Women who awakened their genius bring the message of a new era, full of wisdom

by Alexandra David

When you take a look at history, it seems that the geniuses are especially men. Great inventions and discoveries, fascinating works of art, magnificent religious and political achievements are all marked by the contributions of male names. Is the genius a specific quality to the solar sex? Genius women are much less and when we hear about them we ask ourselves if they really belong to this category. Why do we do this?

Being a genius means you can’t live unless you give birth to the work that you feel growing inside you every moment. No rest, no respite, the genius finds an endless creativity. Countless hours they spend working and the patience which is part of his/ her being shows that the genius lives united with his/ her work: can’t live without it. The genius finds in a moment the simple and ingenious solutions to problems that concern all humanity and has all the skills necessary for the perfection of his/ her work.

The initiates say that a genius human being has awakened the subtle supra-mental body – VIJNANAMAYA Kosha – or in other words, the sphere of pure ideas, which are latent in each of us.

A genius marks the era in which he/ she lives. Through his/ her contribution, anything that occurs after such a human being it can’t remain as it was.

Any man or woman can achieve these performances, if they do all the appropriate efforts. Obviously, being a woman does not need to be an impediment. And yet, why are so few female geniuses?

A handy observation is that women give life. This not at all negligible aspect of a woman’s life makes her less interested in creating a new work apart from her child. She gave life and devoted herself with all her energy and she instilled in that baby everything she thought is the best. From this point of view, any real mother has the vocation of a genius.

Sure the qualities of that child have their importance as well. And if the child turns out to be also a real valuable human being, the fulfillment that the mother knows will have no resemblance. And the good her son/ daughter will make to the world will create a real difference, although her contribution as a mother remains anonymous.

But there are women who are geniuses and who create brilliant works. With their specific discretion and delicacy, their work marks the world.

Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ secret lover?

“When I saw Jesus and our eyes met, I realized that we were destined for each other.” – says the manuscript of Mary Magdalene, a text received through channeling by a female medium, which you can read in full on the Internet. It sounds like science fiction, but it contains some ideas mentioned by other researchers of this enigmatic character. In the canonical gospels, Mary Magdalene is mentioned as the first woman healed by Jesus Christ, which she then followed. She is also the one to which Jesus appeared first after the resurrection. Her legend is spectacular because it was believed that she was a prostitute – that is the expression of sin itself – and then she reached a higher level of holiness.

Some experts even call her apostola apostolorum – the apostle of the apostles, because she was with Jesus during his sermons, she witnessed His death and resurrection and she transmitted the teaching to others. In fact, she was the first to understand that Jesus was resurrected. From this perspective, we can say that Mary Magdalene made ​​a vital contribution to the founding of Christianity.

There is an apocryphal gospel that is attributed to her. The manuscript was found in 1896 near the town of Nag Hammadi in Egypt. Subsequently, two copies of this document in Greek were discovered in the northern part of the same country. Researchers have determined that the Gospel of Mary Magdalene was written around the year 160 AD.

This enigmatic woman came back to public attention with the launch of the novel The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown. The author dares to say that the character that sits to the right of Jesus in the Last Supper, painted by Leonardo da Vinci, which was previously thought to be the virginal Apostle John, is none other than Mary Magdalene. Also he says that she was married to Jesus and they had a child, the one from which the Merovingian dynasty claims its origin.

During the Last Supper, Jesus would have called Mary Magdalene the guarantor of God’s New Covenant to the people. This decision has been disapproved by some of the other disciples, especially by Peter, who would have made ​​then the story that says she was only a prostitute.

It’s very difficult to be sure of the documents we have received from those times. Many of them are not complete and those from which nothing seems to be missing were copied many times over the years. Some of those who were making the copies were adding some personal comments that were then included as such in the following text by the following copyists. Then there were also the ecclesiastical synods. The reasons that some passages were removed were often marked by political and economic interests.

If we were to take into consideration the manuscript recently received by channeling, Mary Magdalene was an initiated into the mysteries of Egypt, into the Alchemy of Horus and The Sex Magic of Isis (all these being based on the principle of sexual continence). She wore a certain kind of gold bracelet, like all the other women who belonged to the order of Sex Magic. In the eyes of contemporary Jews, this meant “prostitute” – and so it came to be considered also in the Gospels.

Not even at that time ordinary people did understand that sexuality can be sacred, even if there were special temples for it; the manuscript says that the sexual secret techniques that Mary Magdalene would have practiced with Jesus would have helped him to fulfill The Work. The Church wanted to deprive women of these teachings, thus taking their innate power. The genius of Mary Magdalene is controversial, but it is wearing the recognition of Jesus – in fact, the only one that matters.

Another apocryphal gospel, the one after Philip says that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ favorite disciple. If He chose to appear first in front of her after the resurrection, if she understood the greatness of the situation and then sent it to us all, is there a point to continue to ask ourselves if she was a genius human being or not?

