The furious anti-sect propaganda, between disinformation and mystification


„The only measure of the spirit revealing in our inner universe is its complete freedom.”

In the acerbic and inveterate fight against the YOGA schools and spiritual groups, the notion of sect always plays a key part. Analogically speaking, the situation is very similar to the so-called fight against “FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM” which has become the perfect excuse-justification in the perspective of certain governments, both for restricting certain citizen rights and for armed intervention abroad.

Terrorism – a required analogy

Many analysts have proven, based on some crushing evidence that, in fact, “terrorism” is a kind of contemporary “Trojan horse”. The secret way of manipulation applied here is extremely simple: the same occult forces who want to control the world political scene are also those who are behind “terrorism” and “terrorist attacks”. Such forces, which are completely different than those suspected by the naive, ignorant and manipulated masses of people, act from the shadows and create some tragic situations, many times through certain criminal actions targeted at their own peoples.

Then they do nothing but assume the condition of saviors and peace-makers, with extreme cynicism, before the terrified and mournful peoples. Such criminal leaders take advantage of the state of panic and terror, which they produced in the first place, in order to force the masses to accept certain forms of abuse which are obviously outrageous and to make them consent to a more and more restrictive legislation.

Currently, the presumed terrorist attacks (that proved to be a cruel trickery conducted by the dark occult government) allow the world’s most powerful states to intervene in any state, without respecting any kind of international treaties or conventions. A so-called fight against terrorism has lead, up to this point, to the completely unjustified devastation and destruction of countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and it imposed a legislation which makes possible for any person who is “suspected of acts of terrorism” (a notion which is currently very vague from a judicial point of view) to be deprived of liberty and of the most common human rights, such as the right to have an attorney or to contact their own family in the event that they are arrested.

Today, it is a well known fact that an unimaginably large number of heinous crimes and sever abuses were committed under the pretext of fighting against terrorism and, through this type of skillful mechanisms, the world we live in began to resemble a prison, more and more. And this is just the beginning, because the elite of the world Freemasonry seeks to have a single planetary fascist state in the near future, a state in which all human beings will be under constant 24/7 hour surveillance through their mandatory RFID chip that they will be forced to bear under their skin.

The Machiavellian principle behind this is very simple: first they generate a false problem, and they they will be able to offer a solution to that problem. Through that solution they will force the population to accept, with a murmur, the respective solution, no matter how abusive. To make such situations look even more difficult, the respective false problem is usually associated with a certain religious background (like in the case of the so-called Jihad, or the holy war of the Muslims, which is then used as a pretext in the case of terrorism).

The idea of terrorism became, through systematic propaganda, disinformation and manipulation, a genuine modern scarecrow which is skilfully used to short-circuit the logic, intelligence and common sense of people.

This part of scarecrow is also played by the concept of “sect” in the global and ruthless war which was triggered against authentic YOGA schools on this planet.

If we cautiously and lucidly look at some events which took place, we can see that exactly the same principle is applied, in a similar matter, in the case of the furious and inveterate campaign which is being conducted against spiritual groups and YOGA schools.

The skilfully used “scarecrow” which scares the gullible and ignorant people who watch the television news or read frightening articles are the “sects”. If in the case of terrorism, “the global war against terror” allows the powerful states to assert their world dominance, similarly we will discover that lately, there is also a “GLOBAL AND RUTHLESS WAR AGAINST YOGA SCHOOLS AND SPIRITUAL GROUPS”, which is always hidden behind “fighting off the sect phenomenon”.
The only difference is that nobody admits the existence of such a war. In this case, they act in many ways, as follows:

First, they create and support, in time, an inveterate phobia against the “scarecrow” of sects. This is fueled by the poisonous, persistent, exaggerated, false and disproportionate publicity of some pseudo-cases which are wickedly presented as “dramatic”, “scandalous” and “outrageous”. Such a heinous campaign is skilfully constructed by using some specific leverages and some key words with a powerful manipulative effect on the people’s subconscious, such as family dramas, divorce, sexuality, etc.

