THE MYSTIC LADY – Testimonies of a man filled with aspiration who was initiated by a tantric mistress

The worshipping of the female triangle of SHAKTI

by Brajamadhava Bhattacharya
This excerpt was taken from the novel “THE MYSTIC LADY – The testimonies of a man filled with aspiration who was initiated by a tantric mistress” by Brajamadhava Bhattacharya

A tasty autobiographical novel where the author tells, in a unique manner, of his impressive spiritual life. The story of the life of Brajmadhava Bhattacharya is the story of a man who was initiated by a tantric mistress. The Mystic Lady is an exceptional woman who facilitates access into a fascinating and miraculous world, where many aspirants are called but few are chosen. The mystical-erotic rituals performed together with her in the sacred temples of India have represented the crown of his spiritual practice. He describes the states of erotic ecstasy that his mistress induced to him during these initiations, distinguished states which have culminated with the state of divine ecstasy, SAMADHI.

The lovemaking in the temple of TARA

“The objects that are thrown into the ocean become saturated with salt. Similarly, inert objects are animated by consciousness when coming in contact with conscious power.” (YOGA VASISTHA, VI-I-30)
„The GURU is the one who can awaken through his own grace the divine consciousness of His disciple, by merely using one word, one touch and one glimpse.” (VI-I-61)

The music of the high-sounding verses of YOGA VASISTHA filled the ancient temple. The transfiguring continence lovemaking with the Mystic Lady continued. The same solemnity, the same posture, the same sound and the same scent. My mistress has methodically lead me towards the difficult realization of the state of complete impersonality, towards the art of detachment, towards pure love, with no reactions of emotional stress, towards the state of “falling asleep while you are awake and being awake while asleep.” We used to meet at night, every two weeks, in remote places.
The hideout we finally chose was a temple located on the banks of the Ganges, which was hardly noticeable and was definitely neglected, as many other temples built by Rani Bhavani, a devoted woman who lived in the 18th century, in Western Bengal.
This was the temple of the Great Cosmic Power Tara. You could reach it by going through old dark tunnels. Every time I entered the first room, I had to grab her arm for guidance. The passage leading to the temple had a grim feel to it, with loud bats and rodents sneaking around everywhere. But once we reached the heaven in the narrow courtyard of the temple, which was paved with red floor tiles, the ambience changed completely.
Sometimes we encountered strange, unfamiliar faces in the temple. Some of them were meditating, others were performing rituals.  If we had to light a fire, the Mystic Lady took care of that. But in those days when she would only arrive after the meeting had already begun, she preferred to sit down next to the burning altar and to look at the ritual, without having any kind of intervention.
Today, when I became aware of the power hidden in sexual energy, as well as the possible ways in which one can misuse it, I often remember these encounters, with great veneration and respectful reserve.
Back then I used to paint my forehead and I could draw MANDALAS. The use of differently colored powders in a MANDALA has its own purpose and significance. Before we started the ritual, I had to drink a special liquid with an electrifying effect. Upon ingesting it, I did not care whether the pot was made out of jade, bronze or bone. “The significance” of that action was much more important than the physical object.
The word “significance” is used excessively in different contexts. Novices are most likely to be impatient in learning, not the rituals, but their “significance”. They give a special attention to a MANTRA, to a word or to ritual actions. Every time the word “significance” is being used, the aspirant is expected to focus his mind towards an abstract meaning, with reverberations beyond his worldly connotations.
The frantic worshipping of the YONI and mystical lovemaking
The Sanskrit word YONI represents the female sexual organs. It can be translated with the word “matrix”, “source of life” or “origin”. Its use is spontaneously associated with the female sexual organs and with the act of lovemaking. In reality, especially in this spiritual context and especially in TANTRA, this word defines a cosmic power of creation.
For rituals, man created many symbols: the lamp, for the Sun; the flames, for gratitude towards the woods; the water vessel with leaves in it, for the generosity of the rivers and rain. Since natural phenomena can be integrated into the temples built by people, which are symbols as well, the poet-prophets take over an adjusted form in order to reunite the macrocosmic aspects in a symbol. In order to fathom the mysteries of the universe, it is necessary to operate with ideas and to comprise immensity within signs and symbols.
