The Holocaust of the Masonic Communists (2)


By Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
for Veterans Today

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Marx against God and Masons Like Mazzini

Karl Marx and the original notes of the Manifesto of the Communist Party of 1948

According to reliable sources, even Marx himself would have been a Mason: “In 1848 the Jew Moses Kiessel Mordekkai Levy, aka Karl Marx, writes the Manifesto of the Communist Party. Marx is a Freemason, as initiated at the Apollo Lodge in Cologne” (see Hiram, No. 5, 1990, p. 114), “and also a member of an organization created by the Illuminati called The Lega dei Giustion whose behalf he writes his Manifesto” – reads on the site of La Masoneria Smasca.

In the book of Gary Allen and Larry Abraham entitled None Dare Call it Conspiracy (Nobody Osa Clarify Conspiracy, published in 1971 by Concord Press, Seal Beach, California), in fact we read that Karl Marx was hired by a mysterious group who called themselves the League of the Righteous Men – which was nothing but an emanation or extension of the Illuminati who had been forced to retire underground after the attack on the Bavarian authorities in 1786 – to write the Communist Manifesto. And all Marx did was then to update and codify those same revolutionary plans and principles that had been enunciated seventy years earlier by Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Order of the Illuminati.

In fact, if we compare the communist ideals, those expressed in the Decalogue and those that are silent but openly supported, we find numerous analogies with those of the followers of Rothschild and Weishaupt:
“- Expropriation of land ownership and use of land rent for state expenses;
– Strongly progressive tax;
– Abolition of the right of succession;
– Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels;
– Centralization of credit in the hands of the State through a national bank with state capital and exclusive monopoly;
– Centralization of all means of transport in the hands of the State.”

These are some of the essential points for Marx and Engels that perfectly reflect the aforementioned “commandments” of the Illuminati of Bavaria.
To these, the denial of God and of the Bible are added, with the famous Marxist declaration: “Religion is the opium of the people”. On the basis of this assumption, the German philosopher bases the right of criticism of the people on God first and then on Capitalism.

It is noteworthy to note that the Communist Manifesto as well as the Communist League, Schapper’s Germany Democratic Society, flourished in London, where a century earlier Freemasonry was born and Mazzini took refuge in the expulsion from Switzerland in 1836 after the founding of Giovine Europa in Berne that brought together the Mazzinian committees of Italy, France, Poland and Germany by Schapper himself, already at his side in the Savoy expedition. The Italian arrived in the English capital with the help of the family of Mayer Moses Nathan, related to the Rothschilds and father of Ernest, the future Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy from 1896 and Mayor of Rome from 1907.

This organization acted as the supreme coordination of all Masonic-insurrectionist movements that were soon to participate in the European revolution. “The entire Masonic organization was modified by the new leaders and an opportunity opened up for Mazzini” – writes the Travel Notes website that traces the links between the revolutionary and the secret society. “The elite had in fact decided to exploit the implacable Mazzini’s reactionary instinct and to entrust him with the dirty work of terrorist provocations that should have favored the world revolution, a role he held until his death in 1872. His nickname in the speculative branch of this new reactionary Masonic impulse would be Emunach Memed. With regard to his acquired new level of knowledge of international secret societies.”

The People as Weapon of Bankers

Il Quarto Stato – the famous 1901 painting by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo
 in the Museo del Novecento in Milan

Marx is an authoritarian and centralist communist. He wants what we wants: the complete triumph of economic and social equality, however, in the state and through the power of the state, through the dictatorship of a very strong and, so to speak, despotic government, that is, through the denial of freedom.

It was the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin (quoted from the biography of Diego Fusaro) who took part in the Dresden Insurrection of 1849 consequent to the movements caused in Europe and in particular in Germany and Italy which erupted in 1848 precisely in coincidence with the Communist Manifesto of Marx, who leveraged the class struggle by inciting the proletariat to the revolution, to use it as a weapon against the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, to carry out his project of an oligarchic and atheistic dictatorial state, exactly according to the concept of the Illuminati of Bavaria.

