On Wisdom (1)


By yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

1. Every time I discovered something new with the help of God, which then revealed itself to me as being extraordinary, I experienced overwhelming states of wonder. Almost every time I experienced such deep states of wonder, I then bowed, full of gratitude and humility, before God. Every time I did this, God answered me and poured into my being an indescribable and overwhelming Grace which impelled me to become, for a certain period of time, tangent to infinity.

2. Believe in miracles with unshakable faith, because only in this way will you be able to attract and rely on them.

3. When a person is no longer capable of marveling at anything or anyone around him, and this state is persistent, it shows that he has already stopped living the way he should; because this is a sign that his heart has turned to stone and his soul is dead.

4. If there is “Someone” mysterious and almighty, somewhere very high and at the same time, everywhere, who loves us, then something extraordinary can happen to us, at the right moment, filling us with a great happiness, amazement, and delight.

5. Our absolute and strong faith in God makes possible many miracles.

6. If at “the right moment” we act beneficently and righteously, then there is the possibility that several actions work out very well, and in this case, we can be certain that the first successful action could be any one of them.

7. Almost all phenomena, actions, and aspects truly brought and maintained in their godly harmony, will only develop better and better.

8. If almost everything begins to develop and work out very well for you, this certainly proves that you are perfectly integrated in the godly harmony.

9. If with anticipation you notice the existence of five possibilities through which a beneficial action could be successful and then you act righteously and at “the right moment”, then certainly a sixth possibility of success, which was unpredictable until that moment, will promptly manifest.

10. Nature is almost always on the side of those who, having unshakable faith in God, act beneficently and righteously at “the right moment”.

11. Mother Nature is still full of mystery and it always has available countless wonderful possibilities, which can be successfully used only by those who know them very well and therefore cherish them.

12. All things can work out much better due to the existence of a constant wise preoccupation of making them evolve better, especially if we act beneficently, righteously and at “the right moment.”

13. When all things and manifestations develop very well and we continue almost always acting beneficently, only at “the right moments”, then soon all things will work out very well for us, in almost every aspect.

14. From all that you would like to or should do, it is almost always necessary that you do first the beneficial actions of great godly value. Acting always in this way, you indirectly offer God the first place, the place He deserves in your existence.

15. For the truly wise man, nothing is ever as complicated as it seems.

16. The absolute, universal laws of God never fail.

17. When at “the right moment” you act beneficently and righteously, then the possibility that a so-called “happening” or, in other words, an unexpected situation occurs, is in direct proportion to the beneficent effect that respective situation would generate if it took place.

18. Smile and laugh as often as possible today, because, acting in this way, tomorrow you will feel much better and will be much happier.

19. If at “the right moment” you acted beneficently, all that is necessary to happen and all that might occur in a beneficent manner will develop very well afterwards, almost without effort and even amazingly promptly, all of a sudden.

20. For the truly wise one, there is always a beneficial path to follow, which is much easier than the ordinary paths characterized by difficulty.

21. On this planet, the climax of God’s creation is exactly the human race. Precisely because of that, the wise man is the climax of God’s creation on earth.

22. Acting beneficently and at “the right moment”, we will happily notice that after a series of events has started to unfold well or even better, the whole cycle will repeat itself immediately afterward.

23. If you “only wait” instead of acting in a beneficent way and at “the right moment”, then everything that you expect in this often larval-like state of passivity will not manifest after all.

24. In order to have a pure inner being, you must, first and foremost, attract within your inner universe very pure and elevated subtle energies by triggering specific processes of occult resonance. The daily practice of performing 49 self-blessings can help you enormously in this direction.

25. If in a certain moment after you have acted in a beneficent way and at “the right moment”, a wonderful effect immediately appears, you can be sure that all good aspects which have already manifested will come back cyclically.

26. For the one who acts beneficently and at “the right moment”, the opportunity will knock at the door at the right time, in other words, it will appear exactly at the perfect moment.

27. If today you feel good and are in an excellent state of spirit, then realise every day the good and very good actions you took, so that you again reach this excellent state. Through proceeding in this way most of the time, you will notice that this excellent state will not disappear anymore; instead, it will amplify itself and help you to live a wonderful and happy life.

28. When you are intuitive and lucky and, additionally, possess a great deal of self-confidence, you almost always find what you are looking for, right in the first place where you are inspired to look.

29. Almost everything you seek you can certainly find if you are persistent and confident enough.

30. Once you have reached paradise, you can be absolutely sure that you cannot get lost.

31. The time you need to remedy something wrong that you have done may sometimes be inversely proportional to the time needed to do that harm. For instance, it takes much longer to cure a serious disease that you have caused yourself in a short time due to unconsciousness and fat ignorance.

32. Always, exactly that which you fear the most, precisely that you will never escape. In order to truly escape from what scares you the most, you must first separate yourself entirely from that fear. If you fail to do this, then you will always attract, through the triggering of certain processes of occult resonance, exactly the aspects, people, situations and phenomena that you fear the most. When your fear [regarding no matter what aspect] completely disappears then the negative effects that it triggers and maintains will also disappear soon after.

33. When you act beneficently and at “the right time”, two wonderful opportunities that appear immediately afterwards, at the right moment, are just the beginning of a series of happy events.

34. When you act righteously, beneficently, and at “the right moment”, there is no limit to how well the events of your life may develop and how well all that concerns you can effectively resolve.

35. To err is human but persevering in error, besides causing you to fall and dive into hell, deprives you, almost totally, of the possibility of feeling godly.

36. A small flying “particle”, be it a grain of sand or splinter etc., will almost always “seek” especially the eye of the human being who has a specific Karma of suffering.

37. For the wise one, the mysterious and unexpected are always present, in almost all that surrounds him throughout the manifestation.

38. Adequate exercise, repeated enough, makes the true ‘Spiritual Master’. Such an exercise is, especially for him, ‘that formidable something’ that gradually offers him spiritual experience.

39. When those who seek the ultimate truth with great spiritual aspiration and frenzy finally find it, they thus attain wisdom and are fully content in their being.

40. All that a human being thinks strongly and most of the time, sooner or later he will become. Knowing this, it is imperative to understand the predominance of our thoughts, so that we can anticipate what we will become.

41. If you did not succeed the first time, even though you used an appropriate method, practice and persevere until at some point you succeed. This is the fundamental secret of success.

42. If you cannot persuade others to believe the truth of your affirmations, try to intensify day-by-day your subtle field of beneficial force, through which you mysteriously manifest your charisma. Be certain that when your subtle field of force is sufficiently expanded and powerful, you will succeed.

43. To be wise means, among other things, to know when and how to avoid lack of common sense, stupidity and mistakes.

44. Any compromise we make at a given time will always be dearly paid afterward.

45. Once the process of “eroding” the evil power begins, due to the action of beneficent forces, this process always has an extraordinary momentum, especially when it is permanently sustained by the godly power of good.

46. The intelligent person promptly solves all the important and valuable matters and leaves aside the trifling matters, postponing them if he does not have the necessary time to solve them now.

47. The man who has a strong self-confidence always has a greater power of persuasion.

48. When everything else fails, invoke God the Father as soon as possible.

49. No matter how many efforts you make striving to please everyone, there will still be someone who is not satisfied. Not even God Himself succeeds in satisfying all people, because the people’s desires are countless and, moreover, not all their desires are beneficent.

50. Always choose and then learn as soon as possible everything that is extraordinarily good or very good and valuable from all that surrounds you. Thus, there will very soon begin to appear extraordinary transformations in yourself.

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Excerpt from the book Guru-ology, 550 Aphorisms of Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru


September 24, 2020


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