The balloon hysteria is about war preparations

Last month (February 2023), the American media has been almost saturated with nonstop news coverage about the mysterious balloons and unidentified flying objects crossing into U.S. airspace. Intensity of coverage escalated with leading politicians, commentators, military analysts and media figures pitching in to stoke the alarm.

A distraction or something more than that?

It all reeks of a psyop intended either as a distraction, another case of mass-formation psychosis in the making, or both. If it’s a distraction, the powers-that-be would clearly like to divert our attention away from a whole range of embarrassing developments:

  • The empire’s imminent defeat in Ukraine,
  • Revelation that the Biden Administration orchestrated the Nord Stream pipelines terror attack,
  • The environmental disasters in Ohio and Texas (in both cases cargo train derailments),
  • Yet another pandemic emergency that’s in the works or,
  • Something entirely different that we are yet to find out about.

More likely however, the hysteria was being created to psychologically prepare the nation for war, this time a full on military engagement against China.

It’s mass formation psychosis again

Over the last three years we learned about the way “mass formation psychosis” events are orchestrated. Mass formation psychosis has been wielded against the public for over 200 years in order to manipulate the masses into supporting some covert agenda, including generating public consent for war. As Dr. Mattias Desmet explained, four conditions are necessary for mass-formation psychosis to emerge in a society:

1. A large segment of the population should feel alone and isolated
2. Their lives should feel meaningless
3. There should be high levels of free floating anxiety
4. There need to be high levels of frustration and aggression among the people.

Under these conditions, the media can direct the public attention to an object with which the people could associate their frustration and anxiety and fall into line with whatever call to action is being suggested to deal with the threat. This is a bit like the bullfighter waving a red cloth in front of the bull. The public’s attention may become captured by the offending object and in the heightened state of emotional distress, critical scrutiny is silenced and the promoted narrative is swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Chasing shiny objects in the skies

Contriving tall tales about alien threats lurking in the skies has been part of the deep state’s psyops arsenal for decades. The organizing genius behind that “research” includes some of the usual suspects associated with the deep state. As Matthew Ehret exposed, British government had a project called “Flying Saucer Working Party” already in 1950. In 1952, American government created their own version with the “Project Blue Book.” The purpose of these projects was to develop tools of psychological manipulation of the public to cooperate with agendas that could not be sold on their true merits.

Such weapons can only be used once in a generation. Choosing how to make the best use of it should be a hard call, but orchestrating a world war could be the end to justify such precious means.

Mass psychosis and war mobilization

Inducing fear of mysterious objects in the skies had already shown promising results in 1940s in helping manufacture the reluctant American public’s consent to enter World War II. As the YouTube channel “Redacted” recently reported, in the immediate aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack, the media began publishing many reports about mysterious aircraft approaching U.S. shores. This helped prepare the terrain for President Roosevelt to declare war on Japan.

A few weeks later, in February 1942, the government released a large number of weather balloons over Los Angeles. The appearance of these balloons caused great alarm among the people. They went along with air raid sirens, scenes of searchlights illuminating the night skies over Southern California and the blare of anti-aircraft fire shooting at “unidentified flying objects.”

The psychosis formation was amplified by breathless media reports speculating about the mysterious objects in the skies and the threats they might pose. At that time, people’s anxiety was directed at Japan and Germany. Slowly but surely, the unwilling nation was put on the war footing.

China, China, China!!!

The story should sound familiar by now. In today’s remake, project fear has China in its crosshairs. If successful, it could generate a cohesive social response needed to mobilize the nation for war. The above mentioned “Redacted” report included also a statement from the former FBI Special Agent John De Souza. He specifically warned that the deep state had detailed plans to orchestrate a fake UFO scare to prepare the ground for war. In the same program, Patrick Murphy, former Secretary of the U.S. Army, stated that the U.S. needs to be prepared for a war with China in a “whole of nation approach.”

No, peace is not on the table!

Murphy’s wording exactly echoes the 2018 report by the bipartisan National Defense Strategy Commission titled “Providing for the Common Defense,” which declared that a war between the United States and Russia or China, or both – which would be “horrendous,” and “devastating,” could break out within four years, and recommended a “whole-of-government and even whole-of-nation effort,” to confront that challenge. Interestingly, the entire 116-page document never contemplates the possibility of resolving the differences with China through talks and diplomacy. That option never seems to be on the table.