Precisely for this reason he included in the Decalogue elements of suggestion for the working masses such as “multiplication of national factories, of production tools, tillage and improvement of land according to a collective plan. Equal work obligation for all, establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture. Unification of agriculture and industry, measures aimed at gradually eliminating the antagonism between city and countryside. Public and free education of all children. Elimination of the work of children in factories in its current form. Combination of education with material production” and so on.

We know very well how the Soviet experience put power in the hands of a few members of the Supreme Soviet and the wealth in the hands of those who were friends of it, leading to the birth of the famous Russian oligarchs and their counterparts in China: where the exploitation of labor is still today a source of wealth for an elite of capitalists and a cause of global economic imbalance due to the unfair competition of products.

In practice, the revolutions have served to enrich even more those who already had privileged positions and immediately married the cause, in the same way as the Sicilian landowners who later became exponents of Freemasonry and the Mafia planted by Mazzini himself before the Unification of Italy.

There are many sources that, without unfortunately possessing circumstantial elements, refer to the rivers of money that were invested to finance the Bolshevik Revolution, an international project aimed at undermining the growing power of the Russian Tsar Empire which, if ideologically took the moved by Marx and Bakunin, on the Geopolitical military it is anchored on Russia’s involvement in the First World War alongside England and France against the Habsburgs. A real trap aimed at the Romanovs by powers controlled by Freemasonry (which through the Anglo-Italian hooded brothers in the government of the Kingdom of Italy also brought the latter into conflict) to weaken the armies and impoverish the population in order to make more easy the long premeditated “perfect revolution”.

On December 7, 1917 Lenin, established in power, eliminated the Tsar and his wealth left in the Rothschild bank in London, ordered by decree that the banking business become a monopoly of the State, all private banks with shares and private banking offices were united with the State Bank. The provisional direction of private banking business was transferred to the Soviet of the State Bank. Provisions then led to the concealment of the Gosbank (Gosudarstvehnij Bank) first and of the State Bank of the USSR in 1923 which remained far from immune from the capitalist system.

“There is no proletarian movement – not even the communist parties – which did not operate in the interest of Danaro, in the direction desired by the Danaro, and for the time allowed by the Danaro, and this of course without the idealists among the leaders having the slightest suspicion” wrote the German historian and philosopher Oswald Spengler in The Sunset of the West.

And so it was for Russia, as the scholar Dagoberto Bellucci expressed: “Since 1922, Armand Hammer [American financier – editor’s note] negotiated with Lenin and Mikoyan in Moscow, obtaining from Henry Ford the maintenance of his assembly lines on the communist territory. In 1920 Chase Bank of John Rockefeller, grandfather of David Rockefeller, negotiated with the state organ Prambank, the creation of a Soviet-American chamber of commerce. This institution, established in 1922, was headed by Renè Schley, one of the Chase Bank vice-presidents. The Rockefeller family banking institution appeared, along with the Equitable Trust Company, belonging to the founder of Standard Oil, as the most committed in credit operations with the new revolutionary regime in Moscow. According to a report by the State Department, Kuhn, Loeb and Company, the largest New York financier, participates in the financing of the first five-year plan, after having worked as a deposit bank for the Bolshevist government, which had transferred between 1918 and 1922 more than 600 million rubles in gold.”

The objective of Anglo-American Freemasonry, the trait d’union of the New World Order project between Mazzini, Lord Palmerston and Pike, was achieved, through the hyper-bureaucratic and plastered Soviet statist structure designed by Lenin. The possibilities of expansion of Russia, and therefore of competition with Great Britain and the United States of America, were now compromised and therefore nothing forbade them to do business. In the meantime, control of the two Anglo-Saxon countries was increasingly in the hands of world finance through the Bank of England and the Fed, in turn controlled by the Rothschild financial empire.