In an attempt to discover the matrix of all life or the cosmic law which gives us the primary form of nebulas, some of the most often used symbols are the plough of the earth, the pit for fire sacrifices and the YONI (not always belonging to a woman, but to any female organism). For a true tantric initiate, the YONI never expresses the image of the sexual act and sexual desire. It takes a great deal of practice in order to be able to give a different meaning to this concept of YONI, and to awaken a state of veneration before this mystery. The YONI is considered to be a place for meditation (PITHA) within a ritual.
During mystical lovemaking, the “female triangle” is nothing else than one of the many accessories required in a tantric ritual.
Of the six passions of the body, the first desire, the erotic desire, is also the most pretentious, deceiving, tenacious and whimsical. It has prenatal roots and it lives on after the years of decay of the body and mind. Its embers keep on burning even inside the wreck of a paralyzed body.
Yogis channel their efforts in order to control this powerful stimulant and to use its fire for elevated purposes. This colossal force represents the power of the creative impulse. It is the source of any kind of progress, even spiritual progress. That spiritual evolution which does not include this energy is practically impossible.
Mastering this power was always the purpose of many yogis and many spiritual groups, from different spiritual paths: RAJA YOGA, KARMA YOGA, HATHA YOGA and many others. But it is a unanimously accepted fact, the idea that the perilous tantric path is the one which leads the human being to the quickest and most satisfying results, because its basic principles are happiness, joy and a plenary experience of life.
I’ve had the opportunity to be initiated into the mysteries of the female body through the grace of a deity. The Mystic Lady took care of me since I was a child, since the implications of erotic pleasures were an undiscovered chapter for me. During my puberty I became aware of a mysterious awakening in my body and I became aware of the changes I was going through.
While we were together, when I noticed my masculine organ getting hard for the first time, the Mystic Lady explained to me that this change must be controlled through the complete focusing on certain details, such as caressing. “Touch and smell are two of the most important guidelines which one should follow in order to attain the state of SAMADHI”, she said. “Senses exist with the purpose of allowing us to absorb the world, in the plenitude of its glory, and not more.”
Then our lovemaking with continence became longer and more profound.
Where was my body then? Where was the female triangle? Where was duality? It was only ANANDAM, only ecstasy.
Since those times, I worshipped many “female triangles” frantically. I always reached the same absolute happiness. This fact I owe to my spiritual mentor, sent by GOD, my beloved Mystic Lady, who, through her self-sacrifice, guided me through the “razor’s edge” path of SADHANA. She managed to help me become familiar with the unfamiliar during our encounters, to get used to the unusual, to become intimate with the forbidden fruit, and thus to rise above social restrictions and moral taboos. Of course, when other women came into my life, that feminine triangle has always reminded me of the first blessed experiences. I wonder what my life would have been if that unique YONI PITHA hadn’t blessed me with her embrace, with her scent, with her taste and with the sounds of the MANTRA chanted on the long paths of life.
Yogis are the only ones who perceive the YONI as the matrix, the primary source from which cosmic laws give birth to everything which is created, including the relationship of the mind with the subconscious and the super-consciousness. A MANDALA contains within its carefully drawn lines the whole teaching of practicing tantric rituals. It is a symbolic representation of their power and it can be described as an illustrated lesson of meditation.
Access to the joys of worshiping the YONI are is always accompanied by a state of cosmic ecstasy. Those who are familiar with Sanskrit would know how to justify and explain all these hymns, MANTRAS, illustrations and sculptures portraying not only couples making love but also image-words, comparisons and metaphors, even whole legends and teachings whose object is represented by sexual images. From an amateur perspective, from the perspective of an opportunist, of a charlatan, of the disrespectful, of the ignorant, TANTRA undoubtedly seems a shocking and sick world, a world of immorality, a paradise of the degenerate and the morbid.
