Opening ceremony of the International Yoga Congress «God is giving us signs»

Wednesday, 13th October 2010
Pipera 1

18.00 – 18.30 Entrance. Access is free in order of arrival, according to the number of available places. If the hall is full, entrance will only be permitted to the guests of the Congress (the ones who give lectures).

18.30 Opening ceremony
          Introducing  our guests 
          Artistic moment


chairman: Swami Mahalayananda, Portugalia

[L01] Monica Dascălu, MISA România                                                  [RO 30 min]
Do we need miracles? God is giving us signs!
[L02] Johanes Suoranta, NATHA Helsinki, Finland                              [EN 50 min]
The occurences of Divine Signs in various spiritual traditions
[L03] Morgan Arundel, Tara Yoga Centre, London UK                        [EN 50 min]
The power of attention and the quality of discernment as essential tools for following an authentic spiritual path and overcoming the spiritual tests

22.00-22.30 OMU – recital of electronic music inspired by ancient Romanian tradition

Cătălin Truţă (OMU) has been a student of MISA Yoga School since 1995 and has a University degree in composition. His music was used in movie soundtracks, shows and spiritual exemplifications.

DISCLAIMER: The organizers of the International Yoga Congress “God is giving us signs…” did not censored the content of the materials presented in the lectures and worksops included in the program. Everything that the guests invited to give lectures in this Congress will present, represent completely their opinions and point of view. The organizers of the Congress (MISA) has no responsibility regarding the content of the materials presented. All responsibility belong to the authors and lecturers.

11th october 2010

Also available in: Română Français

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