The amazing experiences of persons that communicated with angels

The number of those communicating with angels or those who are inspired by Jesus, Virgin Mary or even by the Heavenly Father God is very large. Padre Pio, Ana Katharina Emmerich, Emanuel Swedenborg, Gemma Galgani, Eduard Lemy abbot, Saint Bernard, Jacob Lorber are people that, through the purity of their souls and special faith in celestial powers allowed the approach to the world of angels.

Padre Pio

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (1887-1968) had a very special, delicate and respectful devotion to his guardian angel. “His little buddy from childhood”, “little angel” was always helping him out. He was an obedient, prompt, punctual friend, who similar to a great holy master exercised upon him a constant impulse for his progress in exercising in all virtues. His perseverant and discreet action was his guide, advice and help.

When he received a letter written in French, it was his guardian angel who served as his interpreter: “If the mission of our guardian angel is great, the one of my angel is definitely greater, accomplishing translation services from other languages”. The guardian angel was his intimate friend who, in the morning, after waking him up, praised the Lord together with him: “Even in the night, when I close my eyes, I see he raises the veil and the paradise is opened in front of me; swung in this vision I sleep with a sweet smile of bliss on my lips and with my forehead open in a perfect peace, waiting that my little friend from childhood comes and wakes me up, early morning, so together we raise praises to our hearts delight.

In the malign attacks, his guardian angel, the invisible friend was the one easing his suffers: “my dear young friend seeks to demolish the pain, caused by apostate unclean ones, swinging my spirit in the valley of hope”.

When the angel does not interfere with enough solicitude, Padre Pio, confidentially, knew how to react him through a fraternal lecture: “I shall not relate to you, therefore, in what manner they go about beating me, those reprobates. Sometimes I feel that I am close to death. Saturday, I thought they really wanted to put an end to me; I didn’t know any more to which saint I should appeal; I turned to my angel and after making me wait for some while, he finally shows up, flying around me, and singing hymns to the divine Majesty with his angelic voice. I shouted at him harshly for having made me wait so long, since I had not failed to call him to my aid. To punish him, I did not want to look him in the face, I wanted to hold my distance, I wanted to run away and hide from him. But he, poor fellow, approached me, nearly crying. He caught hold of me, so that raising my eyes, I might look into his face and find it wholly grieved…”… I am always close to you, my beloved youth, he says, I hover about you constantly, my affection for you shall not extinguish even with your life.”

Ana Katharina Emmerich

Born in Flamske, in 1774, into an agrarian family, entering a convent of Augustinians in 1802, and then after the convent was abolished by Napoleon, she lived in the house of a widow. Since an early age she was lead by her guardian angel, being totally aware of his constant presence; giving her daily necessary suggestions for her life. Ana Katharina said: “My angel is calling me and leads me to different places. I travel with him… he once guided me to the queen of France (Marie Antoinette) in jail. When I pray for others and he is not next to me, I call him to go to the others angels. Often, when he is near me, I ask him to go to a certain place and I see him doing that. My angel guides me to pray for the souls of those suffering and many times I send him to the guardian angels of those people. He prepares me through certain symbolic visions for the suffering of the closest one or strangers to have time to pray for their consolation. I receive precise advices about how to behave with certain people I get in touch with. Thus I know what to tell them and how or to stay at distance. If conditions are asking, my angel even suggests to me which words to use for my expression. My guardian angel always walks by me and even if the dark forces sometimes besiege me and attack me in my chamber, they cannot hurt me badly because I always receive help.”

Gemma Galgani

Born in 1878 near Lucca. The presence of angels in her life is almost continuous, surrounding her with attention and sometimes acting visibly.
Here are some of the notes written by her in the spiritual journal:
“My guardian angel never leaves me… even a minute does not detach him from me, if I have to talk to him, to pray, to do anything else, he shows it to me. “
“My guardian angel never left me though how many weaknesses, lacks I have, even in his presence!”
“My guardian angel never ceases to protect me, to teach me and to give me wise advices. Many times of the day he shows himself and talks to me. (…)
My guardian angel does not abandon me, he gives me power and I have to say Sunday I was not hungry, but he forced me to eat and thus he made in the morning too. Every evening he does not forget to bless me, but also to punish me and shout at me.”
“My angel gave me some drops from a white liquid in a golden glass to drink, telling me it is a medicine that paradise doctor us to heal the sick.”
“My guardian angel began to be my teacher and guide: he scolds me every time I mistake, he teaches me to speak less and only when I am asked. Once, when the housemen were talking about a person and not exactly good things, I wanted to interfere but my angel, strong and handsome, reprimanded me. Other times he was saying:”if you are not goodhearted, I will not appear to you anymore.”

Many times he taught me how to behave in the presence of God: “to adore him in his endless kindness, his endless grandeur, in his compassion and all his attributes.”