The YONI, as perceived in the TANTRA, will never be regarded like an organ required for lovemaking. It is the mysterious gateway for the entry of life in the seed and its occurrence in the form of a living body. The tantric tradition supports the supreme and solemn importance of the greatest sacrifice in life: the complete sublimation of the maddening lust for sexual pleasure. The sublimation of Eros in the physical existence grants entry into the magical space of the divine eternal ecstasy.
In TANTRA, seminal discharge (male ejaculation) disappears completely due to continence and there are even a few techniques of absorbing the accidentally ejaculated fluid.
Skeptics say that such a statement is foolish and that such a state of continence mastery exists only in one’s imagination and thus, it is not possible. But the beautiful shapes of great works of art, great scientific inventions, sublime poetry, are they possible for ordinary people? Could they possibly say that any human being who experienced lovemaking can spontaneously approach tantric techniques? The act of creating a piece of art never appears as unbelievable to those with a weak mind or to those with no imagination, does it? Through what they have accomplished, visionaries like Michelangelo, Kalidasa, Leonardo da Vinci, Tagore or Goethe have brought symbols of beauty and eternity into our common world.
The tantric gives great importance to all the details of these rituals whose central purpose is the frantic worshiping of the YONI, and not the act of lovemaking. The names of the flowers he uses, their shapes, the colors and scents, the tools, the perfumes, the nourishment, the drinks and the chosen place, the ASANAS, the attendants, the set times for the encounters, the astrological convergence of the exact set time for it, all these are of great importance for the initiate.
The secret initiation in the fascinating mysteries of urinary orgasm
On a day similar to this one, a day in which the influence of TRIPURA SUNDARI was maximum, considered to be a favorable moment for the revelation of a great mystery, the Mystic Lady gave me an astounding secret initiation. I was ecstatically surprised by the novelty of this initiation which, as my Mistress said to me, seeks to awaken and amplify an ineffable and intoxicating state of androgenic consciousness in the beings of the two lovers. In this way, it allows them to feel as they are both man and woman simultaneously. “This state can allow them to live states of SAMADHI extremely easily”, she told me while smiling. The new initiation went a little differently from my first continence and transfiguration love ritual and from the other rituals from the beginning of my secret tantric practice. And not because I’ve done something differently from what she had taught me, but especially because this time, the Mystic Lady granted me access to a new and profound feeling in which I was able to experience a different type of orgasm, which lasted for hours, an entirely unusual orgasm that I then called “the empathetic orgasm of the water of life”.
The Mystic Lady explained to me that, in order to me that, in order for the spiritual paranormal fruit of this secret process to occur (the profound awakening of the androgynous state in our being), both the man, and the woman practicing TANTRA must practice this at least seven times with each woman and with each man for whom they feel an intense state of love, belonging to the twelve zodiac signs.
When I reached the temple I was excited and curious. My Mistress laid a mat on the rock slabs of the temple and she told me to sit on it. She lit up the fire and, as I was already accustomed, she burned some incense into the playful flames.
I’ve felt that something magical and ecstatic was floating in the air. Then, for the first time she told me about the mystery known only by the tantrics, for thousands of years, a mystery referring to what they call “living water” in the secret tantric language.
“Due to the prejudices and inhibitions of all kinds, very few people are aware of the remarkable effects of the mysterious fluid of life which is urine. This is why tantrics would rather keep this a secret. In time, they became aware not only of its healing power but also of the profound empathy this precious liquid generates, a liquid which records all the states and all the subtle energies, a liquid which is to be savored in delight straight from the aroused YONI of their beloved. Most tantrics believe that urine therapy (swallowing one’s own urine or the urine of the woman they frantically worship) is also a perfectly natural way which helps millions of poor Indians, who have no access to any medical assistance, to cure themselves of many illnesses or to prevent them. In addition, tantrics know that by the mutual savoring of urine in a state of frenzy and love transfiguration, the two lovers can then live the state of SAMADHI upon evocating the intimate and euphoric experience they had lived in unison. This secret ecstasy makes them feel as one, intimately present in each other, thus revealing to them the mystery of the hermetic androgyny.
