A 55-year-old music teacher from Italy died a few days after being injected with the covid experimental serum. The family is seeking justice in court

The family of an Italian woman who died a few weeks after being injected with the experimental serum produced by AstraZeneca went to court to shed light on the case, according to Sky News.

Augusta Turiaco, a 55-year-old music teacher from Messina, Sicily, was injected with the covid experimental serum on March 11, 2021, and in the following days, her health deteriorated, culminating in her death.

The music teacher was vaccinated because she worked with young people (is she obliged by the school management? It is known that Italy forced the medical staff to be fully vaccinated) and reported this on Facebook, replacing her profile photo with a label in which it was written in Italian “#MADE by the covid-19 vaccine”.

Although she felt unwell in the following days, she returned to work, and two days later she posted a photo with the message “It will be fine” to reassure her worried friends. Unfortunately, this was not the case!


June 19, 2021



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