The First Class on Sexual Continence® and Bliss – A FREE Live Webinar

Dec 4,

18.00 – 20.00 GMT

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The First Class on Sexual Continence® and Bliss

A FREE Live Webinar

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Comments on „The Opening Festivity for

Sexual Continence® and Bliss,  A LiveOnline Course”

This webinar opened my eyes and expanded the possibilities in my relationship. I can keep it from going stale and deepen my spiritual connection with the love of my life. Virginia did an in depth analysis of lovemaking and what happens physically to us when we make love. She demonstrated how to channel the energy that can be used to propel your relationship to new heights.”- L.B, USA

„I’m glad I attended this webinar and I highly recommend this course to people who want to learn sexual continence®. It was very good, Virginia, congratulations!”- C.M, NO

„The webinar was great. Thank you for putting this together, Virginia! I’ve been focused on this topic for two years and the more information I receive on it the closer I get to my goal of obtaining and maintaining sexual continence®. From this webinar I learned a lot of useful information and tips on sexual continence® and got some good motivations with the rewards of practicing sexual continence® and implementing it in our lives. I look forward to learn more about this.”- R.D, USA

„Thank you very much. I enjoyed your presentation. I will join the courses on sexual continence
® .”- N.E, DE

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Promotion for Couples

The price for the sexual continence® module is $500 per person. As a special offer this holiday season, if you attend with a spouse or significant other the second person can attend this series for FREE***
Singles registered in Dec 2010  can invite their significant other that might show up in Jan – June 2011 to attend the sexual continence® webinars of this series for FREE***

Our Price:       $500 per person
Special Offer: $500 per couple

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Recommended Book

The „The Secret Tantric Path of Love: to happiness and fulfilment in a couple relationship” book is the response to the overwhelming need recognized by Gregorian Bivolaru (founder of Europe’s largest yoga school), through his hours of consultation and conferences and observations, for people to understand the importance of the couple relationship as a key aspect to living a happy and fulfilled life. Gregorian Bivolaru is the author of more than 40 books, translator of many others, and also, the author of over 200 articles on spirituality, love, yoga, tantra, sexual continence® and meditation.

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Dear Guest,

You are cordially invited to join the first online class on sexual continence
and bliss that is being offered live and for free on Saturday, Dec 4th 2010, 18.00 – 20.00 GMT.

On this unique occasion you will have the opportunity to enroll in the LiveOnline course for sexual continence

and bliss – a 12 classes series of $500 per person starting from Jan – June 2011. The price includes 12 webinars, 14 sets of extensive written notes and additional materials (recommendations of articles and books, music, class outlines etc).

We look forward to your attendance on Saturday December 4, 2010.


Virginia Marginean MD

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Dec 4th FREE Live Webinar

In this webinar you will discover how love and consecration represent two fundamental keys in obtaining sexual continence
– a path to everlasting bliss, health and spiritual flourishing. On this occasion you can sample, for free,  the unfolding of a webinar on sexual continence
and thus understand how the 12 class module will work.

I Presentation (50 mins):
1. The First Key in Sexual Continence® and Everlasting Bliss: LOVE
2. The Second Key in Sexual Continence®: CONSECRATION
3. Outline of the Efficient Keys Offered in Sexual Continence® and Bliss LiveOnline Course
II Practice (50 mins):
1. Meditations (TBA)

2. Consecration
III Q/A (20 mins)

Don’t let this amazing opportunity pass you by!

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Sexual Continence

The LiveOnline course on sexual continence
® and bliss came as a response to a high demand from people looking for practical and enjoyable solutions to find or restore happiness within a relationship, discover how sexuality can be integrated into the spiritual life and thus grant fulfillment, longevity, rejuvenation and health.

The sexual continence
® module comprises 12 paying webinars, in which are presented the following topics:

  • modern food and lifestyle impact on our sexuality, happiness and health;
  • natural aphrodisiacs in the light of Ayurvedic systems  and modern science;
  • physiology, neurology and genetics involved in the happiness of a couple;
  • sexual continence® techniques from Tantra, Tao and Yoga for women, men and couples;
  • health problems that can be alleviated and even cured by implementing sexual continence® into your life;
  • men and women body harmony, beauty and fulfillment with the help of sexual continence®;
  • the secret of amorous positions;
  • erotic ecstasy as a royal path to spiritualization and spirituality;
  • and much more…

The subjects covered in the opening festivity webinar and the free class webinar on sexual continence® and bliss are included in the written notes (14 written courses) that will be shipped to our registrants by mail.

The aditional materials (recommended articles, books, movies, music, courses outlines etc) will help you prepare for each webinar and deepen your understanding and knowledge on sexual continence® and thus enable you to successfully approach the practical elements from this module.

The sexual continence® module expands over a 6 month period with 2 webinars offered each month. In this way you are given the necessary time to study, practice and obtain results on the path to sexual continence® and bliss.

During the module time (Jan – June 2011) registrants will  benefit from free private consultations from the medical doctor offering these classes.

People that register after the module on sexual continence® and bliss has started will pay the full price and will receive the written notes and aditional materials and will be able to join the remaining webinars from this series.

We look forward to walk with you on the amazing path of sexual continence® and bliss for a better, healthier, happier and more spiritual lifestyle!


Price: $500

Registration: please use the PayPal option from our website

Contact email:

Contact phone (USA): 209-401-4964

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Thank you for your interest regarding our events and courses!

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and bliss and FREE webinars on yoga, health and spiritual traditions.

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