Yoga relieves anxiety and depression in women

Yoga may help to reduce anxiety and depression in women, according to a study presented at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America Conference 2015 in Miami.

Lindsey B. Hopkins-Deboer, PhD, of the San Francisco VA Medical Center, and colleagues examined the impact of Bikram yoga, which is a form of HATHA YOGA, on 52 women, between the ages of 25 and 45, who had elevated anxiety and moderate depression. The women were yoga novices, and none has a history of anorexia, bipolar disorder, or psychosis.

The women were randomly assigned to either two Bikram yoga classes lasting 90 minutes each week or a wait-list control group. The participants in the yoga group showed greater decreases in anxiety, stress and negative effect.
Results also indicated that yoga’s impact on stress and depression were greater for African-American women than for non African-American women.

“Clinicians treating women who are stressed, anxious, and depressed should consider investigating some form of yoga therapy” Hopkins-DeBoer told Medscape Medical News. “I think yoga pairs nicely alongside psychotherapy for depressed mood and anxiety and stress in women.”


November 22, 2018

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