Sacred books state the fact that urine is nothing else but a mysterious condensed fluid of life which sprouts from our very beings and enciphers within it all the mysterious energies and states we live. The intimate and transfiguring contemplation of a beautiful and sensual woman who is in a state of delightful intimacy and urinates before her lover is a mystery who fascinated many ordinary men and determined them to bravely surpass their prejudices. Then they wished to drink, intoxicated with pleasure, this precious fluid, seeing it as a magical elixir, the living life sprouting from the fascinating depths of their lover’s YONI. Unlike them, tantrics have been familiar for a very long time with the significance of their aroused beloved. Doing this several times, they managed to practice sexual continence with greater ease, along with the state of euphoric empathy of their beloved, and they were thus able to enjoy a perfect state of health, great harmony, a tremendous physical force and a long happy life.
The taste, the scent and the consistency of the erotic and profoundly beneficial fluid that is the urine of a young, beautiful, happy and aroused woman are somewhat dependent on the type of food she is used to, on the emotional and erotic states she has, on her ecstasy-generating mental states and even of her astrological sign. All the states that men and women have during the most intense moments of making love are impregnated in the form of mysterious energies in this precious golden fluid. When offered to be ingested as a gift by the other one in the end of lovemaking and multiple orgasms without discharge or ejaculation, urine brings through resonance the bliss of the pure androgyny communion.”
The Mystic Lady closed her eyes and sank into a profound erotic meditative state that made her body tremble slightly. She then continued to reveal with a warm and soft voice new secrets.
“Sometimes, through intense and sublime erotic states that emerge during ecstatic lovemaking, or when the couple experiences euphoria, the two lovers will see with astonishment that when they ingest each other’s urine, it mysteriously triggers an ecstatic mergence between them. This state feels them with happiness and at the same time grants a mysterious beneficial power. This is why the mysterious magic liquid, urine, tastes best during tantric lovemaking with transfiguration and continence. At such privileged moments, the two lovers ingest one another’s urine intoxicated with adoration and happiness.
By means of a mysterious process that triggers profound empathy, these “urine games” performed during blissful privileged moments awaken and activate in the two lovers’ being the ineffable and complex assimilation of each other’s subtle astral energies corresponding to the star signs and the ascendant. This secret aspect is very important, if known and brought into awareness, for it can lead the two to the fast awakening of the glorious androgenic state.Do you remember when I spoke to you in the beginning, about the extraordinary power of sexuality based on love? I told you then that for the one who loves frantically and without measure, fully controlled sexuality generates intense happiness and extraordinary freedom. As each stage appears at the right moment, you should know that for you, that moment has come to realize that such unbelievable ecstasy and freedom can be easily reached by what tantrics call the empathic orgasm of the water of life. This is why we met today in a favorable moment at the temple, to make love again, so that with my help, you would experience increased control over sexuality through this type of orgasm. However, to do this we must drink a large amount of water mixed with honey and natural fruit juice. As we make love, when I approach orgasm the most, I will fully relax my urinary sphincters so that the mysterious liquid, urine, would turn into higher energies that you will feel simultaneously with me.”
At that moment I understood why she stopped talking from time to time and offered me water mixed with honey and fruit juice from the vessel she had brought to the temple. I confess that, not knowing what lay ahead, I was slightly intrigued by her persistence because I was not thirsty enough to want to quench my thirst so often.
Erotic games with the golden elixir of life
My mistress undressed with a soft motion of a sensual feline, dropping her long and almost transparent veil the color of saffron, which covered her round body, so harmonious and charming. Her body anointed with intoxicating scents was sparkling in the warm light of the fire and on her large and firm breasts, her countless necklaces of pearls and bones seemed to vibrate. The incense smell made its sacred presence known again, with overwhelming scents, mysteriously charging the air from the temple.
“Come!”, she said. “Trust me completely!”
