The Spiritual Approach of Tantra

Though lately it is much spoken and written about Tantra, just a few really knew what does it mean. Tantra is an oriental spiritual system that has as main purpose the unification of the contraries at the all levels of the human being. In Tantra the men and the woman are seen as expressions or mirrors of the macrocosmic energies represented by the god Shiva or the male principle and the goddess Shakti or female principle, in any form they would appear.

The balanced union of the two opposites poles, the female one – yin and the male one – yang, drives, in the end, to the mind and body liberation, an liberation of the presupposed endless cycle of unconscious reborn. But it leads moreover to the deifying. The man and the woman potentially present in their being all the world’s possibilities and experiences. When they are in fusion, these experiences are reveled in a new vision and harmony of the Ineffable Unity that is at the basis of the entire creation.

Tantra can reunify a scission produced a long time ago in the western society, between the sex and the spirituality. Nowhere in other place you can meet a harmony between sex and spirituality closer to the reality. Tantra is such a way of spiritual evolution, of love fusion integration as a sacred act, which has the only purpose to drive us near to the God.

To make easy such a fusion at the all levels of the human being, Tantra use a variety of physiologic, psychological, devotional or spiritual techniques. We have in view to present the most representatives and the most efficient of these techniques.

Tantra is absolutely not in contradiction with the Christian religion and for this it can offer to the modern and over-challenged men, an accessible manner to improve his life, to be more happy, to make peace with himself and with the others, to live the erotic fusion more profoundly, more intensely and more prolonged.


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