The anti-Semitism: a delicate accusation, a forged file

According to the President of the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania, the prosecutors have used the Jewish Community in order to forge a new file against MISA

by Angela Anghel

Since Gregorian Bivolaru has been granted the refugee status in Sweden, there emerged a strong positive attitude worldwide as concerns the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute. The anti-Semitism charges newly issued by means of media is a desperate attempt to freeze this wave of sympathy that MISA is enjoying now, by appealing to a subject, quite delicate for the West these days. However the accusation only attained a boomerang effect this time. Even the most sceptical witnesses had a good point to say: that is too much, folk! Who might be working to have the MISA guilty by all means?

The anti-Semitism accusation makes no news

Let’s have a brief look to the events in order to assess the similarities that prove this accusation as a forgery for cases of absolute necessity. In March 2004, when the brutal searching in the yogis’ locations started, the investigators had no accusation, no evidence and no culprit, although they had been surveying the yoga school since years. Striking accusations were aberrantly stated, but for want of evidence the prosecutors were urged to keep fabricating new files.

Remember that there were lots of accusations, quite fantastic and awkward, stated against MISA since the very beginning. But nobody had heard a word about anti-Semitism by May or June 2005. On June 23 2005, there came four persons to the MISA library and introduced themselves as Economic Police agents. They were after some brochures about freemasonry, written by Gregorian Bivolaru and they wanted to know whether they are still on the market. MISA did not possess neither sell such brochures, to the great disappointment of the four agents who had made the investigation for nothing. They confined to saying that in case they had found such brochures there, we would have faced much trouble because of their contents. 

On august 29 2005, the daily Averea discloses a complaint submitted at the Prosecutor’s Office by the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania concerning four publications issued by MISA, which contained some so-called anti-Semite reference. It’s all about four books written by Gregorian Bivolaru, Camelia Rosu, Viorel Rosu and Ovidiu Buruiana. All four volumes had been issued long time before 2002, when the Ordinance providing the anti-Semitism issues came into effect, after which they had been taken back from the market. Amongst the four volumes, only three of them are anti-mason, not at all anti-Semite; the fourth only promotes negativist ideas and could have been subject to Ordinance 31, in case it had been written after 2002. 

During several months nobody said a word about anti-Semitism and probably nobody would have ever said unless Sweden had granted political asylum to Gregorian Bivolaru. In January 2006, it’s the newspaper Averea again that mentions for the interested audience that there were other two directions that had not been sufficiently exploited in order to incriminate Gregorian Bivolaru. One of them was the alleged complaint of the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania on May 2005. Averea started a new media campaign and issued lots of rumours, misinformation and lies concerning the two new lines of actions. Most of the papers and televisions are no longer trapped and avoid taking over the burning data in the Averea daily, but they do refer to the “new file” involving Gregorian Bivolaru and other four persons charged with anti-Semitism accusations.

The fabrication of the MISA files

The first file fabricated against Gregorian Bivolaru has lots of painful knots. One of the accusations against Gregorian Bivolaru in this file is sexual intercourse with an underage. Madalina Dumitru, the only underage person found in the searched locations was put under terror in order to have her deliver an incriminating declaration. Pushed by the prosecutors’ threats she wrote a declaration under dictation stating she had allegedly had a relationship with Gregorian Bivolaru, but as soon as she was released from terror she denounced the abuses she had been inflicted by the investigators. Therefore the accusation effectively missed their injured party.

The second painful knot in the file is the very offence claimed by the accusation. The law provides the 16 age as the age of approval, which implies persons older than 16 may have sexual relationship, provided it’s under their own approval. In today Romania most of the teenagers begin their sexual life a couple of years under this age. Madalina Dumitru was 17 years and eight months old and she hadn’t even had sexual intercourse with Gregorian Bivolaru. She wouldn’t have made subject to law, anyway.  The prosecution found a solution in introducing Gregorian Bivolaru as the girl’s teacher, who had allegedly taken advantage of his ascendancy as a teacher in order to seduce the girl. Gregorian Bivolaru is known for the prosecution as editor for the Yoga Magazine and only when it’s about Madalina he becomes a teacher. This is a fact also stated by lawyer Dan Apostol in the TV show Stirea Zilei on Antena 3.

Then there came up other two underage girls, not that underage, but rather willing to play the victims of Gregorian Bivolaru. They had been major for a long time actually. Therefore when the willing prosecutors asked them if they wanted to play the injured party, the two girls suddenly realized they had been abused long time ago.

Things worked the same for the other file concerning the human beings trafficking. Hundreds of yoga followers were called to the Prosecution’s Office and asked whether they wanted to complaint against the MISA leaders who had exploited and abused them. They wouldn’t for nobody had done that to them. Amongst hundreds of persons examined, six or seven were hardly convinced to lodge false statements for the file aberrantly incriminating the yoga instructors for human beings trafficking. 

In order to become credible the prosecutors asked the company Croma Ltd. owned by psychologist Tudorel Butoi to enclose the file a study about the MISA horrors that had washed the yogis’ brains. Tudorel Butoi fully agreed to write a “professional” study. He seems to own a fruitful imagination since he wrote the study without having examined not one yogi.

