Unique Experiment for Contacting in Unison Extraterrestrial Beings

At the initiative of Steven Greer’s group, on Saturday, October 9, 2010 the ET contact procedure will be realized by many people who have contact with this group or know of this procedure. This contact will occur within the 24 hours frame, from hrs 0:00 to 24:00.

This is an experiment in premiere of Steven Greer’s group, made with the intention to move to a higher level of interaction with our friends from the Universe and to be of as much help as possible to planet Earth in the process of transition towards a new era.

– Perform the ET contact procedure anywhere you are, and any time you want, within the 24 hours interval (local time)

– Ideal (but not required) is to realize this procedure in a group of people, away from inhabited areas.

– Throughout the entire procedure, remain aware that there will be thousands of people around the planet that are in unison with this initiative.

– During the technique, ask our ET friends to manifest in a way that is undoubtedly a sign of their presence on this planet and of the fact that we, as a civilization, can communicate with them.

 - The speial music that we can use (sounds of extraterrestrial origin that have been recorded in England and then synthesized) can be downloaded from here.

Technique for Contacting the  Beneficial Extraterrestrial Beings

– Consecration

– Entering an elevated state of consciousness and deep mental peace (use any techniques you know – LAYA YOGA, etc.)

– become aware that the Universe is a projection of the Divine Mind that all beings that exist in the Universe are united through the Divine Consciousness that created them (we are all children of the same God)

– The expansion of consciousness in space, as follows:
          beyond the limits of our planet, which is seen now from space
          beyond our solar system, which is seen now from outside
          beyond the limits of our galaxy, that we see now from outside
– Perceive the extraterrestrial beings that exit in this vast spaces, and their space ships.

– Become aware that these ET beings are connected to a Supreme Intergalactic Council, composed of highly spiritual ET beings.

– We aim to contact both the extraterrestrial beings perceived and the members of the Intergalactic Council. We introduce ourselves to them and manifest towards them all the love and friendship that we are capable of. We invite them to come where we were, in order to learn more about them, and to contribute to the creation of a spiritual civilization on planet Earth.

– We ask the extraterrestrial beings to manifest to us in any way that is appropriate and safe for them and participants in our group.

– We show them mentally where we are (as a “zoom in”: the Milky Way galaxy, our solar system, planet Earth – the third planet from our Sun, the continent which we live on, our country and its position on the continent, our city’s geographical position in the country, the area of the city where we are, street, house etc – with as many visual details as possible.

– As a means of identifying ourselves we can visualize a column of white light that goes up from the middle of our group. We can also use laser beams and / or certain sounds

– We can do this zoom out / zoom in procedure several times.

– We remain quietly in a state of receptivity, trying to perceive the presence and manifestation of the extraterrestrial beings.

– It’s best to allocate at least 2-3 hours for this procedure – the perfect time are nights without moon, when it’s easier to look at the stars, but not only. The procedure can be done anywhere, even in a room. Ideally, however, is to be outdoors.

– You can use radar detectors with battery, and also magnetometers, which may easily indicate the ethereal presence of ET, and can even manifest interactively.

– If you take pictures – use a tripod and long exposure (30 seconds), without flash.

– Do not use any light sources – like lights, flashlights, flash etc (they decrease the sensitivity of the eye for about 30 minutes)
– To perceive easier the ethereal manifestations of ET, de-focus your vision.

– Alternate periods when you look at the sky with periods of meditation, and various spiritual techniques (like prayers for Planet Earth, blessings or anything else that you feel inspired to do).

– On departure thank the ET beings.

Materials needed (ideally) – obviously we can realize this procedure without them as well:
– Laser Beams
– Radar detectors and magnetometers
– Digital Cameras
– Folding Chairs
– CD player

For questions and feedback related to this experiment please contact Ileana Stefanescu at ileana@usyoga.net .

For details on Dr. Steven Greer’s activity, please visit http://www.cseti.org

5 october 2010


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