BERLIN, GERMANY

A friend told me that there is this yoga school and she gave me this advice, to go there because she has felt already that it would be good for me to go there. I went and it had this profound look for me, so I knew it was “the place”.
I was already looking for something, but not directly for yoga. I started with Sufism, seeking for God, and then through different circumstances I came to yoga.
When I started to practice, I discovered that you can start from any direction to discover yourself. It was very easy to do the meditations and the asanas. I felt that when the mind goes down, you feel your body and discover the most subtle things inside you. For me it was clear: “That’s the way to yourself!”

Do you remember the moment when you realized that this is an authentic path and you really want to follow it?
The very first moment! And then there were many moments! In different meditations, for example, I had many experiences with different levels of consciousness. This was the main point for me to say: “Ah, so it’s good to go further, to go deeper!”

What techniques do you like the most?  
I very much prefer Laya Yoga, and of course, Hatha Yoga!

What were your expectations when you came in your first yoga camp?
I was in a life situation when I was open to learn and to experience something new. This was the expectation on myself – to be open and let things come inside me and go in contact with what can happen in this kind of camps. I had expectations on myself, not on the camp, because I knew already some things from my school in Berlin. I said: “OK, now I can intensify, go more deep, enjoy the amplification of what I’ve already learned.”
And this is exactly what happened. I found out how to deal with the universal laws, with the energies and also with myself. It was a very big help for me to see how fast things can change inside yourself if you are aware of it, if you know how strong your thoughts and your actions can be, and what happens if you are not really aware. I understood the deeper meaning of a consecration, for example to feel the integration… If you are with many people you can easily pass spiritual tests and discover the deeper meanings of the techniques.      

What would you like to say to those who are not sure yet that they want to come?
Be as open as you can for this kind of treasures which you can receive if you are open, this is the main advice. And take in consideration that in a spiritual camp you can easily find yourself.

How do you feel that the yoga practice transformed you?
I have a very traditional point of view on God. I believe in Him, I was doing my prayers and I tried to see that everything that comes in your life is from God and you have to take it as a gift, as much as you can. I think that this is the key of the yoga class: if you believe, if you see everything as a gift to discover all your dimensions, you can easily see what is there – this Universe is full of expressions, of treasures, of mystery, of miracles.


I started the yoga course 10 years ago, because I was wondering: „Where is God and why is it that we are the way we are?”. I sought for answers in the church, and also at some so-called sects, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. When I got here, the first day of classes was like a revelation, I said: „This is it! This is where I’ll be!” and even if during university, I didn’t go to the yoga classes for three years, because my studies stopped me from coming, as soon as I graduated I came back to Yoga and I got back in contact with myself!

What attracts you to the MISA classes?
Diversity – the fact that I choose my own path. There isn’t just one way and someone saying: „You must do this and this and this!”. There is the possibility of choice. I like very much to do the asanas and the meditations. Before doing that, I was a fluctuating woman. Now I love all people, I want to do as much good as possible, and to have the opportunity to do that.

Do you believe that the teaching you receive is authentic?
I felt that at this school, authentic knowledge is being taught. I focused in my heart and I said: „God, if this is my way, please help me follow it, but if it’s not – don’t!”

For how long do you come to the yoga camps?
I started the classes in Chişinău, Moldova, and when I found out about the yoga camps I was in high school and I wanted very much to come. Yet, things unfolded in such a way, that only this year I was able to come, both to Herculane and Costineşti. So it is the first year when I come to camps, and I live a state of full joy!

Because in this camp I found amazing people! I am a bit more reserved, but when I find some friends, I’m all theirs! Here I found many friends, “soul friends” I might call them! This morning I woke up in complete and utter joy, it never happened before to live such bliss!

AGUST SHI JIN, 1st year of Tantra, ISLAND
I’m in the Tantra class, first year, in Island.

How did you discover this camp?
My teachers told me about it and they invited me to come along.
How do you find the conditions of the camp?
It’s all very nice! The people are very warm and very open! The food… I’m not a vegetarian, so I’m only getting used to it. The accommodation is way better than I thought. I’m very happy with it all!

Why did you chose to come to the Tantra class?
I started this spring, but I already experienced a huge change in my life!

What is that?
The detachment… The things that I’ve learned, which point out a new, beneficial direction in my life and allow me to step higher and look further and have a big image, see the big picture of my life. It’s a great relief for me to be able to do that!


I am from Russia, but I live in Czech Republic.

How did you find our school?
I was thinking about Tantra actually, I was looking for it very much! I saw the poster for the Tantra courses so I went there. After one year of Tantra, I understood that in this school it is necessary to do Yoga as well, so I also went to Yoga. I like that it is very profound, very spiritual and it helps me to understand better my behavior, my thoughts, my feelings and to develop very fast and very intense.

How did Tantra help you?
Tantra opened me very much! It helps me open to new energies, because before I was very closed to sexuality, I was actually against it and now I know that it is something divine, it is a tool that can help us grow spiritually. It changed my perspective on sexuality to the opposite, 180 degrees. It improved very much my couple relationships – it made them deeper. With a better understanding, the relationships lead to a spiritual goal, it’s not just two people living together. 

