The great covid masquerade: How the number of dead was tampered with in order to terrify the world

For a year now, people have been bombarded daily with horrible numbers, which show how deadly the new coronavirus is and why they have to submit to the authorities without grumbling if they want to make it out alive.

How deadly is the SARS -CoV-2 virus? To establish this, it is first necessary to determine who actually died from the covid infection.

Because of the changes that the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has made to its rules, the count of covid deaths in America is definitely incorrect. This is the conclusion of an analysis by Thomas D. Siler, MD, for American Thinker.

Here are the premises that led to this conclusion.

The death toll from covid-19 in the United States differs from other countries, writes Siler. But not from Romania, as we will seen.

According to Deborah Birx, the former coordinator of the pandemic control team, “if someone dies while having covid-19, we consider him dead of covid-19.”

Since April 2020, the Romanian Minister of Health, Nelu Tătaru, stated: “We have requested that in each county all the deaths we have must be considered as deaths likely caused by covid”.

In a subsequent statement, Nelu Tătaru explained: “Compared to other countries that report – and I am referring here to Germany – only strictly cases with no comorbidity of people who died of covid infection, we have chosen, also on the recommendation of the World Health Organization, who asked us to report every case of covid infection, we have chosen to also report the cases of deceased people who had to covid infections.”

Back to Siler’s analysis, which states: “We need to recognize that there is a difference between dying of covid-19 and dying while having covid-19.”

The American doctor reminds us that this is one of the uncertainties that doctors usually face during the flu season.

In most US states, Siler says, between 40 and 60% of people who died of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes covid-19 disease, were elderly people with medical problems who live in senior homes. Part of the same segment dies annually due to the seasonal flu virus. When this happens, who killed them: the flu or the cancer, the heart attack, the stroke or the liver problems?, the American doctor legitimately asks.

The answer: “Doctors use their discernment to properly complete the death certificate, but do not qualify all deaths as influenza deaths.”

According to the CDC, only 6% of those who died of covid-19 infection had no other comorbidities. The other 94% had on average four diseases that affected their health. This does not mean that only 6% of deaths were caused by covid-19. But it does not mean that 100% of the deaths of those with comorbidities should be considered as covid deaths, says Thomas Siler.

If we counted every dead person tested positive for the flu or who had flu symptoms as a “flu death,” then we would have hundreds of thousands of flu deaths each year, the doctor concludes.

When it comes to the flu, neither 6% , nor 100% is taken into account. The real answer is somewhere in the middle. Applying the same logic to covid means that, according to the most prudent calculation, 25-50% of covid-labeled deaths are most likely covid deaths.

According to a study published in October in Science, Public Health Policy, and the Law, on March 24, the CDC changed the way it recorded deaths 17 years ago. This led to an inflating of the covid deaths.

Note: the changes only targeted covid deaths!

Even more surprising, notes Siler, the Federal Register (the equivalent of the Official Gazette – n.m.) did not mention these changes. This suggests that the CDC initiative was not overseen by the Office of Management and Budget, nor by the Office of Intelligence and Regulatory Affairs, which is a violation of federal law.

The same article states that in August 2020, the estimated number of covid deaths under the new system was 161,392. If the same information had been recorded under the old system, the number of covid deaths would have been only 9,684.

The major change made by the CDC was that, regardless of the cause of death of the patient, the new system required that always covid-19 be listed as the leading cause of death, the other comorbidities being recorded as “contributing factors”.

The CDC also made the seasonal flu disappear like magic this year (as well as in Romania!).

The CDC has created a new category of deaths from pneumonia, influenza and covid-19, to bring all these causes together. This has only created confusion about covid deaths, says Siler, “and please don’t tell me that masks and social distancing have reduced the flu deaths without reducing the covid deaths.”

“Definitely,” says the American doctor, “certain deaths caused by flu shots have been counted in the covid category this season.”

In addition to the different way of registering deaths, Congress passed the CARES law, which approves more money for hospitals that have patients diagnosed with covid. Without denying the good intention, Thomas Siles states that the normative act encouraged the hospitals to inflate the numbers of covid patients for money. This regulation also favored the practice of covid specification as the cause of patients death, rather than the real cause.

In addition, numerous irregularities have been discovered in the counting of covid deaths by US states. The Freedom Foundation in Washington State investigated covid-19 deaths in May 2020 and found that 13% of covid deaths did not even mention covid infection in patients.

A request under the Access to Information Act (FOIA) revealed that the Washington State Department of Health acknowledged in private e-mails that these errors were real and promised to fix them.

However, when the Freedom Foundation investigated the situation again in December, it found again that 340 deaths out of 2000 (17%) did not mention covid infection as the main cause or contributing cause of death. The Freedom Foundation concluded that, in reality, there was no mistake: The Washington Department of Health simply tried to inflate the number of covid deaths!!!

In Minnesota, in December 2020, lawmakers Mary Farmer and Dr. Scott Jensen conducted an audit of covid-19 deaths, examining 2,800 death certificates. They found that 800 patients (almost 30%) did not have SARS-CoV-2 as the cause of death.

The pettiness of the forgeries went so far as to result in deaths by shooting or suicide to be counted as “covid deaths”.


June 19, 2021


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