Compassion also represents the all-merciful love of GOD


by Gregorian Bivolaru, yoga teacher
If you open a dictionary, you will find out that mercy and compassion are synonyms. Which means they have the same meaning – commiseration.
An encyclopedic dictionary of spiritual truths does not consider the two feelings to be identical, for they need to be described with different nuances. Where should we look for such a dictionary? It hasn’t been written yet. But the conference held by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru explores this vast subject and gives us valuable interpretations.

From solitude to communion

Mercy is an individual experience. Compassion includes mercy, but in compassion the state of communion with GOD is predominant. It is only in compassion that the love in our hearts as well as the contemplation of the suffering around us, ignorance or malice, awakens a higher form of empathy within us.

Mercy is an individual experience in which we can be involved selfishly. And when someone tells us about his problems, we risk taking assimilating a part of that suffering and tension in our aura from its energetic correspondence.

People with such tensions, who confront themselves with a whole series of inner turmoil, feel a state of relief when they share this with others, because a certain transfer occurs in that moment. If the listener feels mercy, he will assimilate in his aura these psychic components that do not belong to him, and he will obviously have to burn them, to destroy them.

It does not simply commiserate the other, but it heals his heart

The state of compassion does not charge the being. Because the process of burning negative energy takes place due to the divine integration of the listener. He is no longer affected. Therefore, due to this resonance, he is capable of feeling a tremendous compassion and even be useful to the other person.

Moreover, compassion is a state which helps us evolve and purify ourselves through the divine energies of GOD’s love and mercy which fill our being and elevate our inner vibrations.

GOD’s mercy manifests through a certain cosmic power endowed with divine compassion. For in the end, to clarify this difference we must mention that mercy is an individual manifestation specific to the human being while compassion is the manifestation of GOD’s love and mercy. This is why, in compassion, the state of divine love is already present, which is of real use for those who feel this energy.

Mercy takes over the psychic poison and negative energies

Mercy can often be even abnormal because when he manifests mercy, man is not divinely integrated. For example, let’s say your mother has a severe health condition. You are telling her about the necessity of using an adequate natural treatment that could save her, but she rejects this alternative in disdain.

In such a situation, of course you will feel sorry for her, but in reality, sorrow will not be of any help if your mother chooses to do so. This is a KARMA of suffering that she manifests and your sorrow cannot help her heal. In this case you will most likely only be able to take a part of her unbalanced energies, but this will not cause any transformation within her and it won’t alleviate her suffering in any way.

Mercy only takes a part of the psychic poison that brings pain to your mother. But because your mother isn’t taking the necessary efforts for healing herself and she continues to have a hard-bitten attitude, things are happening exactly like in that old Romanian saying: “Two of them are loading the cart, others two are unloading it!” – Nothing good can come out of this situation.

Mercy generally represents this state of reception, of coming almost foolishly and blindly coming into unison, whereas compassion also involves this giving aspect and even a motivating attitude.

For example, we can have a creative attitude that will motivate her to do something by telling her: “If you indulge yourself into this state and you do nothing, I cannot help you.” Such an attitude comes from compassion. The firm and wise way to address her can help her get rid of her inertia.

In the opposite scenario, when we just feel sorry for her and we are letting her indulge in the same mistakes, will affect us as well and it represents an abnormal attitude.

Life is a profoundly transforming aid for a helpful human being. We can give such support to others, benevolently and altruistically, with love and compassion and in this way we will discover that we can meet GOD within this divinely integrated action and within our fellow human beings.

Compassion protects us from harmful energies

On this account, if you wish to act wisely, it is important to have a compassionate attitude, seeking to integrated divine love into your actions. In this way, you won’t be affected, nor tense, and you won’t resonate with the sufferings that might potentially traumatize you.

There are cases when commiseration disturbs a human being, even though he isn’t suffering from the same problems as one he feels sorry for. If, for example, you are sitting next to a paranoid person and you feel sorry for him, odds are that you will be confronted with a psychic condition similar to his and there are some resonance processes that might occur which are so powerful that, in time, you might even become paranoid yourself.

But a compassionate attitude protects you from these influences that otherwise you would take in your being. The fact that many of the psychiatrists who attend on mentally disturbed patients gradually end up suffering from their symptoms is significant proof for this theory. But he who experiences compassion does not face the dangers of this type of subtle contamination from the one he helps, because GOD’s love grants him divine protection.

When you surrender everything into His hands

Integration into the divine is a state of sharing our thoughts and intentions with GOD. It’s just as if we took his advice before the beginning of an action, asking Him to enlighten us, to guide us, to point us in the right direction. It’s similar to “God, help me”, the old popular saying.

