The act of the universal creation.The whole universe is the scene of Kali

In Hindu iconography, Kali is considered the first and most important of the tantric Pantheon deities, but her various forms and aspects are also fervently revered in the other spiritual traditions of India. The famous Mahanirvana Tantra text describes Kali as the one who gives birth to all things and beings in the Manifestation, from the least to the most significant. Thus, the whole of the Macrocosm becomes the theatre of her terrible, beneficial and harmoniously integrated actions, which are characterized by a total causal knowledge and a profound discernment. The mysterious influence of the great Cosmic Power Kali within the Creation is so complex and occulted, that virtually no human being can perceive its real goals and meanings, with the exception of those souls that have already reached a high degree of spiritual accomplishment. According to Tantric spiritual tradition, the whole Manifestation springs from Infinite Consciousness of the endless beatific Union between Shiva and Shakti. The creation function is fulfilled by that divine energy (Shakti) which is called Brahmani and the maintenance or continuance of this creation is carried out by Shakti Vaishnavi. Both the creation and maintenance aspects involve every time a “death” or a molecular “destruction” of any form of the Manifestation, and this function is fulfilled by Rudrani Shakti. In particular, Brahmani, Vaishnavi and Rudrani Shakti are nothing more than the female aspects of the great Hindu gods forming the Hindu trinity of the Creation: Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra (or Shiva).
The simultaneous existence of these three processes in the Manifestation clearly explain the statement of the tantric texts that proclaim that the act of Creation did not take place only once in a moment in the past, and its dissolution or destruction (of the Creation) is not going to happen only one time sometimes in the future either, but in every moment of time these aspects manifest as some sparks that are so fast that they create the impression of continuity and reality. Although the mind and the body of the human being are constantly assaulted by countless sensory experiences, the state of divine ecstasy (samadhi) which occurs due to an intense and perseverant spiritual practice involves the “dissolution” of the mental functions and of the consciousness of the body in the Supreme consciousness of God the father that transcends any duality.
The Great Cosmic Power Kali is considered to be the very nature and consciousness of the Supreme Divine (Brahman), this representing her transcendent aspect. On the other hand, she is at the same time the glory of the effulgent manifestation of countless worlds and entities in Creation. Therefore, Kali is worshipped in her two fundamental aspects: as the Great Goddess granting the favor of all enjoyments and happiness of this world, as well as the holy supreme divine energy (Shakti), that gives the spiritual liberation (Kaivalya).

In the Pantheon of the Tantric gods, Kali is referred to as the first of the ten Great Cosmic Powers because, in a certain way, she is the one who makes “the wheel of time” move, this being the primary impulse in the phenomenal existence and becoming. On the other hand, at the end of a cycle of manifestation, Time (or Kala, in Sanskrit) “devoured” all the worlds of the three plans (universes or spheres of consciousness) of Creation, which are the physical universe, the astral universe (or subtle) and the causal universe. The Great Cosmic Power Kali “devours” in the end even the aspect of temporality (i.e. the subtle energy of time, Kala), this being the reason she is considered the primary cause of creation and destruction of manifestation.
From another perspective, Kali is also the creator of the worlds, these worlds being born from the ashes of the purifying fire of the Divine Consciousness of this Great Cosmic Power, which has burned all the impurities, residues and imperfections of the forms of manifestation. Therefore, the action of Kali has a deeply evolutionary character, giving a sometimes dramatic or terrible impulse to the human beings’ existence on their way to spiritual accomplishment. However Kali always does this with a perfect divine discernment, and those who manage to overcome successfully these stages and tests they go though are true spiritual heroes, enjoying the ineffable favor of the Great Goddess Kali.
However, until the Omnipotent Will of God does not manifest the creator impulse, Shakti (or the Infinite Divine Energy) is located in potentiality and inseparably united with Shiva in his purely transcendental aspect. The texts of tantric spirituality name this perfect union, beyond any manifestation of duality, by the term Sat-Cit-Ananda (Pure Existence, Pure Consciousness – endless Bliss).


3 February 2012


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