The correlation between the Law of Synchronicity and the Art of Blessing

Sometimes we feel inspired (zones of synchronicity-harmony, significant coincidences), sometimes we do not (zones of turbulence). In moments of synchronicity, everything is fluid; people, gestures and objects appear exactly at the right time and place. This harmony that seems to come from beyond may appear as a miracle, even in the smallest things:

  • meetings, telepathy – the so-called simple coincidences;
  • cascade, succession of coincidences (at a superior level). For instance- a person is passing by a phone box, the phone rings, the person answers, the call is for her and the person who made the call dialed this number by mistake instead of the home number!

For many, these are only extraordinary chances of fate, merely “coincidences” or “miracles”. Actually they illustrate profound resonance with the mysterious forces of God. It is only our ego that stops us from being in a state of synchronicity all the time.

Synchronicity represents significant coincidences that are not related each other by an evident cause. An event is synchronous with another one when an inner experience (for instance a dream) prepares us for an event that takes place later in the external world. Wishing something passionately, we create what we desire in another plane (sometimes even unconsciously) and we can obtain astonishing effects. For instance, the intellect has very little to do with brilliant discoveries: rather, it is intuition that appears and the solution comes without knowing how, as Albert Einstein confessed. The term “synchronicity” (syn=with and chronos=time) was chosen by Jung to stand for the simultaneous appearance of connections between elements, through meaning but without a unique cause. Science does not quite understand these phenomena and the rational mind denies them. What connects them can only be understood within a mysterious, timeless and causal Universe, which brings spontaneous enlightenment.

Prediction techniques are based on synchronicity – there is no apparent connection between signs and their meaning. Divination is a form of synchronicity. The law of synchronicity and the law of cause and effect are complementary. The law of karma is the law of connections and the law of synchronicity is the law of miracles. Understanding these fundamental laws leads to spiritual leaps in evolution.  Synchronicity connects the material world to the psychic world through symbols that are not always understood and which appear from the collective subconscious.

When a person is spiritually elevated and wise, she benefits by having additional degrees of freedom, as she is no longer conditioned to live life by the usual patterns. The law of synchronicity offers her the power, and thanks to her creativity, anything is possible (but not everything is allowed). This “freedom” of a wise man manifests in various ways.  For instance near a spiritual master, the evolved disciple is confronted with unexplainable synchronicities.

One can bless houses, places, objects, food, and situations.  The Energy of the Spirit of God can be directed to anything; deification can appear in everything. The Blessing does not have to be preceded by Consecration, as it is about the Spirit of God who exists in manifestation as well as outside it.  Through the Art of Blessing one activates invisible subtle forces and connects to the synchronicity field.

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