Next chapter of this Plandemic will be the Final Lockdown For Humanity – mass extermination, door-to-door medical kidnappings…

… forced inoculations and engineered famine

Several years ago when warnings appeared that Big Pharma and the vaccine industry staged the measles outbreak at Disneyland in order to push California’s SB 277 vaccine mandate law, very few people believed the vaccine industry was capable of such a nefarious plot. They laughed and mocked at the “conspiracy theory,” but fast forward to 2020 and no one’s laughing anymore.

That’s because the very people who downplayed the real-world conspiracy of staged plandemics now find themselves prisoners in their own homes, with their movements locked down by a tyrannical police state, complete with roadway checkpoints (New York), door-to-door contact tracing interrogations (California) and tyrannical shelter-in-place orders that have turned once-free people into prisoners (Melbourne, Australia).

This is merely the beginning of the medical tyranny that’s about to be unleashed against humanity on a global scale.

Here’s the description of what the anti-human traitors have planned for America and humanity… it isn’t pretty.

A grand “kill list” database

Every person who has signed up to be tested for covid-19 – or who runs a contact tracing app on their mobile device – is being funneled into a government database that will soon be used to hunt people down for forced vaccinations. What the Democrats want is armed vaccination teams going from private home to private home, forcing people to be vaccinated at gunpoint, or kidnapping them and taking them to FEMA-like “quarantine camps” for processing. (In reality, they are being taken to death camps for executions, see below…).

There’s also credible evidence that some of the covid-19 test swabs have already been inoculated with the virus itself in order to spread the outbreak. They are spreading it on purpose, just like they did in Disneyland. Yes, the virus is real, and they have weaponized it against humanity. We know how to beat the virus now, using things like green tea and zinc, but the virus is very real and quite deadly to people who are nutritionally deficient and immune suppressed.

Still, the masses of the world do not yet realize what’s coming. As usual, they awakened too late to the horrors that they ignored for too long. They let Big Tech, Big Media and Big (left-wing) Government gain too much power, to the point where the institutions are now the enemies of humanity.

And so the ignorant, clueless masses will be systematically culled if the Democrats and globalists get their way. They will be lined up and forcibly injected with “vaccines” that are little more than kill shots, engineered with mRNA strands to turn your body into its own suicide bomb (autoimmune disorders). They will obediently line up at food banks where vaccinations are required to receive free food, and they will take the shot (mark of the beast) in exchange for a bag of toxic, processed food that’s laced with deadly pesticides and herbicides (because the food supply has long been a primary vector of killing humanity).

And they will celebrate the LGBT genital mutilation of their own children, while murdering their babies in abortion centers and cheering Joe Biden’s mental incapacity as some sort of “progressive genius.” Yes, they are clinically insane. They want to rule the world, and they can’t wait to mass murder 90% of the human population to “save the planet” from humanity. These are not wild theories… these are their own public admissions. These are demons walking the Earth, and they seek to destroy as many human beings as possible as they destroy themselves in the process.

Watch this important trailer for the “Global Reset” to learn more:

Governments of the world have made a decision to mass murder their own people in an effort to avoid financial collapse

What you need to understand is that the globalists have decided to eliminate the “useless eaters” of the world, which in their view is about 90% of the global population. They are going for the stupid people first: The ones who line up to be injected with vaccines that are obviously engineered to destroy lives rather than protect them.

Governments have now come to realize that they cannot remain financially solvent for much longer if they need to keep paying pensions, entitlement benefits, food stamps and other payout obligations to large masses of people who offer zero contributions to society. The United States of America is now over $26 trillion in debt, and it’s adding nearly a trillion dollars a month right now. This can only end in catastrophe.

U.S. states like California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Illinois, New Jersey and many others are heading into a financial apocalypse stemming from the sudden plunging of state income tax revenues, property tax revenues and sales tax revenues, all thanks to the covid-19 punitive lockdowns. But this was all by design, which is why Democrat mayors and governors are siding with left-wing anarchists and refusing to prosecute violent rioters, looters and arsonists who are burning down liberal cities. The Dems want this outcome. Destruction is now their only remaining plan, which is why they also want to destroy the very idea of a constitutional republic.

They know that soon, a wave of engineered famine (mass starvation) will be sweeping across the world because they’ve engineered a food collapse. In California, covid-19 “enforcement teams” are interfering with Central Valley food operations, making sure food rots in the field rather than get harvested for grocery stores. In the State of Washington, massive food warehouses are being packed to the hilt with millions of pounds of emergency food. The Seattle Times is even covering the story, pretending that this food will be handed out to the citizens.

This food is not for citizens. It’s a food stockpile for the politically-connected elitists, the Democrat power brokers in the state who are taking part in the systematic destruction of their own cities like Seattle. These are stockpiles for self-preservation of the ruling class, and they will use restrictions on food as a weapon against the masses.

The exact same thing exists in Sacramento, where the treasonous criminal Gavin Newsom has used the capitol building to stockpile gold, ammunition, food supplies and even weapons, all to survive the mass chaos and death that he’s planning on unleashing against the citizens of his own state.

