Ten delicious vegetarian recipes

For keeping ourselves healthy, strong and pure, we need to have a varied, natural, simple and healthy diet. The food we eat remains within our bodies, more or less transformed, in each of our cells, having an impact not only on our vitality and state of health but also on our way of thinking and on our spiritual experiences. In the yogi perspective, a balanced lacto-vegetarian diet induces a state of excellent health, while also generating a complex harmonious experience in our psyche.
We will now suggest a few lacto-vegetarian recipes which can hopefully cover the wide array of your tastes.
1.Kollath breakfast
Take 150 grams of whole wheat flour and soak it in water for at least six hours. The water level has to be one centimeter above the whole flour. In a different bowl, water-soak a handful of raisins. Then mince the kernels from ten nuts, grate two or three peeled apples and mix them together with the raisins and the soaked flour. Add honey to suit your taste. It can be served with powdered cinnamon. You can also add different kind of fruit (strawberries, raspberries etc.) or carrots.
2.Cheese pancakes
Make a pancake dough from: wheat flower, two eggs, milk, salt. Fry the pancakes and make sure they are thin enough. Then make a cheese cream with cottage cheese, two eggs, minced dill, salt, ginger. Fill the pancakes, roll them up, place them in a heat resisting pot, spread some pieces of butter over and put it in the oven for 10 minutes. To be served with sour cream.
3.Draped mushrooms
From 100g of flour, 200g milk and an egg, make a well-battered pancake dough, then let it rest for one hour. Heat up the oil, roll each mushroom through the mixture and fry it in oil. Take the mushrooms out, put them in a strainer and let the oil drip out. Serve them warm, with grated cheese and ginger.
4.Fennel soup
Boil one onion and two carrots in a liter of water and mince them. Fry two teaspoons of fennel in oil and add the minced onion and carrots to the fennel. Add two or three potatoes, cut them in smaller pieces, add 1.5 liters of water and salt. When the potatoes are boiled, add 15g sour cream mixed with an egg yolk. To be served with croutons, grated cheese or fried eggs.
5.Tomatoes with mushrooms and cheese
Take 2 kg of tomatoes, make sure they approximately the same size, cut their tops, take out their kernels and place them on the table bottoms up in order for them to dribble. Put them in a stew pan with 50 ml of oil, 250 g mushrooms, one minced onion and garlic, salt and ginger and boil them in steam. After that, mix them up with 80g cheese, two egg yolks and minced parsley. Fill up the tomatoes, add grated cheese, put them in an oiled up pan and place them in the heated oven; damp the sauce over the tomatoes from time to time.
6.Potato salad with mayonnaise
Boil 0.5kg of unpeeled potatoes in salted water. When boiled, peel them off, cut them in slices and sprinkle some cold water over them to avoid having the slices stick to one another. Add salt, pepper and mayonnaise, minced onions, a grated juicy apple and adorn the salad with parsley leaves and green salad.
7.Vegetable meatballs
Boil 200g carrots, 250g green beans, 200g peas and 300g cabbage in salted water; take them out of the water and mince them with a knife. Steam 200g of minced onions in oil with a little bit of water. Boil 300g unpeeled potatoes, peel them off and mince them with the mincing machine. Make a garlic sauce from 30g garlic, add them to the vegetables together with the potatoes, fried onions, 75g flour, 3 eggs, one handful of minced greenery, pepper and salt. Roll them up through flour and make small round balls. Fry them in oil and serve them with butter and sour cream.
8.Green cheese stuffed into grape leaves
Mince 250g onions, fry them in 150g butter and mix them up in the mincing machine with 1.5kg of green cheese; add 200g boiled rice, salt and green minced dill. Infuse the grape leaves, roll them up with the composition inside them, add 1 liter of borsch with minced dill. Place them in the heated oven. To be served with sour cream.
9.Chocolate and mint cream
Mix two spoons of honey with a quarter of a tea cup of mint and half a tea cup of cream. Gradually add a cup of chocolate and mix them up.
10.Ginger bread
Melt 0.5kg honey on a vapour bath. Let it cool down, then add a teaspoon of baking soda and an egg. Mix them well. In the end, add 0.5kg of whole wheat flour (or 400g flour and 100g minced nuts), cinnamon and a little bit of salt and mix them up. Make a soft dough out of them, place it in a tray with oil and flour on the walls. Bake it for 45 minutes in moderate fire.
Enjoy your meal!
april 2015

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