Gemma saw all forms sensitively, gestures, expressions that characterized the presence of her angel. Mother Agnesa remembers:”One day she came alone to the monastery, I received her, but she told me she was not alone, but with her guardian angel. “Where have you left him? I then asked. She answered: “At the door.” Then I asked: “why do not you ask him in?” Then Gemma opened a door and with a hand gesture invited him in, and then indicated toward him, but I did not see anything. Then I asked her how the angel appeared to her, she answered: “Above my head with his wings open.”

Eduard Lamy abbot was born in 1853, in the Lagers region and died in 1931. He had many visions with the Virgin Mary and a special protection from the angels.

Most remarkable was the fact that father Lamy had an intimate relation and special familiarity with angels. His friends saw him talking with invisible beings and heard sometimes even the voices he was talking with. Biver Count, doctor in sciences, a very objective person, relates the following event from 19th November 1924:
“On that evening, the count and father Lamy, his host, just retired to their chambers for sleeping. The count explains: ‘at 22 hours I was in my bed and I turned the light off. In a few minutes, through the two doors, I heard an animated conversation in the old priest’s room. In the total silence of the night, three voices clearly could be distinguished. Even though it was cold, I sat up on my bed to hear well. And yet, when I left him at the threshold of his chamber, it was completely empty. I heard certain syllables, but I could not understand anything which the two unknown have spoken, while my host was expressing himself loudly. They were all speaking in French. In the morning, around five , as he was leaving for the church, I asked father Lamy: “Father, last night, after you told me good night, I heard you speaking, and I heard other voices as well… were those guardian angels?” he smiled at me and said: “could be; are night consolations.” During the day my host replied to the questions I again asked, that I heard the voices of saint Archangel Gabriel and his guardian angel, but not to speak about this to anyone.’

Saint Bernard

Bernard de Clairvaux known as Saint Bernard (1090-1153) was first time a count of Chatillon and then a monk. On 18th May 1113, Bernard entered the Cistercians order. If at the moment of his entrance the order did not excel the anonymous state, by the following decades the Cistercians became, due to this young burgundy noble’s personality, for many centuries, one of the most important and influential catholic monastic order.

“Let us love the angels that are the guides and our teachers, represented and given us by our Father. Bow truly, we are sons of God. We are thus, even if we do not understand it clearly, because we are still children. But even if we are still children and it still remains for us to pass this long and dangerous path, why would we fear with such great protectors? They cannot be defeated; neither cheated on, and they are guarding us in all “our paths”. They are faithful, prudent, and powerful. Why would we worry then? We only have to follow them, to be next to them and this we shall remain under the protection of God”.

Emanuel Swedenborg (29 January 1688- 29 March 1772), Swedish scientist, and an authority in metallurgy, excelling as mine engineer, military man, astronomer, physician, zoologist, anatomist, economist and deputy; he was a real encyclopedia. He also studied theology and a bright career was foreseen to him. He was the son of a protestant bishop and since childhood he had a spontaneous inclination toward introspection and religious experiences. PHD in philosophy at only 21 year, Swedenborg had travelled all around Europe, to meet with the scientific celebrities of his time. When he returned to Sweden in 1714 his universal knowledge and scientific courageous theories, that describes him today in the posture of a genius precursor, brought him fame and honors.

In the year 1743, he wrote: “the Lord has shown to me and given me the power to communicate with spirits and angels”. Since those moments, Swedenborg has given up sciences and consecrated to describing the spiritual world that progressively revealed itself to him. He realized that with lots of precision, due to his scientific education.

Jacob Lorber

He was born on 22 July 1800, as son of an agrarian family from Kanischa-Jahring next to Marburg, South Styria. He studied at the Marburg school, and since his years of studying, he became a talented organist at the Catholic Church. He continued his studies to become teacher, at Graz, capital of Styria, but later he decided to dedicate himself totally to music. Lorber became music professor, and through some concerts he created at Graz the reputation of an exceptional violinist. At his 40th Birthday he was given the job of chapel conductor at Trieste, but his life was to take a complete different course. On the date of 15th March 1840, after he realized his morning prayer, he felt in his chest, from his heart, a voice that told him clearly: “Take your pen and write!” Lorber listened to this mysterious calling; he grabbed his pen and started writing word by word what was dictated to him from inside. It was the introduction to his first work “The Household of God” (ancient history of Humanity). The first words were:

“This way the Lord speaks to everyone; and this is true, faithful and certain. Whosoever wishes to speak to Me should come to Me, and I will place the answer in his heart. But only the pure, whose hearts are full with humility, will hear the sound of My voice…”
In 1858, Lorber wrote to one of his friend:

“Regarding the interior voice and the way I perceive it, I cannot tell you more then that I receive it inwardly, the saint wrote of God, that I feel in the area of my heart, like a very clear thought, bright and pure, that is expressed in words. Any of the persons surrounding me though cannot hear this voice, but you know, that for me this blessed voice sounds brighter and clearer then any other sound.”



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