The last prediction of Vanga concerning Romania concealed for a decade

Vanga, “the good news bearer” helped millions of people by her visions

by Melania Radu

One of the most known mediums in the world, Vanga was born in Strumnica, in today Macedonia on January 31st, 1911, in a peasant family. She was born prematurely and with complications. According to the place tradition, a new-born baby is not baptised before the moment it is known to survive for sure. After her first cry, the midwife went down in the street and asked to a passer by to give the child a name. The chosen name was Vanghelia, short from Evanghelia, a Greek name meaning the “bearer of good news”.

As a child she was a common little girl, blond, blue eyes, smart, who liked to play the doctor and recommend curing plants for the other children. At 12 she underwent a dramatic moment, which completely changed her life track. A strong wind in the storm burst out all of a sudden took her up and carried her away to the field. After long searching she was found, petrified under tree branches and stones, her eyes full of dust and sand. Any healing attempt failed and she shortly lost her sight.

In 1925 she was hosted in a blind home, in Zemun, Serbia where she spent three years trying to read the Braille, play the piano knit and cook. When her spin mother died she had to go back home and take care of her brothers. In 1942 she married Dimitar Gushterov from Petrici, Bulgaria, where she soon moved over and spent the rest of her life. She died on August, 11, 1996, telling to her beloved that she didn’t fear that moment. She was conscious till the last moment of her life, as she kept talking about death in an allegorical way, referring to it as a mere transition into another world.

The miraculous gift of prophecy. Clear-sightedness

After she lost her sight, she gradually started to develop other senses. Shortly after she started to manifest the gift of foreseeing and clear-sightedness. Sometimes she would talk to beings invisible to the others. Or, she would get into states of trance, her voice became stronger and she would say things that she couldn’t have normally known. She had the ability to talk to the dead, she could say where lost people disappeared, she could sort our criminal cases, she could assign precise diagnosis, she could cure the sick through plants treatment.

Her first prediction lasts since her teenage when she discovered a lost sheep from her father’s flock. When her father showed his surprise she answered she had seen in her dreams where the sheep was. Then she said that she always saw things in her dreams and her dreams came true. Still in her teenage, her friends would ask her to predict their fate. All her predictions would come true and this thing impressed them, as nobody could already guess that she had the foreseeing gift.

Most of her predictions referred to people’s private lives but she also foresaw things of world politics, all of which came true. Statistic pointed out that more than 1 million people have been looking for her help along years.

She claimed that her extraordinary paranormal abilities were related to some invisible beings, that she could hardly explain the origin. Such beings could offer her information about people, beyond any time and space conditioning. In Vanga’s eyes, everyone’s life seemed like a movie in progress since birth to his death. But she could not modify anything, she could only say what she saw.

Vanga foresaw World War II

In January 1941, there came a spirit to see Vanga: a tall man, blond and divinely beautiful, riding a white horse, in shining armour like an ancient warrior. He announced her about the World War II: “The world became the place of disaster. Millions of people shall die. But you will stay here and foresee. Do not fear, I will tell you what to say!”

On April 1941, as Vanga had predicted, the German troops had crossed the Yugoslav border. She began to manifest as a real divine channel for that being and started to predict accurate things about places, events, people involved in the war. She grew famous as a foreseer and more and more people started to look for her. On April 8, 1942 the King of Bulgaria, Boris, the 3rd himself visited her.

Between 1940-1950 she was persecuted by communists, she was even imprisoned as she predicted the death of Stalin. However her abilities were frightening and the series of persecutions stopped when she sent a policeman back home to save his children down in a pit of lime.

Since1967, as more and more people came to see her, she asked for the assistance of the Government. Security staff was assigned in front of her door and the village hall provided a service to file people’s data. Eventually Vanga was officially acknowledged. She is known to have been visited by important presidents in the world, asking for her advice, even the former dictator pair from Romania went to visit her.

An important prediction for Romania

Just before her death, Vanga recorded on a tape a prediction that she entrusted to one of her grand-daughters. Her desire was that this prediction reaches a certain person, on a certain time that has the mission to acknowledge it to all Romanians. Her explanation was that the Romanians are special people but they no longer trust their own values and if the message comes from a foreigner it will be better seen than if from one of theirs.”