Excessive propaganda, often grotesque, of some pseudo-situations which they theatrically present as tragic and which they associate with a so-called sect.

This causes people to accept any kind of abusive measures fairly easy and any laws that try to control or to outlaw sects. Most of the times, they miss out on the true scale of the facts presented and the true identity of those responsible, in the respective cases.

Nearly every YOGA school or spiritual group which is labeled, due to a manipulation campaign, as a sect, falls, shortly afterwards, both under the incidence of the anti-sect legislation, as well as under the angry reaction of the public. In such situations, a fierce and destructive media campaign is unleashed, in which the natural and legal right to express one’s opinion is missing altogether.

In the case of such a slanderous and dis-informative media campaign, almost all manipulative phrases and levers that were used in the presentation of tragic cases of dangerous and manipulative sects are resorted to. Thus, the spiritual movement in question is forever “the scape goat” without right of appeal. Typically, such media campaigns of hatred, slander and exaggeration deliberately ignore the fact that no illegality was acknowledged in the case of the spiritual movement it attacked, most often inventing illegal and immoral fantasies that in reality never existed.

Even if, afterwards, such pseudo-cases fail to be proven accurate, nothing can be done afterwards, because the venom of calumnies and frightening fantasies already deeply penetrated into the naive, ignorant and superficial minds of the masses who are unable to discern the truth from a grossly false invention. In many such situations, even if initially there were no facts likely to generate an unfavorable public opinion, shortly after, legislators skilfully and cunningly used the so-called public reaction to justify thereafter any abusive actions against the spiritual movement concerned.

It is incredible but real, – truly dangerous sects (such as the freemasonry, which is actually a satanic sect) are never exposed by the authorities

Motto: „Freemasonry is a satanic sect that managed to stand out in a total and insidious way on this planet.”

The issues that we are about to present bellow are perfectly true, but also strange and seemingly incomprehensible. All these contribute to making this disclosure very sensitive and at the same time, quite difficult to analyze and decipher. It would be foolish not to recognize that currently, in the world, there are some manipulative and extremely dangerous sects. A notorious example of this is the satanic sect of world freemasonry, whose elite group call themselves the “Illuminati” with their headquarters in the United States of America.

iven that the media is controlled almost entirely by Freemasons, it is understandable why we never see in print, on the radio, or on the television, any stand points against this sinister satanic sect. Given that this satanic sect of world freemasonry is a sect that gained control at the planetary level, it’s easy to understand why it is never considered a sect. It goes without saying why the secret services, the police and the courts of law dare not lift a finger against it, although there is plenty of evidence, especially in America, regarding the illegal criminal acts in which the elite of world freemasonry has been involved for years.

Moreover, the fact that the press hardly ever publishes any articles against this satanic planetary group, and it does not disclose the ins and outs and vile actions of the Freemasons, should make one ponder. The naive will explain all these as usual, considering that this is a trivial coincidence. For those intelligent and able to penetrate beneath the surface, however, this is further evidence that the planetary satanic sect currently has absolute power on this planet and that is why we can say it is “a powerful and fearsome sect that already succeeded.”

Currently, there are antisocial world sects that take full advantage of the stupidity and gullibility of human beings in order to keep them in a state of servitude. At the borderline, there are also tragic cases, in which the members of the so-called suicide sects died.

Nevertheless, beyond such tragic situations that are real, we believe that the contemporary sectarian phenomenon is completely different from what we can see in the media disinformation campaigns which, incredibly but true, fail to present any information regarding very dangerous sects such as the satanic sect of world Freemasonry. On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that the alleged manipulative sects which often are the scapegoat of the media, are by no means so many and dangerous, as some people would have us believe.

Today we know that “terrorism” was in fact often financed and organized by the secret services (there are hundreds of pieces of evidence showing that the CIA financed certain terrorist groups from the shadow, skilfully causing them to commit murder and terrorism).

Similarly, there are today, a number of compelling evidence that some tragic cases of so-called suicide sects were actually staged from the shadow by the secret services and in other cases by some members of masonic groups who were directly involved when the danger of disturbing disclosures about them emerged.

