Relax in your orgasm

By Oltea Mutulescu

For a tantric couple erotic meeting is complete, as the fusion between the lovers surpasses the frontiers of the bodies and projects them in a cosmic dimension. To attain such an expansive interior state, the tantric art of love teaches us to remain relaxed while you are sexually excited. Hence you can receive erotic energy from your lover and thus sensual feelings become effervescent and overwhelm you.

Now the leap from excitation to delight of your entire body becomes possible, the preliminary condition for the total orgasm that vibrates your entire cells. To accumulate intense sensations up to the peak level of your pleasure, the majority of people tense their muscles, especially the ones around the hips and pelvis. Energetically speaking tension means interior contraction, which considerably diminishes the capacity of energy to flow through the body. In exchange, relaxation implies expansion… when you are profoundly relaxed erotic energy spreads starting from your genital organs through your entire body.

Awaken your senses through massage

Tantric practitioners encourage the expansion through visualizing the sexual energy that floods the other entire subtle force centers, especially the Anahata chakra – situated in the area of the heart plexus and Sahashrara – located at the crown of the head. These are the two fundamental levels – that of affection and that of supreme communion with the Divinity.

This ritual allows you to extend your sexual energy, plunging yourself in a profound relaxed state, where you breath rarely and deeply.
Abandoning your body you abandon your soul in love and you open it in front of your lover. Concentrate while making love upon the movement of the energy, generated by the bond between your hearts and your sexual excitement. Before beginning, prepare your bodies through erotic touches awakening your senses through energetic massage.

Glide on the edge of absolute pleasure

This exercise starts when the orgasm is almost reached during the erotic act. In tantric vision orgasm is an interior contemplation where ejaculation is suspended, not only delayed. Physical laws are abolished through the power to feel lucidly the bliss of senses that draw you beyond them. Before the sensation of maximum intensity, when you feel your muscles about to contract, teach yourself to dilate time becoming relaxed during your peak sensations. If you cannot reach orgasm without tensioning your buttocks and hips, let one or two contractions appear normally, and then do not make any effort to reach the maximum level of pleasure. Relax completely and sink in the state of voluptuousness. After two waves of orgasmic contractions, breathe in; exhale; slowly and profoundly. Relax your abdominal muscles while breathing. Enjoy the sensations, without any effort to prolong them. Imagine as you glide on the highest peak of pleasure; do not throw yourself in its abyss. Feel as you stand at this border for a time. One of you awakens the delight of the other until the point to have an orgasm, and then you change roles, immediately after the peak moment.

Return and increase sexual excitement repeatedly, until you reach again closer to the peak. Do this several times.
After you harmonize with each other, you will not think anymore who is whose awakening pleasure and who reaches near orgasm, but you will both drift in a state of relaxation, in the intense feelings of your sensations, which increases your joy. Glide in the transparent bliss together, wrapping each other in the overwhelming love that you offer reciprocally.

9th November 2007

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