What have the Romanians missed, stricken by the «MISA smoke»?

The “smoky bomb” MISA launched in March 2004 was meant to hide a tremendous fact: the former government stuff dealing a network of children traffic!

An article by Maria Nicola and Nicolae Marin

The Romanian authorities started on March 18, 2004 “the largest action since the last 15 years”, which was but a series of abuses and discriminations against some innocent people. When people cooled down a little and it became clear that it was just much noise about nothing, most of the audience realized that the MISA scandal also aiming to professor Bivolaru was but a coarse diversion. What for? In order to distract people from the real problems of the country and give to the Romanians “bread and shows”, just as Adrian Nastase roughly put it and the PSD minutes witness.

A striking diversion, largely pointed to is Gabriel Bivolaru robbing the Romanian Bank for Development BRD and caused 2300 billions lei damages to the state. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, for the former government of Romania, headed by ex Prime Minister Adrian Nastase took much more advantage of MISA scandal.

   At the beginning of March 2004, there was a high scandal floating over the Romanian political layer, particularly the government. It was all about the unfavourable Romanian report, presented to the European Council by Emma Nicholson, highly outraged at the lies stated by the Romanian government. There were at stake some information concerning some members of the government and even the Prime Minister dealing with underground networks, which, if known, could blow up the Romanian political stage. Also, the Interpol has a file which could immediately have 100 outstanding persons arrested. This would have made a topical interest subject to the Romanians, right?

Does anybody remember this bomb, crashing over Romania that made the front page of the papers between 10-13th of March? No way… So how did the government handle it? First, they dealt with some members of the European Parliament all kind of dark business, which basically damaged the Romanian people and bought their support. On the other hand, they launched for the country the MISA scandal and we have to notice the Romanian Secret Services directly managed it. The media image of the Christ Operation was just apparently chaotic and extremely aggressive. It was but an obvious media manipulation upon the stupid, naïve Romanian audience, maybe the most serious case, at such proportions.

The fact was that, despite highly important, Emma Nicholson’s report strangely decreased in front of the public eyes and of media. The latter made a focus shift to a different topic, teeming with sensational details, but lacking substance: the “MISA scandal”.

What was that report, unfavourable to Romania about?

“ The only report, clearly negative, amongst the 12 such evaluations of the countries running for the EU: “…Romania is currently facing serious difficulties in covering the Copenhagen political criteria, which means a serious regress, as compared to the previous period”, Emma Nicholson stated in front of the European Parliament.

The document points out that “drawing the negotiations to an end by 2004 and joining the EU in 2007 basically is an impossible target to Romania… (Adevarul, March 10, 2004).

The report also mentions the well-known problems concerning, for instance, the justice obeying to the ruling party, the PSD, but the nr. 1 problem actually was… THE EXTERNAL ADOPTION OF CHILDREN.

Graham Watson, Chairman of the liberal group in the European Parliament, quoted by Adevarul, March 10, 2004: “ the liberal-democratic group has not been asked concerning the European Council decision, otherwise, we would have made very clear that whereas Bulgaria is going well, there are several reasons to worry about Romania. This concern became keener, particularly as we found out that the children export and sale keep going…”

Given the OFFICIAL number of adoptions in Romania, which was 455, unlike Bulgaria who stated 551, there is something rotten at stake. It becomes clear that the problem of adoptions was actually hiding the export of children, sold to some prostitution network or for traffic of organs. That was by no means a minor problem, despite the government desperately tried to name it a whim of the European commissary. Moreover, this network seemed managed by members of the Romanian government (headed at that time by the miserable Prime Minister Adrian Nastase) or their relatives.

Commissary Verheugen, supporting Emma Nicholson regarding Romania, requests “ the biggest pimps also get in jail”. “The European Council can no longer go the old way and say that everything is fine with Romania and the 2007 term is safe, for it’s not like this” (Adevarul, March 11, 2004).

 Mrs. Nicholson considers that the main scourge deeply gnawing the Romanian society is the wide-spread corruption, implying the official figures in administration, judges and politicians”. (Adevarul, March 11, 2004).

“Had I spoken in the open and give away the evidences, that would have stirred a huge scandal. We didn’t do it as we wouldn’t crucify the government”  (Adevarul,  March 14, 2004) (Is that enough to prove the former goverment members dealing with children export? Besides, let’s notice the strange coincidence: the given word, crucify matches the name given to the anti-MISA operation CHRIST ).

The Interpol can also be a source of evidence; they have been supervising for years a network of minor traffic implying members of the former government, relatives and persons in the underworld.  Therefore, the Prosecutor’s Office reached evidences to arrest over 100 persons, amongst high politicians in the government, their relatives (wives, sons, etc.). It was about minors’ traffic to eastern countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, but not Japan).

