The strange «burial» of free energy inventions and the questionable demise of a few brilliant researchers

„I wonder why does this expression exist: learning how to die? I now know that one always succeeds in doing this from the first time.”

Sebastian-Roch Nicolas de Chamfort

Most of the brilliant inventors whose ideas would’ve revolutionized the field of energy have ended their journey in this world in a bizarre way. After reading the following you will probably ask yourselves the following question: why is it that these advanced technologies that could help society are hidden from the people? This cover-up, this masking of the truth became one of the chosen film subjects, films that give a premeditated subject to our question. The effort of these filmmakers from Hollywood to underline the “necessity” for governments to remain silent on subjects like high technological investments like free energy is plain obvious.
The scenario is always the same: the men in black descend from a limo carrying a briefcase filled with money and a silencer weapon. The Masonic lobbyists, the corrupt employees of the state, the great international bankers, owners of multinational corporations, the lords of the automobile and oil industry, alongside the members of the conspiracy for the institution of the unique worldwide fascist state are the main suspects in the view of those who studied the present cases.

It is obvious that behind all these criminal and subversive actions hides the demonic lust for possession and domination: the control of the resources, the control of the masses, the control of geographical regions and so on. The consequence are ultimately catastrophic for mankind: ruthless wars are triggered by the elite leading the freemasonry for the assimilation of all resources and everything depends on money, eventually turning science into nothing but a primitive phantasm of outdated models skillfully crammed into the minds of the young through means of an old and biased education system. Eventually, the essential element is the power of control.

There is a so-called elite whose purpose is that of enslaving the peoples and the entire mankind and taking Earth into a manic, satanic direction. Behind any war, there is always a tremendous financial interest, and money, as we can all see, are used with the purpose of controlling the people.

In the end, the final goal is the institution of an absurd globalization which, as it was designed to do, will bring only suffering for the entire mankind.

Rudolf Diesel (18th  March 1858 – 29th September 1913)

On the evening of the 29th of September 1913, Diesel boarded the steamboat Dresden, in Anvers. His destination was London, his purpose was meeting the representatives of Consolidated Diesel Manufacturing Ltd. After serving dinner aboard the ship, he went into his sleeping cabin around 22.00. He asked the receptionist to wake him up tomorrow morning at 6.15. That was the last time anyone saw Diesel alive.
Ten days later, on the 9th of October 1913, the crew of the Dutch fishing boat Coertsen found the corpse of a man floating at sea. The corpse was in an advanced state of decay so they could not keep it on board. Instead, the crew took the personal objects they found on him (a spectacle case, a wallet, a pocket knife and a pill vial) before giving him back to the sea. On the 13th of October, those objects were identified by Eugene Diesel, the son of Rudolf Diesel and he admitted they belonged to his father.

There are numerous theories that seek an explanation to Rudolf Diesel’s death. His biographers, like Grosser (1978), state that it was a clear case of suicide (how convenient!!!). Other hypotheses suggest that certain business men who were part of “different circles”, supported by the interests of the military, were in fact the accomplices to an assassination.

Charles Nelson Pogue (15th September 1897 – 1985)

Here we are, discovering another method of silencing someone which was apparently successfully used in the case of mister Pogue by certain “occult forums of interests”. Pogue managed to turn a myth into reality: going 200 miles on one gallon of fuel (1 mile = 1.6km, 1 gallon = 3.7854 l). This was achieved last century, in the thirties! Pogue had performed a demonstration with a car equipped with a carburetor made by him. The distance travelled was over 216 miles/gallon (approximately 1l/100km). Suspiciously, over night, his invention was not to be spoken of and from an inventor ridden with hardships, Pogue turned into the manager of an oil filter factory in the automobile industry.
What drew our attention even more is the fact that in 1945, the American military installed a special type of carburetor on its tanks used in the Second World War. The inscription on it said “Pogue Carburetor, do not open!”. Another interesting fact is that those carburetors were removed from circulation right after the war.

Without trying to speculate and comment about mister Pogue, we will end the chapter with a few of his statements after 1936, when his story began to be “rediscovered” by the media in the United States of America:

When he was asked by his legendary controversial image of a new generation of engine-makers, Pogue answered:
“I do not wish to hear anything about this. I have nothing to gain by telling you my story. If I’d know that tomorrow I would die or leave the country for good, I would tell you! And it would be quite a story! But now I am alive and this is my home!” – while pointing towards the center of Montreal (Canada).

In the same interview he gave to a reporter from New York, Pogue admitted that he used a carburetor that he invented himself, but he refused to specify the performances of the device. Here you have another excerpt from the interview:

(Reporter) – Have you ever been threatened?
(Pogue) – Yes, a few times!
(Reporter) – Have you ever been physically assaulted?
(Pogue) – No.
(Reporter) – Has your workshop ever been broken into, have your carburetor prototypes ever been stolen?
(Pogue) – A couple of times, yes.
(Reporter) – Have you ever been the victim of any kind of political pressure?
(Pogue) – What do you think? Let’s say you’re part of the government and you are in possession of large amounts of petrol, then my invention goes public. What would you do? I was pressed both by representatives of the Canadian government and the US government. A fellow American of yours, someone who is an important person in Washington today was one of them.
(Reporter) – Are you willing to say his name?
(Pogue) – NO!

