Globalist Plan for Human Control


Recognizing that there is and has been a century’s long shrouded plan to mastermind a worldwide Weltanschauung that puts a diabolical elite mastery over the billions of human beings, which make up the vast hordes of divinely created life on this planet, is a taboo topic in most cultures.

The entire system of socially manufactured perception is a plot to keep people in line and docile. Mass societal pressure is dumped on anyone, who dares to put forth a confederacy organism of global rule explanation for understanding political, social and economic affairs. Keeping the enigma program for extending a cruel and deadly supremacy over mankind cannot be kept secret any longer.

A brief and concise definition of The Globalist Agenda follows:
“Simply put, the globalist movement is an alliance based on self-interest of the private international financiers and the royal, dynastic and hereditary land owning families of Britain, Europe and America which over the years have intermarried to create a self regenerating power structure that through lies and deception seeks to control everything and everyone on earth.”

Review the glaring elements that make up the demented mindset and ultimate objections of these demonic demons devoted to their satanic master.

Elite Belief System / Values

Social Darwinism / Elitism
Eugenics / Selective Breeding
Psychopathy Among Elites
The Ends Justify the Means
Mystery Religions / Occult
Collectivism as Social Control
Multi-generational Planning
Revelation of the Method

The End Game

Elite’s Utopia
Population Reduction to less than 1 Billion people
Post Industrial Feudalism
Implantable Microchips
Purpose Made Humans
End of the Age – New Age

This summary of attitudes and aims might not be earth shattering for dedicated observers of the power elite, but for those who avoid any appearance of being tagged as a tin foil wearing conspiracy kook, mustering up the courage to confront the facts of real history may be too much to contemplate. Nullifying one’s comfort zone, even if it is totally false, is not an attribute for those who never developed character of sincerity or intellectual honesty.

Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran provides a well documented account of Who Really Controls the World? Coming from a non Western perspective, it is most encouraging that the exposure of the force beyond the scene is resonating in every corner of the planet.

“The wealthiest families on planet earth call the shots in every major upheaval that they cause. Their sphere of activity extends over the entire globe, and even beyond, their ambition and greed for wealth and power knows no bounds, and for them, most of mankind is garbage – ‘human garbage.’ It is also their target to depopulate the globe and maintain a much lower population compared to what we have now.”

When The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals from “The Naked Communist”

 by Cleon Skousen was published, most people were diverted to thinking that a Marxist ideology was the primary enemy during the cold war. Left to the perceptive and astute, the most informed understand that the totalitarian creed of collectivism was originated and implemented by Jews. The influence of designed destruction for Western institutions and heritage, which facilitate and spreads the New World Order power structure, is the sacred canon of the privileged Globalist elites.

A serious researcher cannot ignore or circumvent this historic fact. Academic censorship would have the timid stay clear of this detail to avoid being smeared as a critic of the “so called” chosen tribe.

Now not every wicked globalist is exclusively Jewish. However, the proportion of Judaic race identity and Talmud proponents within the Globalist circle of black magic is overwhelmingly disproportionate to their population numbers. Also, there is no one single mythos viewpoint among globalists as The Two Jewish-led Globalist Camps… In Competition For Global Control illustrates.

“There are two distinct ideological globalist camps, both led by Jews — each camp competes with the other for global control: 1) THE LIBERAL CAMP 2) THE NEOCON CAMP”.

The inquiry into the influence of jewish faces in the Government can fill several books. Yet, the bias against covering this topic is so strong that only brave souls venture into the cauldron of popular culture ostracization.

If you have the courage to venture where most will not dare, take a close look at the lists provided on THE GLOBALISTS site. The lead rundown presents:

“The global elite march in four essential columns: Corporate, Academic, Political and Organized Religion. In general, the goals for globalism are created by Corporate. Academic then provides studies and white papers that justify Corporate goals.

Political sells Academic’s arguments to the public and if necessary, changes laws to accommodate and facilitate Corporate in getting what it wants. Organized Religion along with church and state secures corporate, academic and political rule into a global order.”

The lists of oligarch families, Committee of 300 and organized groups of the ruling class is a combination of dynasty elements that make up their cabal syndicate of power and dominance. The Rothschild linage bears the most attention for the central blood line of the international finance and the global cartel. Nevertheless, the choreographed architecture for governance goes well beyond an analysis of money, politics and force.

In order to restrict the world view and impose a rigid abidance into an occult Babylonian religion, The Globalist Agenda contends: New Religion Based on Earth Worship:

“Today, the elite are seeking to destroy the old religious belief systems and replace them with a “new age” religion based on a form of earth worship. Doing so will accomplish multiple objectives – to get people to accept lower standards of living; to accept voluntary sterilization to save mother earth thus helping to depopulate the planet; and to accept restrictions on rights and freedoms in the name of saving the environment.”

The Globalist Plan to take-down the whole World by Preston James, Ph.D postulates:

“Set up a comprehensive multi-level secret Luciferian matrix used to induce and promote selected individuals who are willing to do anti-human debased acts in exchange for extreme rewards of fame, money and power in return for their willingness to give up their souls. This provides a cadre of deeply committed sold-out top controllers who can be later disposed of when no longer needed. With abject secrecy their whole system becomes exposed and crumbles.”

This certainly sounds similar to the way the Plutocrat Jewery deviltry operates. For an evaluation on how The Dark Agenda Behind Globalism And Open Borders works, Zero Hedge sounds a familiar theme.

“The people behind the effort to enforce globalism are tied together by a particular ideology, perhaps even a cult-like religion, in which they envision a world order as described in Plato’s Republic. They believe that they are “chosen” either by fate, destiny or genetics to rule as philosopher kings over the rest of us. They believe that they are the wisest and most capable that humanity has to offer, and that through evolutionary means, they can create chaos and order out of thin air and mold society at will.”

Now what group of self proclaimed super elites does this most scrupulously describe?

The globalist plan for human servitude and ultimate liquidation is a direct result of the hubris from these deranged omnipotent imposters. Only through a sincere and dedicated investigation into the working of the “Khazarian Mafia”, a term penned by Dr. James, can one begin to comprehend the nature of the pandemic ethos that is at the core of the globalist cult.

Who better to conclude a dissecting of the globalist plan for human control than the teaching of Texe Marrs? From his Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report you get an account you will not read in the controlled media.

“Children of hell, that’s what Jesus called the Jewish religious teachers. That was almost 2,000 years ago. Well, guess what? The Jewish religionists are even worse now, in the 21st century. They’ve had almost 2,000 years more to practice and perfect their evil religion. Today, those who practice satanic cabalism and believe in the Talmud are the children of hell a hundred times over.”

The globalists adopt the practices and mores of this perversion from the Old Testament faith of Moses, Isaac, Jacob, and the prophets. Their design for a soulless existence and final mass annihilation is the essence of archfiend wickedness. The New World Order structure of global submission basically wants to remove free will from the human condition.

Every thinking and God fearing person must resist and oppose the autocracy of the Tempter for global secularization. As more individuals assimilate into a reprobate culture that lacks faith in the divine word of God, the end collapse of society and all decency is inevitable.


March 19, 2020


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