The Demons’ Holiday: what does it have to do with our country?


and the non-values import

by Maria Nicola

People disguised in skeletons, witches, ghosts, mummies, vampires, werewolves, monsters, cool-blooded killers are covering all over the streets and scare each other with all kind of farces and dull jokes.  Whether in the shop-windows, in parks, in companies’ buildings, in pubs, schools, universities or at people’s doors there are lots of broom-riding witches, pumpkin lamps, ugly masks, horns and all demoniac stuff. This is Halloween , one of the most important holidays to the Satanists. Unfortunately it means the same to lots of other people claiming they are anti-Satanism who cannot see any evil in having such “innocent fun”. Truth is completely different yet: the Halloween is an Evil celebration.

“The Euro holidays, quite fashionable in Romania as well seem a clue to depict the cosmopolitan turn of our people. Cancellation of differences seems to be eagerly awaited in our land, where youth raising against the traditional values wear the gown of the European Court applicants. On  may day people cheerfully celebrated  Europe’s Day. Also it is quite fashionable to put masks on,  to enjoy the New Year’s Eve turkey a bit more earlier on Thanksgiving Day. (…) Seems like square screw in a round hole all these aping things that media diligently makes the most of” (Corina Bistriceanu, sociologist).

The Romanians have lately taken on against all discrimination the Halloween, the strange western holiday, which under the guise of some silly games functions as genuine demons worship. The snobbish kindergartens in Bucharest organise Halloween parties, where teachers themselves teach the pupils how to fix their costumes and settings. Discos in the university campus and pubs challenge in Halloween parties  that youth fond of having fun are crazy about. In 2002, the MoghiorosPark in Drumul Taberei neighbourhood, the Bucharest 6thDistrictCity Hall organized the Terror Carnival and awarded the children wearing the most frightful costume.

Not less then this year, the National Children Theatre opens the theatrical season with the show “Jack’s lamp” – a screenplay for children about the Halloween pumpkin story , where the Devil performs the main role; we basically deal to a disguised training for the Romanian kids in Satanism.
On October, 29, the Bucharest aristocracy gathered to the ParliamentPalace at the Halloween Ball.

Romanian web pages teem with Halloween cards and strange festive supplies: proper manicure, styled claws in black and orange, horn-caps lighting on and off, tips on how to build up a coffin to look like a real dead man on Halloween!!!

Obviously, just like in the US, there is huge profit in Romania, too from people’s naivety. The movies industry, the TVs, bars, restaurants, discos, entertainment parks, food industry, costumes outlet, they all bring huge income and people must pay if they want to have fun. In the USA the profits are comparable to Christmas seasons, which no longer is the Holiday of Jesus’ Birthday but an anxious rush after the Christmas tree, adornments and gifts.

Tourist supplies are made available that offend the memory of our Prince Vlad Tepes and inspire the Dracula SF. In 2002, for instance, the press agency Reuters announced: “Dracula fans are leaving for the Carpathians to visit the places where the Prince had lived, to watch the medieval witch judging and take part to Miss Transylvania contest, on Halloween day this year. A great Halloween party with music, films, horror competitions is to be held this year for the first time since 700 years ago, at the Bran castle, where Vlad Tepes lived (notice the insidious shade: What are we supposed to understand? Halloween as an old Romanian holiday and horrors belong to our national tradition?!). The Transylvanian Society Dracula organizes every year on Halloween one week trip for a witches judging in Sighisoara, the town where Vlad Tepes was born in 1431”.

Halloween, the demons’ worship triggers disastrous effects

The evil is much easier accepted when it looks like a game. This “holiday” actually gets the children acquainted, by means of games, to the  horrors, the evil, the aggressiveness, the sinister, the murderers, the  monsters, the grotesque. Should it be a surprise yet that children get used to worshipping the evil, which they see as a funny game?

The grownups are delighted they can do no matter what, nay the most stupid things under the screen of this queer day. Basically they usually feel conditioned in being themselves and now they compensate this and get comfort in a stupid way.

Psychologists and psychiatrists make up all sorts of theories, more and more stiff and sophisticated.
Halloween allegedly is an emphatic celebration of death, which is highly important at a social level, for it brings in the western consciousness the repressed feelings about death and it triggers beneficial experiences that may help the children and the grownups overcome their fright of death (which does not even exist for the eastern civilisations that believe in reincarnation). 

Reality is far beyond, yet. Apart from the academic theories on the beneficial effects of this horrors night, the reports clearly show the increasing violence during this day, particularly in the USA, where this perverted holiday reached the peak of the evil. This time of the year is by all odds conspicuous by the high rate of violent actions, penal offences, dull jokes leading to accidents, damages, high number of intoxicated persons, high drugs use, in case of young persons, even children. The Gallup researches also confirm the cumulative disastrous effects of the holiday, which deeply marks children’s psyche  by such unconditionate accepting of the evil, dreadful and black magic.        

It’s God’s angels of light that protect us from the devastating impact of the malefic Halloween.



has been trying for several years to counterbalance the malefic impact of the Halloween. That’s why it is supporting in the very period the Angels’ Week, which is a spiritual manifestation that unfolds in different towns in Romania and abroad. By this initiative, unique in the whole world, thousands of people call together the grace and support of the angels’ world. Therefore, everybody may choose whether the demons’ terror or the angels’ blessing. They are both at hand, it’s  up to each of us!



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