The duality of polarity beyond nationalism and globalism


All around the world the institutionalization of society and of government is ruled by, subtly and overtly, mutually dependent opposition. This is the right wing and left wing dynamic of government the world over. The wings are apparently opposing but in fact the right wing and left wing work together to fly.

All around the world on national stages there is this right wing and left wing interplay in relation to the function of government. In the United States the tone of the opposition is stark, there being really only two parties with any clear set of power, the other tones of left and right not nearly as numerous. In the US the parties themselves are certainly mutually dependent opposing forces. It is wholly true that many voters do not vote for the left wing or right wing but rather against one or the other. Voters will throw out voting with their principles in order to vote against principles they are against.

Whatever the flavor of right and left, of liberal and conservative in whatever nation the right and left paths work in manners that created them in the first place; that is by presenting limitations to constructs, specifically in the most detrimental most widely assumed thought process; the either/or construct.

This consistent left wing and right wing dynamic, this either/or mutually dependent opposition expresses itself internationally in the current contrast largely portrayed as the options, and inferred to be the only options, as all either/or constructs. The Matrix of Four, Philosophy of The Duality of Polarity applied to this limited and limiting either/or construct reveal the two other options of localization and individuation.

“Institutions are not individuals.” – The Complete Patriot’s Guide

Nationalism and Globalism represent institutionalization and homogenization. The only way that these formats are considered is if individuals lend their power to institutions and see individuals as less than institutions. These formats require a dependency on institutions and also come with a misunderstanding of morality and legality.

The options of individuation and of localization require shedding institutionalization and empowering individuals and communities. Individuation and localization would require the embodiment of liberty for all, removal of monothematic demands and empowerment of individuals and constraint of institutions. Individuation and localization would really only be possible with the understanding and enacting of knowing the difference between morality and legality.

The Matrix of Four is applicable to comprehension of morality and legality

The set of four resulting the cross reference of legal and moral are: legal/moral, illegal/moral, legal/immoral and illegal/immoral. Well, who decides what is right and wrong? Funny you should ask. The following thinking modality has revealed itself to be true more often than not. Conservative thinkers know there is a steadfast difference between right and wrong and yet they allow dogmatic institutions to tell them what is right and wrong and shift their concept. Liberal thinkers tend to believe that right and wrong shift and instead of black and white it’s all gray, yet allow the same type of dogmatic institutions to tell them what is right and wrong.

Right and wrong do not shift. Our toleration of wrongdoing shifts (or rather is shifted by institutional influence) which makes it appear so. Legality changes and our tolerations change but right and wrong are simple. It is always wrong to take advantage of others, unless you are part of nationalism or globalism and then if it is legal it is permitted and promoted. Wrongdoing will always be wrong, its legality changes, how tolerant of wrongdoing people are changes.

Localization and individuation would and could offer the full beauty of the world instead of a world of fast food kitchens. Localization could build up all areas and provide the fundamental needs for individuals to practice self-development. And of course best of all localization and individuation do not promote the scourge of institutionalization, the nationalist and globalist tones of oligarchical collectivism.

The interconnected worldly institutions offer conformity or confrontation in nationalism and globalism. Let’s promote localization and individuation for the development of the unity of humanity.


October 25, 2020


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