California is bankrupt and can’t even raise the cash to pay unemployment benefits to its own citizens. The solution? Arrange for mass starvation and vaccine extermination of California citizens, all under the guise of “public health.”

“Contact tracing” is nothing more than a digital armband tagging and tracking system to make sure they hunt down and exterminate as many people as possible

Track ’em, bag ’em and stack ’em. That’s the philosophy of the anti-human lunatics with a “D” next to their name… the criminals who run cities like Portland, Sacramento, Seattle and New York. They are anti-humanists who, for example, send elderly to their deaths in New York nursing homes. That was not an accident, it was a plan – plandemic – to eliminate the elderly who receive government benefits.

Right now, they are gearing up to kidnap children from their homes and place them in isolation camps, separating families and threatening to shoot parents who refuse to comply. They are defunding police in order to eliminate any possibility that law enforcement might interfere with their lawless actions.

In New York, they’ve set up roadway checkpoints, and in Australia, deranged police are smashing in the windows of vehicles when drivers refuse to answer their invasive questions. The people of Australia gave up their guns a few years ago, by the way, under the pretense that “government would protect us” from crime. But today, the government of Australia has BECOME the criminal element, and citizens no longer have enough guns to fight back against unrelenting tyranny.
This is why America must never abandon the Second Amendment, and it’s why all left-wing politicians who have voted to destroy the Second Amendment must be arrested and prosecuted for treason. (Remind this when opportunities arise in the near future.)

This means every Democrat lawmaker in America is a treasonous criminal, an enemy of the State and an enemy of the American people. Now, they are using their power to set us up for mass extermination under the cover of a pandemic, and due to “emergency powers” of state governments, nothing is stopping them…

Vaccine manufacturers have been granted total legal immunity, of course, so that they can never be sued no matter how many people their vaccines kill. This is legal cover for mass genocide via vaccines. And it’s being engineered right this very minute. The fact that they don’t even plan to carry out long-term vaccine trials tells you everything you need to know: They have no intention of these vaccines being safe or effective. That’s not their purpose. This has nothing to do with public health, but everything to do with public extermination.

As the masses start dropping dead, bankrupt states slow the hemorrhaging of their entitlement payouts, giving them more time to try to remain financially viable by confiscating property taxes and sales taxes from whatever citizens are stupid enough to remain in the city. They will be looted at punitive, confiscatory levels of taxation and straight-out government theft of private property.

Oblivious Democrats will be among the first to line up for suicide shots and “hunt me down” contact tracing

What’s interesting about all this is that Democrats, being the incredibly stupid rage-filled zombies they have become, will be among the very first to line up for the kill shots. They will obediently run the contact tracing apps on their phones, practically begging for government execution squads to hunt them down and exterminate them once the orders are given. (And left-wing state governments will be happy to comply.)

The depopulation efforts that are now under way will focus on high-density cities first, which happen to be where Democrats live because they hate nature and prefer to sleep inside artificial bubbles and fake, engineered environments rather than living in the real world.

It’s also the cities where governments can achieve the greatest efficiency in their efforts, killing tens of millions of Americans with relatively little effort, simply by cutting off city food supplies, power grid connections and water supplies, then blockading the exits with armed road blocks like they’ve already tested in New York.

If you thought you were merely going to be a prisoner in your own home, that’s only the beginning: You will also be a prisoner in your city while city services are deliberately shut down to accomplish mass death and compliance with government orders.

The easiest way to move millions of people out of their homes and into FEMA camps, for example, is to shut off the power grid, halt grocery deliveries and just wait for people to get desperate enough to line up for FEMA camp “rescue” operations which will consist of forced vaccines, the confiscation of all firearms, and the ransacking of private property by government goons.

There is no plan in Democrat-run states to ever allow the American people to get back to the normal they once knew. Why do you think this Orwellian nightmare world in which we’re living right now is being pushed as the, “new normal”? Because they want you to get used to being a slave, of course. The mask indoctrination, forced vaccinations and speech obedience demands are all just prison camp training to get you into the mindset they want you to have when they’ve got you imprisoned in the FEMA camps… which also double as labor camps, providing low-cost labor to politically-connected corporations that are moving manufacturing back to the USA.

Or you could pretend this is all fiction and decide to believe that Big Pharma and Big Government LOVE you and care for you

Or maybe you think all this is science fiction. Maybe you think Big Pharma is a heavenly, compassionate group of loving human beings who care nothing about profits and are merely trying to end human suffering. Maybe you think all the government lockdowns, travel restrictions and mandates are being put into place because the government loves you too, and government would never abuse power, since all the government leaders are such wonderful people who care for the children.

Here is news for you. They don’t care for the children. They are kidnapping the children. They’re sodomizing the children at Democrat fundraising dungeons. They mutilate the genitals of children and call it “LGBT transitioning”. They RAPE children for entertainment and profit (Jeffrey Epstein, anyone?). Democrats are DEMONrats, and they hate the very idea of human children born in the image of God, which is why they want to murder them before they’re born.

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