On Wisdom (2)


By yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

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51. Before anything else, people see and feel what they are already used to see and feel. In very many situations, they are incapable to see and feel what they are not expecting at all to see and feel.

52. The human beings who enter specific states of occult resonance with various subtle beneficent energies, which come from the mysterious spheres of infinite force that exist in the Macrocosm, charge themselves, in this way, with these sublime energies. Afterwards, they have these energies present in their aura, so that they can manifest them any time they want.

53. Almost all events that are anticipated with great belief, rise to meet the expectations made about them.

54. Most often people listen to you only when you have a large and strong subtle field that allows you to always be very charismatic. In this direction, the practice of Laya-Yoga with a certain MANTRA or the realisation of certain secret yoga techniques can help you enormously. This advice is also applicable in awakening the extraordinary state of SHAKTI, but in this case, the woman aspiring to achieve this state should practice Laya-Yoga with the subtle sounds of resonance (MANTRAS) specific to the Great Cosmic Powers. This is a great secret of spiritual success.

55. There is almost always an adequate solution to every problem we are confronted with. The wise always find the best solutions very easily.

56. To the human being who has already truly attained the enigmatic, indescribable state of spiritual Liberation (JIVANMUKTA), Eternity never seems too much.

57. When someone does something good to you, no matter how small, never forget it.

58. Some human beings are willing to embrace freedom and would accept to do all that they should do and all that is wise only when it is already too late and they have lost everything.

59. When you do a good deed, first offer the fruits of that action to God and, if you receive a clear, affirmative answer, you can be sure that in this way you will be detached from the outcome of that deed.

60. Even if sometimes we escape the hand of human justice after a serious offence, we will find that we can never escape the terrible manifestation of the immanent, mysterious Justice of God.

61. Even if we do not yet realise it, silence that listens, or that is listened to, is a refined psychologist. Knowing this, it is necessary to often be silent, and to attentively listen when the mysterious voice of silence has something to say to us.

62. The human beings who do not ceaselessly advance on the authentic spiritual path that they are on, and who indulge in stagnation, will soon notice that they begin to regress.

63. It is valuable for each of us to think about, at least once per week, which are our most precious and uplifting treasures that we consider the most important to amass every day in this life. These could never be expensive cars, fashionable clothes, luxurious residences or trendy perfumes, for all these are but superficial, illusory and ephemeral accessories. Beyond these appearances, the most valuable treasures to have prove to be the intense, constant and endless love, overwhelming states of godliness that appear when we abundantly attract within our being the sublime subtle energies of some godly attributes, the overflowing beatific happiness, and intense states of kindness, compassion, humbleness, good will and wisdom.

64. For each of us, true wealth (which is supreme and everlasting) consists of being more and more fulfilled, thanks to the ecstatic, uplifting and mysterious presence of God. Such wealth is always an immense resource when we leave this world for good (in the moment of so-called ‘death’).

65. From one single burning torch which sheds light, hundreds of thousands of other torches can be kindled without diminishing the burning life of that torch. Let us bear in mind that we never reduce our happiness, pleasure, euphoria, bliss, delight, love and joy when we share them with human beings that deserve them. Actually, in such situations, through selfless sharing, such experiences are enhanced and multiplied. In this way, our happiness, pleasures, bliss, love, delight, euphoric and joyful states are doubled, or even tripled in certain conditions. Particularly in this way, we become convinced of the mysterious reality of the occult multiplying process which was discovered ages ago by the advanced followers of the Tantra Yoga system. In this very aspect lies the secret of the threesome frenetic amorous games based on mutual boundless love, transfiguration, perfect amorous sexual continence and the unconditional consecration of the fruits of the lovemaking to God the Father.

66. The greatest evil that someone can do to others, or implicitly, to themselves, is to give body, mind, consciousness and soul to Satan. In so doing they become his instrument.

67. Smile often, because at that time most of the whole world will almost always smile with you.

68. On the fabulous path of the ancient system of Tantra Yoga, the few yogis who have already discovered what is necessary and who are certainly endowed with some paranormal powers (SIDDHI-s) are unanimously appreciated and looked up to for their amazing accomplishments by many enthusiastic and perseverant human beings. These people aspire to follow the vivid example of those accomplished persons and are willing to transform themselves by following the impulse that can be offered by such rare human beings, which can easily help them to make great spiritual leaps. As for the spiritual seekers who are still searching and who are quite numerous in this world, we should never overlook that, for the moment, such seekers hardly have anything to offer, as “Not even God can ask for something from nothing”.

69. In God’s Creation and Manifestation, there are many situations when the absence of proof of God’s existence is not a proof of the non-existence of His ceaseless presence and manifestation in the whole Creation and Manifestation.

70. When a human being permanently keeps themselves at a great distance from the spiritual Guide, they also keep the spiritual Guide at a great distance from them. Often, because of the ignorance in which they indulge, such a human being cannot realise that it is themselves they deceive by doing this.

71. One of the amazing characteristics of a great genius that is unsuspected, especially in the beginning, is that they offer creative ideas to mediocre people, 50 or 100 years later.

