On Wisdom (3)


By yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

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81. Thousands of years ago, advanced yogis discovered that first the consciousness – which is effervescent, enthusiastic and full of aspiration – is the one that searches. Then the heart, or in other words, the subtle force centre ANAHATA CHAKRA, is the one that discovers. We thus come to appreciate the importance of the mysterious wisdom of the heart.

82. A profound happiness floods our being when we can continue to aspire towards, and strongly desire, that which is pure, wonderful, uplifting and godly, while knowing that it is already available to us.

83. When an advanced yogi feels that something is missing, he begins to search for it in everything he already has, and thus he discovers that in his inner universe he permanently has everything he thinks is missing. In this way, this yogi discovers with amazement and delight that in reality, everything that exists in his inner universe is at the same time present somewhere in the entire and gigantic Macrocosm. Thus, he becomes aware that anything that does not exist in his inner universe does not exist anywhere else.

84. The advanced yogi discovers that more often than not, it is extraordinarily good to be full of altruism and detachment, offering all that is beneficial and sublime. In this way, such a yogi discovers that it is much better to give than just to receive. Thus, he discovers the mysterious and complex way in which the Law of Occult Offering operates within the Godly Manifestation and Creation.

85. In any clearly superior and profoundly transforming beginning – which will lead us step by step to wonderful, godly heights – the first steps are the most difficult and take the longest.

86. God told us: “When you begin your journey towards Me full of aspiration, and you desire to find Me, I will instantly come to meet you, to receive you and embrace you in mysterious ways that will amaze and delight you!”

87. When a beginner yogi evokes his past, he spontaneously lowers his eyes to the ground and when such a yogi dreams of his future, he spontaneously raises his eyes to heaven and implores, with justified hope, God’s guidance, inspiration and help.

88. It is very important that all of us become capable of looking at our life and at all that surround us with the eyes of a pure, angelic and wondrous child.

90. True friends can often be discovered after a lengthy search. It is almost impossible for us to leave such extraordinary friends and it is impossible for us to forget them… Such exceptional friends are only deserved, however, if we in turn are also true friends.

91. No genuine spiritual path appears to be long when you walk it with great enthusiasm, alongside a human being whom you love and who loves you.

92. A life that lacks true and extraordinary friends is just like an abandoned garden with no flowers.

93. A genuine Tantric master is always ready to dive into a new, pure, sublime, uplifting and godly adventure that generates a new and immense happiness that he also shares with the enthusiastic and courageous human beings who are willing to follow and accompany him.

94. The most efficient recipe for happiness: promptly annihilate all worries, multiply the formidable, godly chances that we are offered and add (or even multiply) sublime, beneficial pleasures. Moreover, when we offer such pleasures to the human beings whom we adore, they fill us with an immense joy and cause us to discover surprising pleasures that are thus revealed to us.

95. The wonderful, sublime follies that are also godly integrated always remain existential experiences that are profoundly transforming and unforgettable. Moreover, we will never regret these experiences.

96. Human beings who keep their soul like the soul of a child (which is pure and unaltered) for their entire life, spontaneously feel the mysterious presence of God, and they communicate with their guardian angel with great ease. Furthermore, such human beings never grow old.

97. To the extent to which the wisdom of the heart (mysteriously related to the subtle force centre ANAHATA CHAKRA) has already awoken in your inner universe, always follow its impulse and inspiration without hesitation.

98. Do everything that is beneficial and stringently necessary for your life to be a paradise as quickly as possible, and then act constantly and ceaselessly so that this paradise becomes a reality for you and all the others who are prepared to discover it.

99. Let us always act so that we live each new week of our life in a totally beneficial and godly integrated manner, because we should never lose sight of the fact that every day of our life is actually a small fragment of our entire life.

100. The Tantric aspirant almost always lives every moment of his life with great enthusiasm and frenzy, as if he will die tomorrow, and he also experiences and learns everything necessary for him, as if he will live forever. Thus, he discovers and even experiences the state of immortality.

101. The one who dares to say certain disturbing truths at the right time needs a fast car, even a racing car, to get out of there as quickly as possible, to save themselves from the wave of resentment and discontentment that they awaken in the human being who is directly targeted by such truths.

102. The surest way of perfecting ourselves from a spiritual perspective is to become, to be and to remain a human being that is completely deified.

