October 13th, 2004: MISA Yoga School protests against the cosmetized country report

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MISA Yoga School protests against the cosmetized country report
The human rights are not respected in Romania

   Bucharest, October, 13th, 2004. MISA Yoga School continues the series of protests against the abuses that the yoga practitioners are subjected to, with other two public gatherings. One of them will take place in front of the headquarters of the European Commission Delegation, on no.18-20, Jules Michelet street and the other one in front of the Romanian Government building.

   The protest in front of the European Commission Delegation will begin at 10 a.m. and then, between 11-11.30, the participants will march on Calea Victoriei street to the Romanian Government building where they will remain until 12:30.

   The manifestation in front of the European Commission Delegation refers to the country report that MISA yoga school considers to be cosmetized and not reflecting the current Romanian society. The purpose of the manifestation in front of the Government is to protest against the interference of the politics with justice and particularly against the abuses of the prosecutors and gendarmes that acted upon political order in the case of MISA.


For further information:
M.I.S.A. Press Office
Phone: 021-211.72.62, fax: 021-211.72.55
E-mail: biroudepresa_misa@yahoo.com

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