Those of you who will pay enough attention to famous cases such as the Jim Jones suicide cult in French Guyana, or the Waco mass suicide case in Texas, also known as the Branch Davidian, they’ll discover a lot of shocking evidence that will make them realize that, in those cases, there are evidence highlighting the direct involvement of the secret services (especially the CIA), which did not hesitate to resort to mind control, using sophisticated psycho-tronic devices, in order to test lethal influences and to verify their destructive power in this criminal way.

Even in our country, the fact that the Romanian Secret Service never dared to list the Freemasonry, which operates freely in Romania, on the list of cults, is quite significant. This aspect points out a strange complicity which currently exists between the masonic lodges in Romania and the Romanian Secret Service. The most amazing aspect is the fact that currently, there’s no country in the world that considers Freemasonry to be a sect. Moreover, in some countries, it has even been promoted to be an “honorable” public interest institution.

Significant case study: the situation in France

If the statements above seem exaggerated to you, let us briefly analyze the situation in France – which could be considered “the absolute champion” of the fight against sects. A key moment is the year 1982, when there was a great corruption scandal which occurred on the political scene of France. To distract the public, the prime minister wanted to generate a new (and false) problem, that would attract the resentfulness and the discontentment of the people. Thus, he solicited a report on the cults in France. There were thirty organizations who were included in this report, which was “served” with the associated scandal to the public and a veritable “witch hunt” was thus generated.

Subsequently, in 1995, during Jacques Chirac’s presidency, this report was drawn up once again but, unbelievably, this time there were… 173 “cults” to be found! Behind these actions, the interests of a pharmaceutical company were involved and one of the goals they aimed for was the refuting, by any means possible, of the natural therapeutic methods and their associated products.

By completely ignoring the fact that over 90% of the organizations included on the “black list”never committed the slightest illegality, and even more so, there was no complaint or discontent regarding their activity, an unprecedented media and police campaign was launched. Publishing houses who published books on spirituality, parents’ associations who educated their children at home, small agricultural communities, priests who had the gift of being able to heal others through prayer, natural treatment cabinets, all of them were thrown in the same “sect” category.

In the following years, there were a series of raids and searches against the “blacklisted” associations, which were extremely brutal and violent, similar to what happened back in the day of the Catholic Inquisition. We will never be able to emphasize this fact strongly enough (which is profoundly significant, in our view), that the “black list” had none of truly dangerous sects: neither the satanic sect of the Freemasonry, which is present in France through numerous orders and lodges, nor the sinister sect of the Catholic Church Opus Dei (a series of terrible aspects were revealed lately about them; this is an organization working from within the Catholic Church, for a long time).

It’s worth asking yourselves, why is it that you can not find the satanic sect of Freemasonry, nor the terrorist sect Opus Dei on that “black list”? This points out a series of criminal complicities which doubtlessly exist in the sphere of power, more precisely, on top of it. There is no plausible common sense explanation to justify, why neither of the two is part of the 173 so-called “sects” which were identified in 1995.

The naive and gullible will rush into saying, as they usually do, that THIS IS JUST A MERE COINCIDENCE. We assure you, that we do not believe, not 1%, that this is the truth. The fact that today, there is no place on Earth where the Freemasonry is considered a sect should make us think.

On the 30th of May, 2001, in France, a law was adopted in the National Assembly. This law was meant to “bolster the organisms fighting sect-like groups”. These sort of groups are none other than spiritually oriented groups, abusively considered as cults, in order for them to be monitored and denigrated. This law was extensively criticized, both in France and outside of France, since it contains a series of infringements of freedom of consciousness, freedom of expression, association and freedom of religion. We are talking, of course, of the same current which aims to monitor and oppress spiritual and esoteric groups.

This law warns us from the very beginning that: “the difficulty to define the notion of a sect has determined the Commission to fixate on a series of indications, each of whom could lead to extended discussions. Therefore, we prefer, with the risk of raising suspicion or proceeding to a partial analysis of reality, to retain the common sense that the public opinion associates with this notion.” Even though they admit this, the Commission and not only them, do not refrain from fully using the word “sect”.