An extraordinary genius – Viktor Schauberger (30th of June 1885 – 25th of September 1958)

Viktor Schauberger was an exceptional being who opened some truly remarkable horizons for mankind. His prototypes were tested by professor Franz Popel who worked for the West German government at that time. All the tests were successful, thus confirming Schauberger’s brilliance, as well as the practical aspects of his inventions. In 1958, Viktor Schauberger was approached by Karl Gerchsheimer and Robert Donner who invited him to the USA in order to materialize his inventions in the “country of all possibilities”. These “gentlemen” managed to trick Schauberger and stole his inventions (nobody knows exactly but apparently the one who made use of his ideas is none other than the US government). Five days later they sent him back home where he died shortly, beat-up and disappointed.

Paul Pantone (born in 1950)

Pantone was accused in 2006 for illegal stock actions, even though he rabidly denied it. Of course, the entire accusation which came out of nowhere is rather suspicious. The charges came after he made his invention public. It’s interesting how the blind American justice, which is so appreciated for its objectivity, succeeds in prosecuting Paul Pantone on 7 or 8 charges for alleged fraud. This fraud was supposedly detected by the “vigilant authorities” and it supposedly took place in other states than Utah – according to the US legislation, when it comes to something which happened outside the jurisdiction of Utah, the defendant cannot be prosecuted in Utah, but only in the respective states (how was this possible?). So Pantone was sentenced in a hurry. We are familiar with some similar cases in our dearest homeland as well… and regarding its judicial system… one can only marvel at it!

By watching the following video, you will be able to find out more about Paul Pantone:

One of the comments to this video reminded us of another interesting “coincidence”: Wilhelm Reich, the father of orgone, died on the exact day when he was released from prison where he was sent after the publishing some theories with practical applications regarding orgone.

On the 12th of May 2009, Paul Pantone was finally released from the prison-hospital where he was held. His release was due to the intense pressure caused by his supporters from all around the world, led by his son, united under the name of GEET Friends (you can find more astonishing information on ). Pantone now lives outside of Utah, where he is recovering after the mental and physical trauma (one of them being Hepatitis C) he suffered in the hospital. He often holds conferences, demonstrations and gives interviews whenever he is invited.

There are many enthusiasts who materialized Pantone’s solution. You can easily find them on; just look for “GEET”. There is even a group of people who call themselves “The GEET guys” who suggested the US government to use GEET technology for cleaning the water in the Gulf of Mexico. This water was massively polluted with oil at the end of April 2010, after a main oil pipeline broke down. The GEET device invented by Pantone uses natural unrefined petrol and water (including saltwater, that can be extracted directly from the ocean) as fuel. The exhaust gas resulted from this combustion contains 23% oxygen. Since the atmosphere contains 21% oxygen, the GEET would not only clean the water in the Gulf of Mexico but also oxygenate the atmosphere. It’s useless to say that “The GEET guys” have been ignored by the American government, as well as their suggestion of using GEET technology.
Pantone’s activity can be tracked on

Andrija Puharich (19th February 1918 – 3rd January 1995)

It seems that Andrija Puharich is the one who inspired Stanley Meyer in developing his famous resonance dissociation. Andrija Puharich has an invention patent entitled “Method and apparatus for dissociating water molecules” whose working principle is very similar to that of Meyer’s.

Being a good friend of R. J. Reynolds’ (the 3rd), he seems to have been protected and supported in his research. This went on until David Rockefeller heard about his research on the matter of using water as fuel. Puharich immediately fell from his graces (the Rockefellers are one of the families considered as the elite of planet Earth, and any technology based on water could interfere with the position of global control which they have assumed). For a while, Puharich found support with another friend of his, who was the president of Mexico back then. But his support diminished under the constant pressure of David Rockefeller and Puharich eventually caved. He was forced to personally promise the Rockefellers that he will stop his research in the field of water based fuels.

Daniel Dingel (born in 1926)

Daniel Dingel was an inventor from the Philippines who managed in the year 1969 to convert over one hundred automobiles to use water as fuel instead of fossil fuels.

Despite the fact that he repeatedly suggested to the Philippines government the use of his method of dissociating water and using it as fuel, he was turned down every time and while being told there do not have sufficient funds for this. Oh, the irony! Such an invention would’ve pulled the entire country from the extremely difficult situation in which they found themselves. We are obligated to take note of the fact that there are many conflicting opinions regarding Daniel Dingel.

On one hand, we found some mentions of Dingel conducting a series of public demonstrations in which the specialists could see that his method is working. On the other hand, we found mentions that said it was only fraud. But there is one big question that arises: a fraud that lasts for forty years?