72. The genius human beings, whether advanced yogis, inspired artists, great scientists, exceptional tantrics, vivid writers, accomplished sculptors, visionary film directors or enlightening poets, are extremely evolved spirits who incarnate here on Earth with a certain purpose, or in other words, destiny, precisely because of their obvious endowments and utterly exceptional gifts. Such rare human beings are easily able to comprehend, conceive and then accomplish remarkable works or new discoveries, which later on prove to be of outstanding value. Such human beings are or become appreciated and acknowledged even in the world beyond (the Astral Universe) for being able to accomplish certain discoveries and offer extraordinary revelations to humankind. This is why certain spirits (very evolved entities from the World Beyond) who strongly aspire that certain brilliant beneficial discoveries that will be quite useful for all humankind should be accomplished at the right moment, often secretly inspire such human beings and even suggest to them in a paranormal, mysterious way genius ideas. Such human beings are often inspired in a paranormal way and helped through certain sublime synchronicities or mysterious impulses in certain key moments in their life. Most of the time, they hardly know how and in what mysterious ways they are being led and guided, step by step, in order to eventually complete their mission. However, some of them, quite a few actually, have a vague intuition in certain moments that fate is being favourable to them, or that they are being assisted and guided from the world beyond through mysterious events or amazing synchronicities. There are extremely few brilliant human beings who realize, however, that when they summon the creative inspiration, in fact, they are making a genuine invocation. A brilliant human being most often is disconcerting and amazing to ordinary people.

73. One of the most amazing qualities of the future is that, most often, the future appears to us as being surprising. Only God is never surprised by the future as only He knows it entirely and in advance. The well-known text of the Revelation describes for us, with an anticipation of thousands of years ahead, the future that we now started to fully experience. In the near future, some prophecies that were mentioned a long time ago in the Book of Revelation (such as, for example, the mandatory introduction of RFID chips under the skin) will be fulfilled if and only if we remain inert, indifferent and lethargic, and we indulge in larval states, in laziness, in a state of abysmal stupidity and inaction.

74. A model, even a godly one, which is approached with a lack of enthusiasm, without aspiration, without an adequate power of discrimination, without creative intuition and without the necessary capacity of observation, appears to us just like a useless mathematical exercise. Even the billions of observations that a lot of human beings make – but which are all approached without relying on truly sublime models that are full of wisdom – most often only generate dissipation and confusion.

75. Each of us should, at least once in our lifetime, ask ourselves in a deep and mature way, what is, in fact, every human being who is always embraced by the super-giant Macrocosm in which we all live and exist. This (the human being) is a tiny “nothing” compared to the Mysterious Infinite, who always knows everything about each of us and can do everything that is possible, simultaneously and continuously embracing all and everything that exists in the Supreme Creation. Very few people are able to intuit in a profound way and realize that, in reality, every human being (without exception) is and always remains a miniature whole (a tiny drop) or, in other words, a Microcosm that is continuously integrated into the super-giant Whole (the Macrocosm) that was created at the beginning of all beginnings by God the Infinite, the One who is eternal and who is, and remains for us, deeply mysterious. Even when they do not (yet) intuit it, all human beings on this planet exist as a sui-generis medium (secret channel) for communication, or otherwise, appear as an enigmatic bridge between the apparent “nothing” and the Great Whole (the Macrocosm). The overwhelming reality of this revelation can be intuited, grasped and assimilated in certain circumstances only by the few, by means of a direct inner experience.

76. Regarding great geniuses, it is obvious that their genius is objective and comes close to perfection. Obvious and extraordinary genius is an exemplary, amplified talent.

77. When we look around with enough attention and lucidity, we discover with amazement that some human beings are born already mature and show themselves to us as such from a young age, whereas other human beings remain ‘young’, with an unripe mind, even when they have reached the age of 99.

78. Even when we do not realize it, the whole Macrocosm is permanently reflected in the Microcosm of each of us, and the Microcosm of each of us is ceaselessly reflected and integrated within the Macrocosm, just like a drop in a huge ocean. God has shown an unequalled wisdom for each of us, placing our birth before a so-called death (which propels us into the life after this life), because without this, we would know nothing about life in the Physical Universe (the material one).

79. Given the obvious and undeniable fact that God the Father made the human being in His image and likeness, beyond appearances, every human being is revealed as being simultaneously limited and unlimited. Even if every human being appears as not being infinite, in reality no one is entirely limited, and that is why, in certain circumstances, one may be and remain tangent to the endlessness, the Infinite, for a certain period of time. Every human being can be, and remain, in simultaneity, This and That. But still, many human beings are neither This nor That.

80. Exactly as we predominantly act and behave in life, so we become soon after. It has often been said that all human beings always become exactly what they mostly think and intend. The subtle energy of willpower that is drawn into the inner universe of every human being always follows his strong intentions and desires. Even when the human being does not suspect it, his actions are intimately related to his strong intentions and the willpower that he manifests. Subsequently, every human being becomes like his deeds or, in other words, the actions he carries out. Therefore, the great sages and advanced yogis say that wise actions, which are deeply beneficial and persevering, are always, without exception, far superior to inaction.

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Excerpt from the book Guru-ology, 550 Aphorisms of Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru


October 22, 2020


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