Currently in France, the same propaganda continues, a propaganda that became almost absurd in size and borders on the ridiculous, inviting citizens to “denounce any person suspected of belonging to a sect”. They even published a map of Paris sects, ostensibly for people to be warned of their danger. Beyond that both ideas promoted by this propaganda and the so-called criteria for identifying sects defy reason as well as common sense, the broad mass of the population has no reaction and fails to recognize that it is all but a deception.

Various personalities have already pulled the alarm

Louis Pauwels, well known French writer and columnist wrote at a certain point in Le Figaro: “Raising awareness against sects and urging the public opinion to fight it disqualifies any religious attitude. […] Some sects may violate the law but this is an issue concerning justice. Personally, I do not believe chipped mirrors are unlucky, but “chipped brains”, yes.

I admit that I fear less when I am in front associations of brainwashed people than before a socialist state that claims to repair them and therefore manufactures administrative bodies to decide on the mental integrity of its citizens. Those who fear so much that someone else’s brain is being washed know best how to skilfully wash the brains of an entire nation.”

Thinker Alain Bouchard wrote at one point that the sect model that transpires from the newspapers is based more on what he calls “urban legends” and “it was made on the basis of some fiction that later became plausible because it expresses the concerns and the fears of both those who create and propagate them and of those who read them. Such articles resort to various topics: the alien, the kidnapping, the sexual orgies, the powerful man, the fortune… They can all be encountered in successful movies nowadays, especially because they feed imagination and also provide some subconscious concerns a way to express themselves.”

All this explains, in our view, the fact that people immediately took for granted all extremely serious allegations, some of which completely out of place, that were launched against MISA and other spiritual groups in the world, even when nothing was true.

The deceiving purpose promoted in this fierce fight against sects is generally that of protecting citizens against the alleged dangers of manipulative sects. For instance, one of the most virulent organizations of its kind in France is called no more, no less than the “National Union of Associations Defending Families and Individuals who are Victims of Cults” (UNADFI).

It is no coincidence that many such organizations are involved in this frantic campaign claiming that it “protects” family or children (which in fact is nothing but a skillful manipulation of the naive). The problem is that, under the guise of good intention, one actually pursues the almost complete annulment of the fundamental freedom of faith which is guaranteed by the well known Charter of human rights.

Did the government forget that people should be free to choose what they like in this respect, while strictly respecting their free will, that GOD, THE FATHER, endowed every human being with at birth? Any society who believes to be democratic should allow people to make the choices they decide beforehand. This is a fundamental democratic principle ant its restriction can not give rise to anything good.

Daniel Hill says: “A society that properly appreciates human freedom must accept that it can not “protect” at all costs its members who have voluntarily and unhindered surrendered their independence, devoting their efforts and resources to causes that seem worthless for those who are unable to understand them. When it comes to belief and association, the human being is truly free to enjoy his choices, as he is equally free to suffer from them.”

Olivier Golinvaux says in his book, The witch hunt has begun: “Under the pretext that they want us to avoid any suffering, law enforcement will, no more, no less, choose in our place. Yielding to their “good will” is but a first step towards servitude.”

Thierry Becourt, vice-president of the Federation of Associations and Private Persons for the Freedom of Consciousness in France (Coordination des Associations & Particuliers pour la Liberté de Conscience), wrote in an open letter addressed to UNADFI in 2005: “The actions of anti-sect groups prejudice social harmony.
The very term “sect” is clearly discriminatory and often destroys reputations and lives, relying only on the definition built on the basis of what the public thinks. Now where are the victims spoken of? What is their exact number? Despite our many requests, we were never made available any number! Why, despite the fact that they have so few members, “sects” are presented as a national scourge? Why is this refusal to dialogue imposed, why does this imposed dogma appear? Why is this state of intolerance being promoted? Why is it necessary to impose a single “right” model of life?”

This excerpt was taken from the book: A complete file of a comparative analysis: Is YOGA a sect or a spiritual path? by Gregorian Bivolaru and Monica Dascălu, published at  Shambala Publishing House  and printed at Ganesha Publishing House.

April 2015


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