The Act of Consecration in the Yoga Practice

The consecration is the act through which we offer in a conscious and unconditioned way the fruits of our actions to God. This act absolves us from a karmic point of view from the effects of the consecrated actions.

The specific words are: “Lord, I consecrate You, unconditionally, the fruits of this action”. In this situation, after the consecration we can feel that the answer of God is manifesting plenarily and unmistakably through us. Thus, when the answer is positive, we can feel the inspiration, the force, the grace, the power and, most important, the supporting in the realisation of that action. If we realise the consecration of an action before starting it and we receive the positive answer from God, then we can be sure that the action will be integrated in the divine will and also that we are absolved from the karmic effects this action would normally present.

A lot of people are afraid of the actions they do. Why? Because all these actions, when they are done without this offering of their fruits to God, will create karmic chains. This means that the human being will be forced, sooner or later, in this life or in a future one, to receive the deserved correspondent fruits (good or bad).

Through the consecration, we are free of the fruits of our actions and the one who acts through us, in this situation, is God Himself. Thanks to the consecration, we feel His divine grace effectively, because it is not us who acts in that moment, but Him. We can be extraordinarily enriched, because through the offering of our actions to God, we can participate directly to the divine manifestation. This doesn’t mean that if we offer God, through consecration, a negative or malefic action, we will be absolved from the negative effects this action could have on us. Obviously, God will never give a positive answer, will never pour His divine grace onto us in such cases – so you can be sure His supporting won’t be there.

The answer of God to the consecration of the fruits of our actions is, therefore, a state of grace the human being can have at any time – it is somewhat a state of communion with God. The only condition is not to forget and to offer God the fruits of our important actions. It is therefore recommended that at the beginning of each day we should realise the consecration of the fruits of our actions to God and then we should re-do this consecration for each important action we’ll do throughout the day.


It is very important to realise this consecration especially when you are together with the one you love, BEFORE an intimate amorous fusion. Never forget that it is necessary to realise this offering of the fruits of the amorous fusion you are about to do (which could be wonderful or even ecstatic).

Also, don’t forget that even the good karma you accumulated during your life (lives) keeps you enchained in this limiting human condition.

Realise this act of consecration as often as possible for it is a unique occasion to “avoid” the karmic consequences of your actions, which would otherwise be inevitable.

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