Here is the text of this prediction:

“I am too small for him to come to me, so I bring this news that I was conveyed from Above. Let it be disclosed in January, day 25, year 2005 and within a month let it be taken to the one I will refer herein. If he cannot be reached, give it to people around him. So help you God!
To the joy of this world, the one promised to the world will come in Romania. The whole world will rejoice at his birth. God will protect him in a place faraway from the place where his ancients lay until his time comes. Power from above he shall have. The Earth, Water and Fire will help him. When he comes out in this world, everything that is lie will fall apart. This will happen in 2005. He will be the foundation brick for humankind. The first who will recognize him will be his people, that he was born in. As a reward, he will lead this people to the height of accomplishment in the entire world. This people will be a real example for all peoples on earth. He shall not ride a real horse, but an iron one that he will drive on his own.”

The gift of healing

Besides her foreseeing and clear-sightedness, Vanga has been a miraculous healer as well. On this purpose she only made use of plants. Her belief was that people should cure themselves by using plants only from their neighbourhood. She recommended plants infusion bathing as she considered them good for the skin. Vanga did not reject allopath medicine, but she said it is not good to have too many medicines as they “close the doors through which nature restores the body equilibrium by means of the herbs.”

Her greatest pleasure was talking to the flowers: she claimed they told her lots of things. Vanga lived in full consonance and harmony with nature, as she truly belonged to nature, her biographer K. Stoianov wrote about her. This is why nature would talk to her so plainly. Vanga with her accomplished senses could receive message from everything around her: from herbs, trees, stones and from the Universe, from the past and from the future.  

Sometimes, Vanga would stay still and motionless, apparently absent-minded. In those moments, carried away from reality she had visions, talked to beings from other realms as she once said to her young sister Liubka, when they were carrying water from the well: “I talked to a man, riding a horse that came to the well to water the horse. I told him not to be upset as you don’t keep out, for you can’t see. The man on the horse said: See the grass with small white flowers, growing by the fountain? It is the “stars herb” and it helps healing more diseases.”

As she said herself, everything around us is alive. There is no still nature. Everything is ruled by the superior matter, which is reason. Doctors were amazed at her results.
Vanga was a mysterious woman and very gifted

She said she permanently prays to God and that all her paranormal qualities are nothing but a natural gift that she only used to everyone’s good. Since a child she used to take care of the others and didn’t ask anything in return. Showing unequalled modesty, Vanga would say that everything comes from outside of her being and all she does is “conveying”, “translating” the words of the entities she is in touch with.

The moral and spiritual health of people was quite important to her. She idealised man and all human aspects. She didn’t accept lies, meanness, and envy. She didn’t allow anybody to commit revenge, as she said that man has been created for good deeds and perfidy and intrigues are under his dignity. She used to be quite tough upon people she considered mean or sinners. Such persons were firstly debunked in the open then sent out of the house.

She could feel those who came to see her with hidden thoughts to check out her powers or record things she wouldn’t allow. Once, a group of scientists decided to make up a movie about Vanga and on this purpose they made a special hole in the wall of the next room and installed a camera there. Vanga put up with it for three days then she said: “Do you think that if I’m blind I don’t know what is going on?” Then they saw that the entire film was blank.

Vanga was very punctilious and careful at her words. Every time she would say a word she pondered on it before. Not only was she a foreseer but also a counsellor for people who needed her advice in all sort of matters. Somebody who went to see her, said: “”Even if she does not foresee anything, it is simply enough to go to Vanga for advice, as she reads in the book of life”.  

When her husband died in 1962, Vanga fell in deep sleep since the moment he was brought home from the hospital, until the moment of the burial. Then she simply explained: “I showed him to the place he had been decided.”

Vanga was a simple woman, extremely tidy and fond of cleanness. She didn’t like laziness and she didn’t tolerate it to the others either. She could feel colours and she would adorn her house with colourful things knitted by her hands. Although living in true poverty her house was clean and cosy. Once she said to a woman who visited her: “How can you go forth to the great things, since you don’t know the small things yet?”

Her love for cleanness was simply worshipped and here is how she explained it: “Many people come to me everyday. They go back clean, but their diseases, their concerns, their ill-temper, their bad memories and all their problems stay here. All these weigh hard on my shoulders and this is why I clean up, for it makes me feel relieved.”

Predictions for the humankind future

Along years Vanga predicted remarkable events for the humankind, such as Prague 1968, Libyan 1982, the Chernobyl disaster, the fall of the Soviet Union, the emergence of the Kursk submarine (which she predicted 20 years before) or the 9/11.

She said “The world will undergo lots of cataclysms and misery will occurs. The human consciousness itself will change. Hard times are to come. People will split according to their belief.” “We witness the tremendous events that are going to change the human destiny.”

For the distant future she foresaw that “Life will be discovered in Cosmos and the appearance of life on Earth will suddenly become clear.” Within the next 200 years humans will get in touch to their spiritual brothers in other worlds.

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