In the same manner the prosecutors have asked for reports and complaints against MISA from other organizations and institutions. They obviously chose the “less interested” in disparaging us. One of them is Mario Sorin Vasilescu, who had been claiming himself for years the only Yoga authority in Romania. There are also some reports spread in the media of some priests acknowledged for the fanaticism they evince any time they have the opportunity to voice anything about yoga. Nobody ever asked for the opinion of the institutions able to assess the MISA activity, such as the International Yoga Federation.

The prosecutors attempted to imply even the Jewish Community

In the case of the anti-Semitism accusation stated against Gregorian Bivolaru and three other yogis, the prosecutors employed the same method. The evidence comes from Aurel Weiner, a deputy and president of the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania. On January 23, he was invited to the TV show on the National TV, “Miezul Problemei” (The stake of the issue) together with Monica Dascalu, a Yoga instructor of the MISA Yoga School and Sorin Ovidiu Balan, an investigation journalist, one of the most furious voices in the 2004 media campaign.

In this TV show Aurel Weiner stated a shocking statement. Subsequent to the presenter urges, after several times failing to disguise, Weiner admitted that it was the prosecutors who indirectly asked for the complaint to be submitted and he retracted it! We virtually witnessed a public evidence of the prosecutors’ trying to make use of the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania in order to incriminate us. Here are some excerpts of the TV show:

Presenter: Aurel Weiner now. Mr. Deputy, you already do know what it is about, for you basically are the promoter of this attitude at a certain point.

Aurel Weiner:
First, there is one thing I want to stress here. It’s not me the promoter. The Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania is not at all the promoter of any campaign anti-MISA, for our data about MISA are rather scarce, not to say inexistent. We got in contact to MISA after we have been shown the four brochures that…

Who did show them to you?

Aurel Weiner:
They simply reached us…the important fact is that…

That is important…

Aurel Weiner:
This is important, for long time ago, and I am quite surprised that the honourable participant to this debate, Yoga instructor says that these are older works. To be more specific, if the 31 Ordinance….

The 2002 Ordinance!

Aurel Weiner:
2002, yes. So it stands for clear that was a time when the anti-Semitism, the xenophobia, the cult of personality, which damaged peace and humankind were still in effect.  We found out about these brochures in 2005. Well, this is some gap during the Ordinance in question was by all means effectual.

I see, but the works in question have been brought to you by the Prosecutor’s Office, so that you should…

Aurel Weiner:
Yes, right so. Then, to be quite specific, besides there hasn’t been a final conclusion of the Federation of the Jewish Community in Romania, for we have given these brochures for minute analysis to our specialists at the Centre of Jewish History Research, that’s what is called…

You have said or admitted that it’s the Prosecutor’s Office that has notified these brochures to you…

Aurel Weiner:
Yes, right so.

But don’t you think that the prosecutors attempted to get you into a game that you had been ignoring by that time?

Aurel Weiner:
I personally don’t, for we actually had no contact to the MISA. I once again want to stress that I haven’t attended the MISA meetings; I did not searched any of MISA libraries and did not take part into the conversations between…

However, we may say that the Prosecutor’s Office or the prosecutors, since they had not found much accusations against MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru, attempted to get the Jewish Community into it, given that it somehow enjoys, how should I put this, a worldwide acknowledgement and the West is very responsive to the anti-Semite issue. […]
Sorin Ovidiu Bălan: I think that… this is my opinion at least. We are a little bit far-fetched; things are being pushed to far. Out of three books on charges I see there are three of them saying that the freemasonry is doing some horrible things, I don’t know what… I think that on Mr Weiner chair there would rather be Mr Chirovici, the great master.

Or any of them…

Aurel Weiner:
I obviously have nothing to do with the masonry.

So you are not a mason?

Aurel Weiner:
Absolutely not.

It turns obvious that the prosecutors are so desperately looking to incriminate us that they fabric a new file based on some books written 8-10 years ago, this is long before the anti-Semitism law came into effect. They sent these books accordingly to the Federation of the Jewish Communities, without mentioning the books had issued years ago…

Moreover, in order to build an accusation on this ground they adjust things just like in the other files. These brochures are taken and presented to the media as teaching support in the MISA courses, meaning to prohibit the courses on grounds of anti-Semite propaganda. This is not going to work, though, for all the statements are mere interpretation. The brochures are not promoted within the course and haven’t even been republished since 1998. Besides there are many followers from Israel that had been attending the MISA courses right here in Romania. They wanted to voice out their revolt against these aberrant accusations, stating that the only discrimination they had been inflicted came from the Romanian authorities.

We see now that almost all the offences in the Penal Code had been incriminated. We have been charged in turn with sexual offences, paedophilia, pornographic materials, human beings trafficking, breach of the copyright, prostitution, human beings sequestration, family splitting, breaking of the community order, tax evasion, money laundering, causing physical traumas and mental disorders, death threatening against those attempting to quit MISA, murders, weapons storage, national security danger, espionage, terrorism and anti-Semitism now. What else is left? And again when are these prosecutors set on against us going to realize that it’s their very zeal in inventing new accusations against us that throws them in a ridiculous light and unmasks them?

February 2006

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