Natal Astrology

The time a person is born is not at all by chance; it is an event assisted by all the heavenly bodies of the solar system. Natal astrology concentrates on measuring the significance of astral energies that were present in the environment at the time of birth. Astrological interpretation allows one to have an understanding of one”s psychological nature, destiny, strengths and weaknesses, thus making it possible for one to understand one”s unique self.

Predictive Astrology

As stars follow their orbit in great precision at the moment of one”s birth, the major events of one”s life remain in their sphere as well. Predictive astrology endeavours to explain the interaction between the stars, being in permanent motion, and the microcosm of man, as revealed by the specific astral influences present at the birth time. Therefore important moments in one”s life can be deduced along with their role in one”s earthly evolution.

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