Next, we find out that in December of 2008, when he was 82 years old, Daniel Dingel was sentenced to the maximum sentence in prison (20 years!!!) for fraud and he was forced to pay 380.000 dollars to a company in Taiwan he had a contract with. Dingel was supposed to buy three automobiles and to convert them to use water as fuel. From the study we conducted, apparently Daniel has his share of fault in this contract. Still, the entire “fraud” is generated by Dingel’s refusal to divulge the secret of his method. It appears that what motivated him to do that is the fact that he was denied the right to patent his invention, and divulging this secret would’ve left him completely bare. Daniel Dingel said that he was willing to divulge the secret to a company that would hire 200 Philippine workers and he demanded that the rest of the benefits he obtained from copyrights to be donated to a humanitarian organization.

Ken Rasmussen

Ken Rasmussen is the inventor of a technology that allows us to transform water into energy. The technology he used has some construction and result similarities with the one patented by professor Kanarev, an internationally renowned personality with a series of patented inventions.

Rasmussen ceased to work in this project when one of the members of his team was threatened on the street by a few men dressed in black, who were driving a black “Lincoln Town Car”. These men knew many things about all the crew members, some of them were so intimate that they weren’t even aware of those things themselves. Rasmussen concluded that there was no investor who could possibly invest in his technology, because the required equipment for them to have access to that information was of a particular nature.
So here we are, having another invention buried with evil skillfulness.

Stanley Meyer (24th August 1940 – 21st March 1998)

Meyer died on the 21st of March 1998. The cause of his death was poisoning. On that day he was serving dinner together with a group of NATO officials at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Grove City, Pennsylvania (USA). During one of the toasts, they drank cranberry juice. Right after drinking from his glass, Meyer ran outside because he felt something was wrong and he started vomiting violently. His brother followed him outside and he heard him say that he was poisoned. Those were his last words. The investigation conducted after his death was extremely brief and terse and no one ever found out exactly who were the members of that group and exactly what were they celebrating on that toast, not to mention that no one ever found out who poisoned Stanley Meyer’s glass – Meyer was the only one who was poisoned at that reunion.

John Andrews

Andrew was a Portuguese inventor. In May of 1974, he was imprudent enough to present his method of improving petrol with gas in front of a group of officials of the US Navy. His method could diminish the cost of a liter of petrol by a great deal, reaching 2 American cents per gallon. The representatives of the Navy went to meet with him and close the deal with Andrews, but they found his laboratory trashed, and he was never to be found ever since.

Phil Stone

An even meaner way of silencing someone is the use of classification orders. This is a method which was also used in Romania. By using them, a certain invention can be considered a national secret and it can be completely banned. Phil Stone used to be a physics professor at a university from the United States of America (just as many other people we did not mention here). In 1950 he received such an order of secrecy which forbid him to work or to divulge any information about his invention, “The water engine”. Interesting title, isn’t it? If he was to disregard that order, he was going to be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Of course, the list of those who have been sabotaged and put to silence is much longer. For those of you who wish to find out more, you can find plenty of information online. A large portion of the information regarding the abuses and the threats described here are meant to emphasize two aspects: first, that the respective inventions had a meaningful practical value and second, that someone is truly afraid of such inventions. On the other hand, we can not rule out the possibility that some articles are just “planted” there with insidious audacity by all kinds of organizations, whose direct purpose is that of maintaining the current scheme of power and worldwide economical organization. These ruthless organizations, who have no morals whatsoever, whose supreme reason to live is money, do not exempt anyone from this kind of treatment, not even their own people.

Here’s another scandal: Strauss-Kahn, a former manager of the IMF, is accused of attempt of rape in the US. Strauss-Kahn ran in the elections for becoming the president of France. The fact that he was the manager of the IMF should give us an idea of the kind of circles he was involved in. What was his mistake? The idea of changing the IMF politics with the purpose of helping the poorly developed countries, to the prejudice of the strongly developed ones. We do not know what really happened in the case of the Strauss-Kahn scandal, but the result is obvious: Strauss-Kahn resigned. Even if someone will prove that this is a set-up, the goal of removing someone from a corporation (who lends out to governments and thus directly controls people’s lives) who is against the corporation has already been reached.

What we are trying to point out here is that all these inventions are truly valuable and that the world elite is afraid of them. The reason is more than obvious. Just look around you. There is a form of diabolically persistent effort to control all the aspects of people’s lives. All these rules and regulations are meant to put humanity in an enormous “cattle house”. Whoever will turn down his spot in this carefully and elaborately conceived cattle house will become the sworn enemy of the “state management”. Freedom and independence were always mere ideals rather than realities. We dare to hope that humanity will surpass its kinder garden condition and will manage to attain a state of maturity worthy of its endowments.

This fragment is an excerpt from the book The first practical steps towards the… Water engine by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, from Shambala Publishing House  and printed at Ganesha Publishing House

november 2014

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