Making truth by repetition

Unfortunately, even among the Americans who should know better, many are taking the bait, falling over themselves to talk tough against China and parrot a handful of inflammatory talking points, which are becoming truth by repetition, whether they’re actually true or not. As with each of the 248+ military conflicts around the world that the US military initiated since 1946, the designated target is being duly demonized, the public is propagandized with fear and loathing, the free-floating anxiety is directed at China and belligerence is being reaffirmed and broadcast from every outlet.

Even the National Football League took advantage of the super bowl to glorify military service in paying tribute to Pat Tillman who gave up his football career and a multi-million dollar contract to join U.S. Marines and fight the terrorists in Afghanistan being convinced by the War on Terror propaganda right after September 11. NFL’s tribute forgot to mention that Tillman was sent to Iraq and not Afghanistan, that he was killed there by his own comrades and that the military lied about his death even to his own family and that they covered up the incident. As Katie Couric reports, that story didn’t hold up. He had really been killed by friendly fire, shot accidentally by his fellow soldiers. For the past years, his family, led by his mother Mary, has been searching for answers about what really occurred, beginning the day she heard the news from Pat Tillman’s wife Marie.

The bullfighter’s red cloth: likely American-made

Meanwhile, the bullfighter’s red coth, the balloons themselves might not even be Chinese. In fact, there’s a good chance that they are American-made, part of the U.S. Army’s new “Thunder Cloud” program that’s seeking “to operationalize the Stratosphere” with high-altitude balloons as described in this short official video presentation. The use of such balloons has already been tested in precision artillery strikes exercise in Norway in 2021.

Seriously, why go to war against China?

If we are to go to war against China, the obvious question should be, why? What would be the war’s objective? Are we sure that the our differences with the Chinese can’t be resolved in any other way? I pondered these questions last August as Nancy Pelosi was on her way to visit Taiwan, a gesture calculated to provoke tensions and antagonize the Chinese.

Do American Congressmen, think tanks and sundry Admirals and Generals think they can defeat China? Obviously, they can’t possibly think that, they just spent 20 years trying to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan and failed. Even the Pentagon’s own war simulations came to the conclusion that their Pacific fleet would be destroyed in short order in a war against China. So the risks are clear. What benefits could possibly justify taking such risks?

The primary target of the war against China would not really be China. It would be the American people. The shiny new world war in the Pacific would deflect people’s attention from the metastasizing crises at home, deflect people’s anger at a foreign enemy and for the same high cost also provide the ideal smokescreen for a radical crackdown on dissent against the racists, nazis, enemy sympathizers, deplorables, domestic extremists, insurrectionists and all other kinds of thought criminals. As James Madison warned us, “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

Steady boys, steady.

The breathless chase after balloons in the sky reeks of psyops. General Michael Flynn tweeted out a warning on Sunday, 12 February: “Be very careful chasing shiny objects… just when you least expect, you’ll get punched so hard in the nose, you’ll not recover. Steady boys, steady.”

Indeed, if the American people acquiesce to this latest war drive, the public emergency that will result will enable the deep state actors to strip them from the last vestiges of freedom. First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment and all other rights will be voided. All dissent will be crushed, and political opposition will be dispatched with an iron fist. Those who disagree with the government will be regarded as unpatriotic traitors to the nation.

Your pension isn’t being paid out on time? Shut up, we’re at war! You can’t get an appointment with your doctor? Blame the Chinese. You don’t support the war? You must be a China sympathizer and belong in a FEMA detention camp! For anyone thinking “that can’t take place here,” remember how pandemic went and how under mass formation psychosis people were ready to fight those who failed to wear face masks.

War would be a gift to the ruling parasites

In short, a war on China would be the greatest gift imaginable to the forces of tyranny and oppression seeking to solidify an iron grip on power and to do away with the remaining strictures of democracy. What if the enemy is not in Beijing nor in Moscow? What if the real enemy is in the City of London and on Wall Street, along with the media they own and control? Wouldn’t it be a tragic mistake to give them the war they so desperately desire? What if our differences with China could be resolved without a war? Steady boys, steady.

Recall, that “Providing for the Common Defense” report was predicting a war with Russia and China. There’s no place for peace on their table of options. I suppose we’ll soon find out. If you have the means, do what you can to protect and cultivate peace, even if it’s only a prayer. Guard against irrational fears and reject demonization of the other that’s being broadcast in the media just everywhere. As they drum the drums of war, let us drum the drums of peace louder.

Author: Alex Krainer


March 26, 2023


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