Yoga Poses for Office Workers

In this modern era, millions of so-called ‘workaholics’ live like robots with their bodies and minds filled with stress. And yet they mostly blame their circumstances rather than themselves. If this is you, then you might have to rethink the approach you follow to live your life, otherwise you could be at a very high risk of falling seriously ill. Our brain produces many biologically active chemicals and every single thought we have subsequently has a physical consequence.

Extreme mental or physical stress has been scientifically proven to lead to immune-suppressing diseases and other health problems. Our brain produces neurochemicals that strengthen the immune system when we are happy, and the brain produces different biochemicals that can weaken the immune system when we are stressed or depressed.

Yoga is an excellent solution for stress release and fitness, especially for people like office workers with computer-based desk jobs which limit physical activity and cause eye strain. Many office workers suffer from sore lower back, stiff neck, and tight hips and shoulders from sitting at a desk for eight-plus hours, not to mention the stress of an excessive workload. If you’re an office worker, try the following yoga poses to help; you can do these even while you’re sitting at your desk:

1. Chair Pigeon


While sitting on your chair, place one leg over the other at a 90-degree angle, flexing the foot, but be sure to not put pressure on the knee. Remain in this position and keep an even distribution on both seat bones. When you can feel a gentle stretch in the upper outer thigh, hold for 5-10 breaths. Repeat on the other side. This helps to regain proper body posture.

2. Standing Seal Pose


This pose begins in a standing position with your legs apart. Keep your arms behind you, interlocking the fingers together. Lift the gaze upwards before bringing your arms in front of you. Hold the pose for 4-8 breaths. Squeeze the shoulder blades together as you inhale back to an upright position to release the pose, and remember to exhale to release the arms. This helps to improve mental functioning.

3. Wrist and Finger Stretch


Start by extending your arms overhead and drawing 5-10 circles inwards and outwards with the wrists and completely interlocking your arms this way. You should follow this by quickly spreading the fingers and closing the fists and finally placing your arms in front of you with your palms facing upwards. Then, you should gently apply a downward pressure on each palm to stretch the wrist on each side. Switch the palms and hold each stretch for 5-10 breaths. It helps with better blood flow.

4. Desk Chaturanga


Place your hands roughly shoulder-width apart on the edge of a sturdy desk, then walk the feet back until your chest is a diagonal line to the floor in the standing position. Inhale while hugging the elbows to the ribs as they reach the 90-degree angle. Exhale while coming back to the starting position.

5. Seated Twist


Place your hands on the back of a chair while gently twisting the chair and your abdomen to one side, holding for 4-5 breaths. This pose is done while sitting. Repeat on the other side too.

Make sure to do these poses daily to stay healthy.


November 25, 2019

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