The prophecy pronounced by Mayer Amschel Rothschild on 27 July 1694, at the time of the founding of the Bank of England, had come true: “Give me control of a nation’s currency and I don’t care who makes its laws.” It had come to the point that Stalin himself, in order to cultivate his imperialist aims during the Second World War, was forced to bring private Jewish financiers into the USSR State Bank, while maintaining strict secrecy over the operation so as not to alert the people. Thinking back to all this, one might think that the Cold War and the Russian-American conflicts of the twentieth century in Asian countries were only skirmishes aimed at justifying the arms race and the colossal consequent financial movements: it is not a novelty that the global bankers have financed, obviously with loans to the limit of the usurer, both the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler and the Allies and, before that,

The Communist Holocaust and the “Foibe”

Beyond the socio-economic consequences determined by Communism, the crimes of this socialist vision – which, as we have seen, are a consequence of a revolutionary project defined with a philosophical-political-economic strategy – are absolutely undervalued in the world public opinion, according to the Black Book of Communism (Le Livre Noir du Communisme: Crimes, terreur, répression, published in 1997 by Éditions Robert Laffont). Edited by the historian Stéphane Courtois, it is a collection of essays on the communist states and the crimes and abuses committed by the regimes of these states. The texts were written by several researchers of the French CNRS, some already collaborators of François Furet, author of a previous publication on the subject, namely The past of an illusion.

The corpses found in the mass graves of karst caves called ‘foibe’

Among the European victims, there are 11,000 or so massacres of the foibe, or the massacres of the Italian population of Venice, Giulia and Dalmatia, which occurred between the end of the Second World War and the immediate second post-war period (1943-1945), by the Yugoslav partisans and by the OZNA (Communist Yugoslavia secret police), with the authorization of the Italian partisans.

The name derives from natural cavities, wells, present on the Karst (plateau behind Trieste and Istria): large karst sinkholes where many of the bodies of the victims were thrown, which in the Venezia-Giulia are called “foibe”. The massacre was followed by the Julian-Dalmatian exodus, or the forced emigration of the majority of ethnic and Italian-speaking citizens from those territories of the Kingdom of Italy previously occupied by the Popular Liberation Army of Yugoslavia by Marshal Josip Broz Tito and subsequently annexed by Yugoslavia. It is estimated that emigrants from their homelands amount to between 250 thousand and 350 thousand people. (The film Red Land – Red Istria reconstructs the real tragic history of the sinkholes.)

This was an exodus following the death of 11 thousand people, who today is scorned by a few hundred leftist and anarchist students from the social centers, Bakunin proselytes on duty, fundamentalists of the left fist raised, nostalgic for proletarian fighters but, most of all, ignorant as donkeys to the point of not knowing that behind the Bolshevik Revolution and behind communism there was the direction of the Masonic capitalists of the New World Order.

The same globalists who today foment the orange revolutions for democracy and liberty by sending the tycoon George Soros to the trenches, the uncovered face of the finance that armed the rebels in Ukraine (10 thousand dead) as in Syria (500 thousand dead), which wants the disintegration of the sovereign states like Weishaupt wanted it from the Kingdom of France and Lenin from the Russian Empire, so that there are no obstacles and mediators between the plutocracy, the government of wealth, and the sheep-like people.

Soros therefore aims to be more and more plutarca (who governs with money) in every part of the world. If today the globalists can still influence the consciences (besides the portfolios of the hired demonstrators), it is also and above all because the history of communism has not yet been censored with disdain by the various world institutions more or less useful as UN, European Court of Human Rights of Strasbourg and various humanitarian organizations.

If all this can happen, it is because we were not taught in school about the Freemasonry and the Illuminati and the genocide they cause, because the books have been written by them and the idealists of communism still write them. This was a bloody totalitarian regime even worse than the Nazis, especially considering the number of deaths. The gulags are exactly like the lagers, the foibe as Auschwitz: but some thugs may offend the victims of Tito’s holocaust without anyone incriminating him for apology of crime, as happens instead with the Nazi-fascist extremists. An infamous martyrdom for thousands of Italians, millions of Russians and so many more other people around the world.


May 17, 2019


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