– Based on the conferences on the Art of Blessing given

by yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru –

The world exists, from a certain point of view, to awaken the faith in God in us.  The Art of Blessing is the first essential step which the human being can take towards God.  If the Art of Blessing awakens the faith in God in us in the beginning, through perservering practice of this extraordinary spiritual method we can “melt” into God, merging with Him completely.  This initiation is unique in the world and we consider it to be an extraordinary revelation for the whole of humanity.

In the beginning it is enough to believe that God exists, or at least to have the inner openness to practice the Art of Blessing.  That is sufficient for this “grain” to develop through the Art of Blessing to reveal an overwhelming splendor.  When we reach ecstatic fusion with God, we understand that He is everything, He is the only One who truly exists.  In a state of spiritual ecstasy, Samadhi, we see nothing but God, we also forget about ourselves because God is everything. The Art of Blessing makes us understand that the Divine Grace moments are not occasional. They are expressions of necessity and can be triggered exactly when we wish as a consequence of the Art of Blessing.

The energy of blessing results from the Supreme Divine Energy and bestows on us Supreme Grace, deriving from the Supreme Divine Spirit which exists beyond the three worlds (physical, astral, causal). The fundamental revelations realized by Sri Yuktesvar and unveiled to Yogananda – presented in the book “Autobiography of a yogi” – about God-ness, the world beyond, the physical, astral, causal worlds are fundamental to understand the Divine Laws on which the Art of Blessing is based.

Please read the following articles to understand what the Art of Blessing is, how it is practiced and the effects for both the person who performs the blessing and for the blessed one:

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