What can we say about a country, where the government deals with such affairs and uses the state structures in order to protect the children traffic? The high level corruption lies beyond any limits! Given these conditions, we do understand the Interpol interfering and that the nr.1 problem in Romania is that of adoptions.

An obvious confirmation

Emma Nicholson informed the members of the European Parliament that her report “already had a positive impact in Romania. A deep reorganization occurred yesterday and I’m being told that a law for children protection will be voted tomorrow” (Adevarul, March 11, 2004). This is unbelievable! a deep reorganization of the government to have a law for the children protection voted!!  To say it directly, the government was persuaded to give up the profitable children traffic for a while.

The same issue of Adevarul, on March 11, 2004, writes on the front page another article concerning the minors’ traffic for prostitution.  Namely, the American Kurt Treptow, sentenced to 7 years jail by the Instance for minors at Iasi, for 5 crimes and sexual harassment against two minors.  

But who’s the hero? This dreadful Kurt Treptow had been convicted 7 years jail for sexual abuses and perversions against minors, proved by some videotapes recorded in some hotel of Iasi. Later on, he was released at the beginning of March, when Ioan Talpes directly required that, claiming that “otherwise, Romania would no longer join NATO” (!!?)

Treptow and his accomplice were no longer investigated for human beings traffic, sexual perversion and prostitution, on grounds of “lack of factual elements of the crime”. Prosecutor Elena Dinu mentioned that the prosecutors took into account all the evidences available in the file, including the scurrilous videotapes seized from the two accomplices. (All’s clear: they released him lest he should say more about the kids’ traffic network in Romania.) 

Here’s another “inside” confirmation… about the high level corruption

“Talpes blackmails the Parliament members he will give away secret information, annoyed with the questions concerning his relationship with Kurt Treptow”, Adevarul, March 10, 2004. “ God take care not to let me say everything I know about those who go astray and know you”. This means the jungle law ruled in the former government: you may steal as you please, bribe those on top and, besides, watch their affairs so that they cannot take you out of it”.

And here is the great diversion. It was the very moment when the MISA scandal burst out, since MISA had been a pain for the freemasons, for years. Adrian Nastase had been ordered by his superiors in masonry to destroy this spiritual organization, which has a powerful anti-Masonic activity. So, Nastase, like a diligent hunter, thought he would kill two birds with one stone. By media manipulations, and the PSD minutes prove the direct subordination of media to the party, they impudently tried to create this image of MISA as a underworld organization. They stated in media dangerous accusations of human beings traffic, prostitution, minors’ traffic, they made a big fuss, so that they could make a fake report to the European Parliament: you see, we started to deal with the problem.

So, the pattern was very clear: the MISA yogi became guilty of all their frauds. Meanwhile, they released the American, lest he should utter any important name or detail. Who are the 100 remarkable politicians dealing with kids’ traffic? Did anyone of them get arrested? Has anybody heard about it? Do you remember the papers gossip by the end of March, 2004: government and secret services stuff have underground connections to MISA and the CHRIST operation (actually meant against Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA) will denounce “heads of the government”.

Do you now understand who took advatage of the huge media scandal concerning MISA since the searchings of March 18?do you understand why they desperately tried to make this connection with minors’ issues? Do you get now the crucial role the 17 years old minor Madalina Dumintru played in this terrible set up? Do you understand why they insisted so much on pornography, prostitution and human beings traffic, although the searching warrants were issued informational crimes? Do you understand why the media insisted on so many false accusations, though it was quite clear there were no evidences and the Prosecutor’s Office officially stated it was about copyright crimes?

Do you understand why there have been media attacks against the Extaz Company, providing legal labour contracts in Japan (nothing to do with prostitution). Japan is an Oriental country, this is why they made the connection to the minors’ traffic network mentioned by Emma Nicholson, and the Extaz company became a piece de resistance in this media campaign. This is how they reached the non-sense written in a paper: the Exataz company “dealing with human beings traffic, by some labour contracts”?

To draw a conclusion we hope you understood now this outrageous diversion that obstructed the investigation of the minors’ traffic for prostitution and organs dealing. In fact, they wanted to fool the audience, claiming they are investigating an underworld network. As we put it above, the skilful hunter Adrian Nastase tried to kill two birds with one stone: get rid of MISA and conceal the governmental corruption and the salacious deal of kids’ traffic. The diversion has worked, so far, but MISA target was rather missed. Not only did he not defeat us, but it made us stronger!



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