How about the Yoga?
Yoga also helps me to be aware of myself very much and this is very important for me, and it also improves the energy. I feel more energy in me and I’m conscious of what is happening during the asana, during the meditations, I feel these spiritual impulses.

For how many years do you come to the yoga camps?
I go to every camp since I started the Tantra course. First and foremost, there is a very big divine grace here, and a huge energy. I feel the support of Grieg very much here, and it helps me very much to be in this energy, and to aspire towards God much more. The energy here is very good, the atmosphere, the people, it is so different from the “usual” world.

What can you remember from your first yoga camp?
My first yoga camp was very different from what I experienced before. On one hand it was very big grace, because it was the energy of the beginning and everything was exaggerated – everything, every good aspect, but I was also surprised about this closeness to God. I believed in God, in the Absolute, but I didn’t want to put myself in any kind of religion, as I didn’t have a good experience with what I saw in my childhood. My parents didn’t give me a good example of religious people, so I was against it a little bit. I saw these collective prayers and I was thinking: “What is this?” We are praying to God to help eliminate all evil in us, but I didn’t even think it exists! Yet with every camp, with every year of yoga, I get to meet more people and to understand it. I still cannot say that I believe that there are evil tendencies, but I feel there might be, it is very interesting. The biggest transformation, however, is with these extraterrestrial beings! Now I feel it! I really believe that they exist, I believe 100%! For me, the lecture that Grieg gave us about the extraterrestrial beings is one of the most interesting lectures! When we said the clear “Yes” to them I felt the answer very clearly, that they really are here and they want to help us! We just need to give an impulse from our side also.

What do you like in this camp?
Everything! It is so original, so unique! I love Krishna so much and I am lucky to be able to listen to all those secrets that Krishna revealed, and Shiva also. It is like I can see behind the scene, and I am very happy that I can know it and I can put it in practice.

Why would you advice people come to this yoga school?
Because it’s extraordinary! It’s so great! I saw people going to the beach, the “normal” people, they just don’t know, they are not conscious of what they are, of their purpose here, but in this school there is this huge possibility to find out why we are here and the grace of God is very big. Being able to be here is a huge gift that God gives us every time we come. 


To me, this camp is a way and an opportunity to find my true self, and to enjoy taking a holiday from the usual daily life. It seems like there is another planet here, a completely different place, a very harmonious one, where I find myself, I center within, I find my peace for the whole year to come. I come here with love and great joy, and I don’t avoid even to participate in the “order team”, to help organizing the camp. I feel that this is the place where I should be, and I feel fulfilled being a human being.


I came to yoga because I was impressed by the transformations in my brother. I saw how, year after year, certain spiritual leaps were happening in his life. He changed his friends, his lifestyle, he became more and more fascinating and I decided that I also want that! This is how it all began. Then I met his circle of people and I saw what yoga means, and how the people close to the yoga class are. I saw how wonderful and beautiful they are, how beautifully they live their life! How happy they are, how wonderful they are together… And I said: “I also want that in my life”!

Did Yoga help you transform?
I was a kind of a scattered, larkish guy, my mind was gone far in the sky and I was slightly present here on Earth, in the daily reality. Step by step, yoga made me a better man, closer to myself – these were my first accomplishments. More in touch with what I wanted to become, and the special accomplishments appeared as I was going on with my practice.

Do you believe that the teachings that you received in this school are authentic?
One feels that they are authentic as long as he or she practices and sees that the results really show up. Yes, the teaching is authentic, more than definitely! One has to feel this!

Why do you think that it is recommendable for people to come to these spiral meditations?
It is called „spiral of induction of the state of liberation through divine miracle”. I think you can receive many things here. First: your aspirations merge with those of the friends you meet – you do something in unison with them. It is miraculous, regarding what is going on in the spiral, and even more than this, it is a place where God makes His presence felt very intensely. You can take part in all events, if you’re open enough, of course! These spirals are extraordinary opportunities to make leaps in a very, very short while. If I were to make a plea for what this course really means, I would start with the spirals.

Why do you come to the yoga camps?
I come for all the events that take place here: meditations in unison, conferences, Miss Shakti competition, artistic performances, everything that this spiritual fraternity means, everything that means to be together having the same aspirations.

How did you feel your first yoga camp?
I remember my first spiral! I was a teen, I was 16 or 17. It was very intense! I guess it was the most transforming event in my life. I was running to catch the train – I began the story having a quite scattered personality – and I came back blissful, relaxed, peaceful, cheerful, having a big appetite for life, being a little more „within”.
If I were to say some big words about what yoga did or does for me, I’d say that it was this shift from seeing things from inside out and from this life where you see your aspirations somewhere there, in the exterior – to fulfilling them by using something that is inside of yourself, which you can feel that it has an exterior correlation, but at the same time it has a great inner valence. There are some experiences that transform your life from inside out and you realize that they help you see life with another perspective, thus living differently. Enrich yourself so much, that you realize that your richness lays within, not somewhere out. It’s an endeavor that helped me transform my perspective, my vision, my attitude, my intention.

Nowadays, 20 years later, do you find the camps the same?
I find the same joy, even amplified, and a great longing, such as a reunion with my own soul.

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January 20, 2014

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