I gradually approached her body of ravishing beauty and as I contemplated the mysterious and fascinating YONI triangle, I sat above my Lady in PADMASANA, the posture in which we had performed all our erotic rituals until then. My beloved mistress was so transfigured that she seemed to me a being from a mysterious heavenly world, full of light. Every time when I saw her without the veil covering her body, her nudity enchanted me with its divine brilliance. Now she also radiated erotic energy that powerfully impregnated everything around. In her big and deeply magnetic eyes, I seemed to perceive a certain mystery that I had often sensed during meditations of adoration of the Divine Mother.
I was soon absorbed in meditation. And at that time, something I had never felt before happened.
For minutes, and then hours in a row, I experienced overwhelming states of urinary orgasm. When I sensed the well-known sensation to urinate, I relaxed my urinary sphincters as my Mistress guided me and as if by magic, this mysterious fluid spontaneously turned into a huge energy that ascended with thousands of shivers along my spine, revitalizing me in ecstasy. What under normal circumstances would have been lost (urine elimination through the common biological act), now turned into a huge wave of energy that pervaded my entire being. With every new urinary orgasm that I controlled, I felt I was charged with a new colossal energy that expanded my aura hugely. In silence, I was uttering the MANTRA she had initiated into and I felt more shivers ascending along my spine. I perceived an amplification of a more and more refined energy and in astonishment I sensed these shivers as they were spontaneously absorbed into a blissful void that pervaded my whole being offering me unique moments that seemed like hours of erotic ecstasy.
So I let myself embraced by infinite freedom and then, full of delight, I attained an unimagined happiness.Time had stood still…
When I came back from the overwhelming state of ecstatic trance, I heard the Mystic Lady as if I was dreaming, she told me to lie down on my back. She sat on her knees, with her legs wide spread above me. Her full round thighs were placed at the sides of my head, so her hot wet YONI was now intimately close to my lips. I was delighted and aroused by this intimate closeness to her most mysterious and sacred hearth. The Mystic Lady initiated me in a new posture and I was about to receive with my being, her ecstatic fluid, her urine, the mysterious elixir that she was about to offer to me, in an intense erotic, maternal state, just as a mother lovingly feeds her baby. Feeling an ineffable sacred pleasure, I was fascinated and attracted into something which was deeply mysterious, gigantic and uplifting, I waited to see what was about to follow.
“Caress and arouse the orifice of my urethra with your tongue, as delicately as possible”, the Mystic Lady whispered me sensually and tenderly. Then she said, “slide the tip of your tongue again and again, just like a LINGAM, into the depths of my YONI, from the tip of the urethra to its basis, which is located a little deeper.” I began to arouse her frantically as I was taught and after a few minutes I felt something strange and amazing at the same time. Her urethra began to grow slowly just like a child’s phallus becoming erect. Her urethra became turgescent and it seemed it was mysteriously erect. This became more and more visible. I was thrilled of what I felt so I began to arouse her urethra with my tongue, more and more intensively. “Now, stop”, the Mystic Lady told me, “and please, do exactly as I’m about to teach you. Gently and sensually grip the urethra and its tip with your lips and tongue and then, while sucking it rhythmically, imagine that my urethra grows larger just like a LINGAM. Also, imagine that your mouth and tongue are just like a YONI for my urethra which grows and differentiates from the YONI just like a LINGAM becoming erect.”
I acted while I was extremely aroused, with my tongue and lips, just as the Mystic Lady taught me and I was amazed to see that her urethra had indeed become larger, just like a semi-erect child’s LINGAM. I kept on sucking it and arousing her with my lips and tongue, with great frenzy and after approximately ten minutes I was able to see something absolutely miraculous. An almost six centimeter LINGAM came out of My Lady’s YONI. The opening of her urethra was the tip of it and it had a mysterious state of erection when caressed or sucked with the lips or tongue. Then the Mystic Lady came above my mouth and, by spreading the labia of her YONI with her fingers, she began the erotic play with her LINGAM in my mouth, acting freely and completely uninhibited, just like a lascivious and uninhibited man who plays with his LINGAM in her lover’s mouth. Her erotic play filled me with great pleasure that I’ve never felt before, especially because it was absolutely fascinating for a woman to be able to play erotically with me just like a man, but without actually being a man. The feel of her erect urethra moving rhythmically and sensually between my lips filled me with an entirely novel state of happiness that I could never fathom until that point. Her androgenic state awakened a new feel in my being, that was delightfully savoring and it became more and more powerful, making me live an overwhelming cosmic orgasm which was completely unrelated to my LINGAM and my genital area. This state lasted for about a couple of hours, but it seemed to me as if only a few minutes had passed. At some point, with a supernatural voice, the Mystic Lady whispered me: “Take in what I am offering you, like a mysterious, magical gift of my feminine being.”