103. An optimistic human being looks at a rose with great delight, admires the beauty of its petals, savours its charming perfume and does not see its thorns. A pessimistic human being fearfully looks only at the rose’s thorns, which is why he keeps his distance, being frightened and incapable of seeing the rose’s beauty.

104. The human being who permanently learns from everything that surrounds him and who additionally already knows that he does not know everything – if he maintains such an attitude, he will learn ceaselessly and will thus know more and more.

105. The light of the afternoon sun does not help the one whose eyes are closed, nor the one whose eyes are covered with seven black veils, to see.

106. Human beings who are almost always happy, and human beings who offer great happiness to human beings who deserve it, discover that the overwhelming happiness that they experience also gives them an excellent state of health.

107. Frankness does not imply simply rushing into saying anything we think, it actually suggests that we think profoundly and lucidly about everything we say.

108. For the vast majority of human beings, speech appears as an imperative need, but to listen with great attention to everything a human being is saying, seeking at the same time to empathically communicate with their inner universe – this is an art that few human beings master.

109. If you truly want your beneficial aspirations to be accomplished, you should not be lazy, and you should not indulge in inaction or inertia.

110. The human being who loses himself in beneficial passion that often overwhelms him is in fact less lost than the human being in whom all beneficial passion has already disappeared.

111. Each state of hatred disturbs our being, affects our body and makes us old; and every spontaneous and sincere smile transforms our body in a beneficial way and makes us young.

112. The future will always be wonderful for all human beings who permanently act in a beneficial and godly integrated manner – now, in this present moment.

113. Temptations exist and appear at the right time. The weak fall and then slide into temptation, while the firm, strong, brave and heroic never give in to temptation and they thus finally triumph over temptation.

114. For the wise, it is obvious that a human being cannot have a durable connection, nor a fruitful level of understanding with their neighbour if, for now, that human being has not succeeded in having such a communication with themselves.

115. The length of a life is (beyond appearances) the same, no matter if we go through it being very happy and singing, or being almost always unhappy, suffering and crying.

116. For a yogi that is profoundly spiritually transformed and advanced, there are only happy portending signs, because in his case, no matter what appears, it depends on him and only him to extract beneficial lessons from any experience of life.

117. Perfection does not only imply doing something great and beautiful, because (beyond appearances), perfection implies doing what we have to do with greatness and beauty.

118. Remember that there is no shame in preferring – no matter how often overwhelming states of happiness that are godly integrated.

119. In reality, the only thing that will never change is the fact that everything is about to change, to a greater or lesser degree.

120. Beyond appearances, what is difficult is precisely that which can be done immediately, and the impossible (which is actually possible) is everything that requires us to invest a little more time and a lot of enthusiasm.

121. The advanced yogi never remains excessively fixated on the past and never dreams of the future in an excessive and delusory way. Such a yogi firmly and constantly concentrates his consciousness specifically on the Present Moment.

122. When they are regarded from God’s perspective, even great masterpieces are nothing other than more or less fortunate attempts to consciously or unconsciously imitate supreme, godly perfection and beauty.

123. The Good Lord never mocks, He never bemoans and never detests everything that exists, because He and only He is capable of fully understanding everything that was, that is and that will exist in eternity.

124. Always, without exception, all the words that we have not spoken are and remain, in eternity, the wonderful flowers of silence.

125. When regarded from a sage’s perspective, godly chance is actually an enigmatic necessity, and happiness is a vocation.

126. For a Tantric master, life is never a problem that needs to be solved, but rather a complex reality, full of mysteries, which needs to be experienced as pleasantly as possible in every moment, and which bestows conscious happiness.

127. When the spiritual path we follow enthusiastically and perseveringly is authentic, it ultimately leads us towards the same supreme, godly goal. However, it is always essential for the respective spiritual path we are following to awaken our soul and make the mysterious wisdom of the heart sprout and even bloom in our inner universe.

128. The scientist is not only the one who offers us certain true answers, because he must also be the one who formulates certain essential questions.

129. With regards to the major spiritual tests that appear at the right time when we follow an authentic spiritual path, it is essential to realise that when a major spiritual test appears, it is already too late to prepare: exactly in this moment, our soul and being need to manifest as necessary.

130. It is essential to realise that it is not at all wise to cut connections when we can almost always untie knots with great attention, patience and lucidity.

Excerpt from the book Guru-ology, 550 Aphorisms of Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru


December 3, 2020


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