Certain psycho mental obstacles that block our spiritual opening

by Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru


1. “It is always very good for us to become aware of our own ignorance”
2. “Very often we run after chimeras to avoid confronting our own inner world.”
3. “ Before starting to climb to the highest spiritual heights, it is better for us that we first start to purify our being”.

1. Any obstinate resistance towards transformation.

2. Avoiding introspection and running away from an eventual focus on ourselves.

3. The anguish of confronting the state of inner emptiness which makes us face ourselves.

4. The closure that can be even hidebound in various dogmatic and rigid beliefs.
5. The predominance in our inner universe of an intellectual and rational way of thinking.

6. The closure into a partial vision over the world, which is mainly scientific.

7. The fear of transforming ourselves and of becoming different compared to the other people.

8. The fear of being judged by the others and then rejected, because we do not correspond anymore to their limited criteria.

9. The manifestation of an obstinate resistance to abandon the illusory world of “all that seems” for the mysterious and different world of “all that really exists”.

10. The fear of any confrontation with the unconscious that exists in our inner universe.

11. The manifestation of a resistance and even of a fear in abandoning the bad habits, the limitative beliefs of all kind, of the known, in order to open ourselves in front of the unknown.

12. The lack of opening towards the symbolic, mythical, poetic thinking.

13. The lack of opening towards all that implies creativity.

14. Fear of losing and the manifestation of an aberrant and obstinate resistance in what concerns the confrontation with death.

15. Lack of contact, lack of communication with ourselves and the rejection of the possibility of listening to our inner nature.

16. The absence of an adequate bodily training and of an attentive focus on the breath, that allows us to abandon ourselves when certain wonderful experiences appear in ourselves.

17. The absence of an opening towards the beneficent emotions, towards delightful sensations that appear into our inner universe.
18. The lack of a lucid and constant attention, lack of power of concentration, rejection of the possibility of listening to ourselves.

19. Embracing a way of living which is only focused on the quest for pleasures just for the sake of pleasures, and on material accumulation.

20. The manifestation of a constant bodily and psychic rigidity both in what concerns education and the conditionings
that already exist in us together with the persistence of some emotional blockages.


november 2007


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