The fundamental key of the Art of Blessing

The Art of Blessing allows the Supreme Energy, which is beyond existence and non-existence, to flow over the person. It derives directly from the Almighty sphere of the Eternal Divine Spirit of God The Father. There is nothing in the Universe equal or above it. It is almighty, ubiquitous, eternal, and everything in the three worlds is subordinated to it. The person who fully discovers it understands that nothing exists apart from God The Father. This Energy leads us to the Unique Eternal Reality, and reveals the ultimate spiritual truth about the ultimate manifestation of the Eternal Spirit of God.

Even if it is feeble in the beginning, this flow of Divine Energy gradually helps us to transcend Maya (the illusion which is the root of all pleasure and suffering), and so have a pure, spiritual, beneficial life. The Supreme Divine Energy helps us to detach from everything that chains us, helps us discover divine wisdom without being affected by the whirl of life, gradually leading us to final liberation. It teaches us that every being is a divine manifestation, which enables us to experience feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness, non-violence, and altruism more intensely, and more often. It impels and sustains us to irrevocably liberate ourselves from the cycle of reincarnation. It aids us in discovering the nature of our Supreme Self, Atman, who is a spark of God The Father. Further, it can awaken in our being endless unconditional love, thus granting us an extraordinary inner power. Maybe the most important aspect for the beginners is that through the art of blessing anybody can directly convince himself, in his own being that God really exists.

For a yogi engaged in the spiritual practice, but also for any other human being that has the inner openness to practice the Art of Blessing, this proves to be a practice which requires an inner effort which is greater than in other ones, but is more efficient at the same time. It makes us love and help the unhappy ones through detached actions, because through all the others we love God. The unconditional love for all the forms of God will gradually increase and finally will help us completely eliminate our ego, the presence of God becoming brighter and brighter within us, accordingly diminishing the maleficent influences.

The art of Blessing, consistently practiced, leads towards spiritual maturity, which determines the moment we meet our spiritual master (for those ones who are still not engaged on an authentic spiritual path). This meeting takes place through the divine play of our own necessity. The spiritual guide’s teachings will suit our needs, and we’ll have the necessary maturity to put these teachings into practice.

Evidently, for each one of us, the Art of Blessing will often trigger moments of synchronicity. The synchronicity is in reality the ineffable expression of God’s ubiquity.

In conclusion we can say the Art of Blessing is a direct, total, spiritual path towards God, without artifices. It makes any trace of fear and doubt disappear and will guide us by showing us the way to follow: to present ourselves to humanity, to evaluate in symbiosis with the humanity, to completely open our souls and beings in front of God.

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