“The Mother” – Aurobindo’s disciple, the mother of all

On her real name Mirra Alfassa, later dubbed the Mother, was born in Paris in 1878. Her father was Turkish and her mother Egyptian – both Hebrews. Since the age of 5, she realizes that she doesn’t belong to this world and start a spiritual practice as she see fit.
She begins to enter the state of bliss while sitting simply at the table, to the dismay of her family who does not understand her. At the age of 12 she was already traveling outside the physical body. At age 16 she enrolls in the School of Fine Arts, where she receives the name “The Sphinx”, which she subsequently used to sign her exhibitions. Between the age of 19 and 20 she achieves a continuous and conscious union with God without the help of any master or a book.

Shortly after, she discovers Vivekananda’s Raja Yoga, which helps her to make even greater progress. These spiritual achievements doesn’t impede on her normal social life. At the age of 19 she got married and had a son, Andre.

She is a part of the circle of the contemporary artists and she’s a good friend of Rodin and Manet. In that period she discovers Bhagavad Gita and she falls hopelessly in love with Krishna. It begins to appear in her dreams the image of an Asian male figure. She thinks the image she sees is the god, but in a few years it proves to be her spiritual guide, Sri Aurobindo.

In 1908, Alfassa divorces and focus her energy towards spiritual quests. Together with her brother Matteo, she establish a spiritual group called The New Idea, in which they meet every Tuesday evening with people interested in psychic phenomena and mysticism. In parallel, she founded a group called Thinking Women United where Alexandra David-Neel is also a member and with which she become close friend.

In 1912, she organizes another group of about 20 people, called Cosmic, whose purpose is the attainment of self-knowledge and self-control. In 1910 she has an experience of awakening of the consciousness, where she realizes that the Divine Will is at the center of her being and ever since that moment she is no longer interested in any personal desire, but to follow that Will.

During this period she met her second husband, Paul Richard. He traveled to India and had met Sri Aurobindo, with whom he was corresponding. In 1914, Alfassa and Paul made ​​their first trip together to India, where they meet the master. Alfassa recognizes him as the one who appeared to her in visions and of which she thought that it was Krishna. At that moment, her mind completely shuts down for a few days and she remains in a state of cosmic consciousness.

During World War I she fled to Japan, where she met the poet Rabindranath Tagore. A Japanese friend write about her: “She came to learn the language and integrate with us. But we had so much to learn from her, she is so charming and unpredictable.” Finally, she returns to Pondicherry, where Aurobindo was and she settles there in 1920. Once the master retreats, in November 1926, she founded an ashram along with several others of his close followers and she becomes the leader of this community, a position which she held until her death. Sri Aurobindo believed that she is an avatar of the Supreme Shakti, and he honored her as such.

It is said that Mirra was encouraged by Aurobindo to wear saris, reason for which she gathered about 500. When someone is offering her 100,000 rupees for one of them, she sells them all, with all the ornaments, thus gathering funds for the ashram which was having financial difficulties after the death of their spiritual guide. She continues the work of Aurobindo, by founding Auroville, a city where “people can live away from national rivalries, social conventions, perverted morals and hostile religions”.

The 1,500 people who live in Auroville today live in houses that they have built themselves, cook with solar energy and trying to give a new meaning to the concept of community. Their settlement is a laboratory, and they are the pioneers of human evolution. In Auroville there is no system of laws, police or mayor. Life is entirely organic and television and discos are completely missing. Many believe that this is the place from where it will start the regeneration of humanity.

“The Mother” as her name remained, died in 1973, leaving behind an impressive work, containing dozens of books with the ​​testimony of her experiences on various spiritual topics. Was Mirra Alfassa a brilliant woman? No one can argue otherwise. She had the endorsement of a high spiritual being, and her work is the perennial testimony of her genius, while it is continuing to transform the world.

Lilian Silburn, the mysterious knower of secret teachings

Kashmir Shaivism would not become so easily available for us all without the translations of the incomparable Lilian Silburn, a French woman whose presence in the world remains of an almost frustrating discretion. Little it is known about her personal life, but her work shows that she was a genius. She translated and commented on Abhinavagupta’s hymns, translated Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and wrote a reference book about Kundalini energy. Her doctoral thesis, presented in 1948, is called ‘Instant and cause. The discontinuity of philosophical thinking in India’, and is a journey full of common sense into the Vedas, Brahmanas, Upanishads and Buddhism. In all her writings she proves that not only she is an erudite – but often she speaks from her own experience.

It seems that her spiritual guide was a certain Radhamohan Adhauliya, which was not the least a Shivait but a Sufi. She was Hindu and yet she received the teachings from this spiritual guide which was known to be very orthodox in his branch. The way she integrated the two traditions, to which it was added the Shivait influence, continues today through the spiritual aspirants who she coordinated until 1993, when she left this world and its boundaries.

She led for many years the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris. Over time, she became known in the West as the greatest authority on Kashmir Shaivism, a field in which she published numerous studies and articles.

Her most important book, Kundalini – energy from the depths, can be downloaded for free from the internet. There are no references about the author instead there are many passages about her experience. It is a book that can transform your life. If we take into consideration that Lilian Silburn is the one that has exposed for the West one of the highest spiritual traditions of the planet which is the Kashmir Shaivism, we can be sure that she was a truly remarkable woman.

Article taken from Yoga Magazine

January 16, 2014


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