Then she sealed the embrace of my lips with her erect urethra that I aroused with my tongue while it manifested just like a LINGAM, ejaculating from time to time, having her delicious urine gushing out from time to time, as I was tasting it just like one would taste a precious elixir.
After fourteen – fifteen urinary orgasms during which the Mystic Lady squirted jets of urine from her erect urethra, just like a man being pleasured orally and then ejaculating in her lover’s mouth, she asked me to completely close the opening of her urethra with my tongue and to press it, using it just like a plug. Then she lived a urinary orgasm with the release of urine, and the fact that I was pressing against the opening of her urethra with the tip of my tongue was giving her extraordinary states of orgasm that made her moan overwhelmed with ecstatic pleasure. After experiencing over thirty such orgasms, the Mystic Lady taught me that, when she is experiencing a urinary orgasm, I should suck her urethra with great intensity, at the very moment when she squirts her urine in my mouth. I’ve done this over nine times, until the Mystic Lady confessed that her bladder was completely empty and then she taught me what to do in order to trigger new states of orgasm, but this time, by using air. “Here’s what you have to do now”, she told me. “Hold my erect urethra with your erect thumb and index finger, put its orifice between your lips and blow just like you would blow air into a balloon. You will have to blow a lot of air inside my bladder.”
I’ve done as she taught me and after her bladder was filled with air, she started to play orally with me again. But now, instead of urine, air came out of her erect urethra and new and amazing states of orgasms came with that air. Thus, the Mystic Lady was able to experience about twenty new states of orgasm. Because I myself felt the urge to pee, I wanted to go out, but the Mystic Lady told me to stand up. She sat down before me, on her knees, and she asked me to give her my precious elixir of life so that she could savor it. She stimulated my LINGAM orally and she taught me how to experience extraordinary states of urinary orgasm while she frantically drank the urine gushing from my LINGAM. She enjoyed it, filled with transfiguration. Then, the Mystic Lady lied down on her back, on the mat and asked me to come with my LINGAM so that she could play with her aroused clitoris which was about 2.5 centimeters long in the opening on top of my LINGAM. In this manner, her erect clitoris entered about 2 centimeters inside the opening on top of my LINGAM. After a one hour break, during which the Mystic Lady kept on drinking water with fruit juice and honey, we began making genuine love and, at some point, while the Mystic Lady was on top of me, she told me that she was about to have a urinary orgasm with urine discharge right in that position. I felt an intensification of the pleasure. I asked her to stop because I felt I was about to lose control and ejaculate. She listened to me and she stopped, then I felt an absolutely overwhelming state of orgasm and I noticed that the Mystic Lady was having a urinary orgasm, and her urine gushes were arousing my LINGAM in an incredible way. I asked her to give me her precious nectar and then she stood up, above me and she told me to keep my mouth open. The Mystic Lady pulled her erect urethra outside of her YONI and, holding it with her thumb and her index finger, she triggered the urinary flow and pointed it towards my mouth. At first, since I’ve never had such an experienced, I choked and the Mystic Lady stopped the flow of urine. She asked me to do the same and I was excited to see the ecstasy she was able to experience while enjoying the urine flow from my aroused LINGAM.
The overwhelming states of urinary orgasm have awakened miraculous effects in my being
The astonishing delights that I have been offered by the YONI of my Mistress together with the absolutely incredible erection of her urethra (which emerged from her YONI just like an erect LINGAM) have triggered a new and amazing state of orgasm in me.