From a yogi perspective, you can experience the effect of the simple “God, help me” formula by integrating your action in the context of divine harmony. And this can be awakened by mentally visualizing that action and presenting it to the Divine.

This state of thrill, of ineffable communion which often manifests upon activating a chakra supporting you in your following action expresses God’s answer and it shows that integration has occurred. Depending on our power of focusing and the intensity of our attention and the divine integration meditation, we can evocate its beginning again and again and thus perpetuate it.

And if this is not possible for you, it’s worth improving your concentration. A proper state of mental focusing, an excellent concentration ability will allow you to keep yourselves in this perpetual state of beginning.

Inner alchemy for everyone

How can you transform this feeling of commiseration into compassion? By elevating one’s inner vibe to the level of a divine, integrated attitude. If, for example, you wish to transform it into compassion you only need to consecrate the mercy you are experiencing for your mother to GOD. And then you will see that this miracle of sublimation occurs, a miracle of integrating your commiseration into compassion.

This is the simplest way you can use to feel the transformation of mercy into compassion. If you feel pity for someone who is suffering, someone who has cancer, and you wish to help him – especially since this also affects you, you will have a tendency to vibrate in unison due to your mercy, and you will end up experiencing, through some sort of less creative empathy, a state of torment, of misery, experienced by the affected person.

Be a source of divine light

But if you will consecrate the fruit of this state of commiseration to GOD, a magical process which will turn your pity into compassion can trigger.

And this will attract an enrichment of your inner state, an increased effectiveness in being helpful for the other and comforting him. And this divine complex energy, which is not coming from you but from GOD Himself, will make you progress.

Because in any kind of help, in any kind of teaching we offer to others in complete detachment, there is a possibility of helping and transforming ourselves as well. This is why, it is said that when you teach others, you yourself can learn a lot. This miracle is also caused by the state of resonance.

If you are familiar with a certain esoteric aspect and you explain it, without having attained your own completion – let’s say you are a Leo and you are talking about love, when you’re talking to a Sagittarius, the resonances you will awaken within him will cause a subtle transfer within you. And this transfer will make you feel love just as a Sagittarius feels it.

So your experiences will be doubled, psychically and mentally, through this communication. And if this process takes place in a large group of people, then the state of transfer which takes place through resonance will be proportional to the number of people that are present. The more capable you become in helping more human beings, the more you are being helped by the support you offer to others.
This is a mystery worth understanding, but most important, you have to experience it and to try to become a beacon of divine light, to elevate others towards this authentic form of understanding, towards the Truth.

Let’s think of a classic example. Let’s say someone comes to you while you’re walking on the street and tells you: “Look, I fell in love with you and I want to go with you tonight. If you won’t accept this, you will make me suffer a lot.” What will you do? Will you say: “Well, I have to go, otherwise… – you will stupidly think – …I will build up KARMA by making this person suffer”?

This would mean you’ll end up prostituting yourselves, if you encounter someone who can manipulate you emotionally. But the truth is that you must not let yourselves be affected by what the other person thinks of as suffering caused by you.

This is his problem. Otherwise, we might even think that those who were hostile to Jesus were suffering because of him presenting his facts. And Jesus should’ve felt extremely guilty for upsetting the Pharisees and others, because they did not agree with what he said. And yet, Jesus was not affected by their suffering and persistence and he kept on going with his mission from GOD.

It’s the same in your case – you can confront yourselves with the unconscious blackmail of those who are close to you, regarding your yoga practice. It’s true, I have met some mentally challenged persons who abandoned this spiritual path saying: “Well, my mother is suffering and she said she will have a heart attack and die if I keep coming here. So I don’t want to risk having my mother die because of me therefore I am giving up yoga.” This is obviously a foolish attitude.

Many people live under the impression that other people’s suffering comes from themselves. In fact, you should know that a person’s suffering belongs to themselves. It depends on KARMA, it might even come from a state of masochism that some people frantically manifest. You must not think that you are generating torment in the people who say they are suffering because of you.

Are they suffering from a reason they made up? It’s their problem. When someone pretends to suffer because you are practicing ASANAS, it’s his problem; you know that what you do is best. If someone is disturbed and suffers because you are praying to GOD, it’s his problem. Let them suffer until they will understand that they should pray themselves. All we can do is manifest compassion from our hearts and mind our own business.

Life is Deep Compassion for the few and chosen ones. A great spirit that is filled with compassion will thus be above and beyond injuries, above injustice, above the pain that those who are evil are trying to cause him and above any kind of mocking; and he will always be the more invulnerable, the more he manifests a profound and intense state of compassion.

april 2015 

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