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Secrets of Europe’s Largest Yoga School

A FREE Live Webinar

March 7th 2009,

6.00PM – 8.00PM GMT (1.00PM – 3.00PM US EST)

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More About Us

About US Yoga Academy

US Yoga Academy has been created to share a method that is based on the tradition of yoga and reveals the laws of the real spiritual science, having immediate practical applications. We offer Integral Yoga Courses, Tantra Workshops, Women’s Spiritual Groups, Conferences and seminars in different cities in USA.

The method we teach has been applied with great results for tens of thousands of people around the world in the past 20 years.

Comments on „Be a Tantric Valentine! – A Free Live Webinar”

„I was very impressed that the technical aspects worked as well as they did. Bravo! I wonder if people realized that they really would need a microphone to make communication possible.” M.R, USA

„I liked the information presented in the webinar, and also, I liked the time for questions and answers at the end. Thank you very much.” K.C, USA

„I hope to see it, if posted on your website…I look forward to March 7.” A.E, USA

„In my opinion, it was a really great and inspiring presentation… I liked the deep wisdom and Virginia’s humour.” L.H, Germany

„I truly enjoyed the webinar and learned something out of it; which is great since I’m 50 years old. I would love to share this webinar with
friends and therefore hope that you’ll put it on the website for more viewing. Thanks for inviting me and making this possible for me.” D.J, Germany

„Well, it was a solid presentation. I wanted to see how you do this, I already have taken Tantra 1 course in Finland at Natha. I invited several people but only one showed up :). It’s great if you even will put the
recording on your website so I can show it to people who missed this.” I.L, Finland

„The Tantra webinar was a
matter of fact easy to follow with well-done slides and discussion. When we had the homework during x-mas break and had to study a lot, I understood how much work it is behind a webinar. The attendees get the subject served on a silver platter.” M.S, 2nd year online yoga, Finland

Dear Guest,

You are cordially invited to attend an exciting, unique and special FREE live webinar. This presentation will introduce you to the amazing initiations and inside testimonials from our mother school in Europe as well as the successful teaching methods of our US Yoga Academy, with emphasis on the online yoga course.

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Spiritual experiences – our most precious treasure

„Man is known after his deeds, a tree is known after its fruits (as the Bible says) and the yogi is known after his spiritual states or experiences. Spiritual experiences are the most precious treasures offered to us by the perseverance and correct practice of the yoga techniques. When we definitely leave this world, in the moment of the so-called death, in order for us to go into the world beyond, the only „luggage” that we can take with us are just all our (good or bad) experiences, which we had on a daily basis during our existence.” Yoga Professor Gregorian Bivolaru

Sharing a Spiritual Experience

In this webinar you will learn about

The power of sharing spiritual experiences:

   – In a paranormal way

   – Model, contemporary and vivid examples

   – Enlightening upon the results which show up through yoga practice.

Practical methods for:

   – Samyama (identification)

   – Blessings

   – Meditation.

The uniqueness of our mother school and its American branch US Yoga Academy

Online yoga classes

And much more…

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Founder of the Yoga System We Teach

Yoga Professor Gregorian Bivolaru founded the largest and most successful yoga school of Europe having its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania.
US Yoga Academy represents the American branch of this famous school.
In November 2005 he was elected full member for life in the International Senior Yoga Teachers Advisors of World Yoga Council.               

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Yoga Online

online class

Today, we are challenged more than at any other time in history with heavy daily demands from our jobs and our family. Yoga classes in your area may not be scheduled at a time that is conducive to your schedule. One thing to consider is taking a class online.


Online classes are exactly the same as taking a class in a classroom, except you are in the confines of your own home, or a hotel room. Wherever you are, you are just a few clicks away from your colleagues and your instructor. Another advantage is that the classes are much smaller so you get the intimate feel of having that extra one-on-one attention to work on an asana or a mental exercise. Above is a screenshot of one of our online classes.


If you are interested in taking advantage of the power of our online classes, please contact Virginia Marginean at

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Please join us on March 7th at 6.00PM GMT (1.00PM US EST) so that we can share with you the benefits and efficiency of the secret initiations and teachings of our yoga system and some of the unique qualities of our Yoga School.


                           Virginia Marginean, MD
                           US Yoga Academy

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