When I came back, I was a completely reborn being and I almost couldn’t believe everything I have seen, felt and experienced.
“Compared to the man who makes a great effort to control the urinary potential”, said my Mistress lover while laughing, “a woman who is vital and extremely sensual will experience these overwhelming states of urinary orgasm and this is exactly why all her experiences are much more intense and more profound than those of a man”.
“During lovemaking with transfiguration and continence”, she continued, “the woman can have over a hundred such orgasms in a set time. There are women who are endowed for the tantric path who can be considered Mistresses, whose systematic practice of this type of orgasm causes the urethra to become long enough and when aroused it gets erect, thus becoming visible, just like a LINGAM which comes outside of the YONI.
The cautious and systematic practice of the states of urinary orgasm is a miracle-method that can help women who are not able to live proper orgasms during lovemaking. Urinary orgasms lived with intensity are harmoniously energizing the pelvic region and they allow the gradual alleviation of pain, contractions and inhibitions, stress and even psychic traumas. All these aspects are available for men as well, because the experiencing of as many urinary orgasms as possible can help him control his sexual potential, especially if this represents a difficult thing for him to achieve. And to you, my dearest disciple, I must tell you that this exceptional love initiation has allowed you to attain a certain inner regeneration. In the following days you will feel so happy and you will be so vitalized that you will no longer need to sleep. But above all, you will be able to notice an increase in the beneficial magnetism of your being, the increased awakening of telepathy and empathic states which will occur between us. This is due to us having done these love games with the golden elixir of life. Plus, you will shortly be able to feel my presence when you are away and you will be able to communicate with me even during sleep. Then we will meet in the astral world and we will make love many times in these realms that I will show you.”
The tantric is an unknown spiritual hero
Due to them being secret most of the times, tantric teachings are passed on directly from the master to the initiate. They must not be given to everyone, at random. A tantric ritual has an effect which depends on the manifested intention and on the spiritual orientation of the aspirants, which can be beneficial or malicious.
Those who know anything about gypsies’ anthems, about ancient druidic songs, about ballads and mysterious legends from ancient times, they are familiar with the way in which heroes are warned of the “two legendary paths”. The first one, the short one, is filled with danger, and the other one, the more facile path, is longer. TANTRA chooses the short path and takes on the challenges and perils with complete awareness. The tantric is a VIRA (a spiritual hero). This is why, in TANTRA, any recorded victory comes with a hundred fallen “heroes”. Charlatans are warned to stay away from this trial. Attempting this trial is the same with dancing on the back of a cobra or riding on the back of a hungry tiger.
The beginning of maturity
The Mystic Lady guided me until I was no longer a teenager. She accompanied me into the beginning of manhood. In this critical time, all mature beings must pass through a strange feeling of loneliness, together with the transformation of the body. It is the kind of inner focusing which comes from the fear of being rejected by a closed social group. Inevitably, all men go through these years of exile in a “no man’s land”, when your lover sees you as an “immature” person, and older men think of you as “unseasoned”.
For me, the Mystic Lady was the whole universe. So I was indifferent to change, as well as reactions. I was still a boy and I would have preferred to live inside the world of my dreams, but she was very realistic, and this has brought me to my senses, into the world which was unveiling around us.
I was much more developed physically and much stronger than other men my age. That is why I was about to be initiated in a subject which had been closed to me until then, that of sexual relations. I watched as others were involved in what they called erotic games. From my perspective, sexuality could never have the frivolity of a simple “game”. The education and the profound vision I had gained through the techniques I had learned from the Mystic Lady have granted me with the possibility to approach this subject without any kind of emotion. Every time my pubescent friends used to talk about this subject with a secretive interest and an adventurous excitement, I could only think of the holy triangle of peace and serenity that I was used to worship with delight. The woman and the female sexual triangle for me were the Mystic Lady and the spiritual encounters I had with her.


July 2015

Also available in: Română Français

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