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For the first time, the Romanian Justice goes through the details of Gregorian Bivolaru file

An article by Gabriel Dobrescu

Thursday, 2nd of June, there was a new appearance in Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru case at the Court in the Swedish town of Malmo. This was the first representation following the translation of the file sent by Romanian authorities in support of their extradition request, and it takes place at the request of the Swedish prosecution service, which wanted  to present the Court with the accusations which were formulated by the Romanian authorities against the Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru.

After the attorney initial presentation of the accusation’s internal evidences, observing the invalidity and illegality of these incriminations, the lawyers of Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru formulated the request for him to be released. This request was supported for the time being only by some evidence material from the defence side, because they were not informed until the present meeting of the content of the accusation’s file. This request was rejected by the Malmo court, but this decision is not final, as it can be challenged on appeal to the Supreme Justice Court of Sweden.

The freedom of Mr. Bivolaru will be deliberated by the Court of Malmo, every 18 days, as the study of the dossier will progress.

Until today’s court appearance, all the other deadlines were practically formal, because neither the prosecution nor the defence had all the official papers sent by the Romanian prosecutors; Mr. Bivolaru is not being detained based on the Romanian warrant, which is not taken into consideration by the Swedish authorities, until is properly validated. In fact even the Romanian authorities recognized, within the court proceedings at Sibiu, that the warrant issued in Romania has not been acted upon.

The Swedish law’s prescriptions, concerning the judicial status of foreign citizens for whom an extradition request has been made and the request for protection of Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru towards Swedish authorities, determined until now the maintaining of the detention state in a maximum security regime.
His status is owed also to the request for obtaining political asylum in Sweden, where Mr. Bivolaru has at present the status of refugee. There are also documents at the Swedish immigrations office concerning the two death threats, whose authors have not been identified by the brave Romanian attorneys and policemen, who have shown once more a passivity which denotes the complicity and the tacit agreement to these kind of actions.

In spite of the gossip launched in the press, the Romanian authorities finalized the extradition file  at the limit of the 40 days term offered by Swedish authorities for formulation of that request and the presentation of evidence. The translation of all papers took until the beginning of this week. The Swedish solicitor of Mr. Bivolaru has stated for the local press that the Romanian prosecutors sent a very big quantity of documents of poor quality.

In 40 days the Romanian authorities managed to come up only with some laughable motives which have been introduced in the extradition request. If they had a truly solid case against Gregorian Bivolaru, they would have sent it within a few days for sure. Instead, aware of the lack of evidence from the file concerning so called relationship with Madalina Dumitru, the Romanian prosecutors started blindly at high speed to make a new file here in Romania. With a low respect for the law, the Romanian authorities delayed so much the translation and the sending of the extradition request in order to postpone as much as possible the moment when they will to admit in front of the whole world how distasteful they are.

The Romanian authorities believed that they can cheat the Swedish justice, but when they were requested solid evidence supporting their extradition request, started to fantasise with other warrants and skid on “proofs” which they promise to bring in the next 100 years, after they finished interviewing all the yogis in the world.

Until the contrary evidence it is normal for the Swedish authorities to give credit to the Romanian authorities, because the procedure did not yet allow them access to the evidence of the defence. After the finalization of the translation of the file, the first official papers have been taken into consideration. The court has been nevertheless impressed by the huge volume of this file, which let to the judge deciding that Gregorian Bivolaru to be kept for now in the custody of Malmo police. However, the defence solicitor states that there is no substance behind the prosecutor’s tome, and said that he intends to appeal this decision to The High Court for Justice in Stockolm.

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