The Ultimate False Flag: Alien Armageddon (2)


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President Bill Clinton made the following remarks at a Ceremony for Boys and Girls Nation on July 18, 1996:
“Very interesting, don’t you think, that this movie, Independence Day, is becoming the most successful movie ever? Some say it’s because they blew up the White House and the Congress – (laughter) – and that may be. But, you know, you see story after story after story about how the movie audiences leap up and cheer at the end of the movie when we vanquish the alien invaders, right? I mean, what happened? The country was flat on its back, the rest of the world was threatened, and you see all over the world all these people have all of a sudden put aside the differences that seem so trivial once their existence was threatened, and they’re working together all over the world to defeat a common adversary.”

Addressing a Blue Ribbons School Award Ceremony on October 28, 1999, Bill Clinton again broached the theme of unification under an alien threat:
“I told somebody the other day – I got a big laugh – I said: ‘You know, I get so angry at all these conflicts around the world and these expressions of hatred here at home based on race or religion or sexual orientation. If we were being attacked by space aliens, like in that movie, Independence Day, we’d all be looking for a foxhole to get in together and a gun to pick up together’. The absence of a threat sometimes causes us to lose our sense of focus, our center, our concentration.”

It is the same theme – “unification” of mankind i.e. establishment of a global slave state, under fear of an alien threat. Notice the phrase “the absence of a threat” and its manipulative power. And Clinton was always very careful with the choice of his words. He was mentored by Professor Carol Quigley, the man who first revealed the existence and identity of a secret group that had planned WWI beginning around 1890.

Quigley believed in the Elite agenda until his later years when he realized that his own life was in danger owing to his revelations. He had been given access to the secret Elite documents for a couple of years. In his inaugural address Clinton acknowledged Professor Quigley. As observed by David Griffin, this acknowledgement sent a message to all those who belonged to the Elite and its allies that Clinton shared their world view. He was telling them that he was theirs and will abide by whatever they wish. So Clinton was aware of the existence of a deeper hidden cabal that is manipulating all these wars and that owns most of the wealth of nations.

Hillary Clinton, who herself is a lawyer and has deeply imbibed and submitted to the Elite agenda, stated the following during an address at Prague on October 13, 1998:
“In one of those popular movies I referred to that swept my country and apparently made a lot of money around the world, called Independence Day – these movies always seem to start with an attack on Washington, D.C., which I don’t really know how to take, the blowing up of the White House and Capitol to begin with – the ending of it required all of us to cooperate to fend off an alien attack. And certainly in the theatre in which I saw it, there were great cheers as people of all different races and backgrounds and societies around the globe came together as human beings to save ourselves. We certainly don’t expect it to come to that…”

This is quite similar to what her husband had stated in 1996. A few months later she reiterated, in different words, what she said at Prague. While reading Hillary’s statement one has the feeling that she is “educating”, or preparing the minds of innocent child-like humans about something she is privileged to know.

On January 14, 1999, while speaking at the Mars Millennium Project Kick-Off National Air & Space Museum Hillary Clinton stated:
“You look at the movies that have tried to predict what will happen in the future, and we often see a lot of death and destruction and environmental degradation. It’s not just that people might live under domes on Mars, but they would have to live under domes here on this planet because of what we will have done to our environment. Or whether we will have to join together as human beings to stave off attacks from aliens in outer space, and then we’ll have to put aside our really petty differences – differences in our own country and differences among people around the world – to stand up for our common humanity…”

In 2014 Bill Clinton was queried about a possible UFO invasion by Jimmy Kimmel in his show. Clinton’s response was as follows:
“If we were visited someday, I wouldn’t be surprised, I just hope it’s not like Independence Day, the movie, that it’s a conflict. May be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours. If they’re out there, think of how all the differences among people on earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader…”

The same strand runs through the statements of Reagan, Kissinger, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton over a period of more than three decades. This strand is consistent with what von Braun had told Carol Rosin during the period 1974-1977. And one must remember that it is the private sector that has real control over the missing trillions. As Steven Greer wrote:
“The US government builds almost nothing. The B-2 Stealth bomber is not built by the military; it is built for the military by private contractors. Private industry keeps secrets far better than the government, rendering the USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Programs) virtually impenetrable.”

B-2 Stealth Bomber

And, as established by Dean Henderson, the international banker families that own the Federal Reserve are among the top ten stock holders in each of the top 500 corporation of the world (the Fortune 500 corporations). The military industry is therefore owned by them and their subservient allies. So even in USAPs we find the hidden hand of these satanic Illuminati families of international bankers. Steven Greer has stated:
“Unacknowledged Special Access Projects are only known to those individuals inside the compartment, and that includes the President of the United States…
I know an auditor who audits Northrop Grumman. Just like Lockheed Martin, they do a lot of top-secret work on certain kinds of aircraft dealing with anti-gravity propulsion. If it’s an unacknowledged compartment with billions of dollars in it, the auditor will be told ‘You don’t have a need to know what’s going on with this’, and it’s just rubber stamped as audited. The auditor has no idea where the money is or where it’s going. It goes in the front door and leaves out the window, and no one knows where it ends up.”

Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman are among the top 500 corporations of the world and the international banker families are bound to be present on their boards. Ben Rich (1925-1995) worked at the Skunkworks section of Lockheed Martin and eventually became its second Director. Skunkworks dealt with development of sophisticated planes and with UFO reverse engineering. Jan Harzan, Executive Director MUFON, was present at a talk that Ben Rich gave at UCLA in 1993 (probable date March 23) at a meeting of alumni engineers.

He clearly remembers that at the end of his talk Ben Rich “showed a slide with a black disc zipping off in outer space and he ended with the words ‘we now have the technology to take ET home’.” So these private corporations have all this knowledge and clean technologies locked up and unless the international banking cabal and its allies decide to release the information, and the technology, we will continue to burn oil and pollute our environment and fight all these wars for oil.

This is so because the four largest oil companies are owned by the four largest banks which are owned by international banking families, as established by Dean Henderson. Mankind must burn oil and be burnt in oil wars because the satanic Illuminati international bankers want to own the world and enslave mankind after reducing global population drastically and violently.

It is now well known that one of the deepest reasons for the assassination of JFK was his attempt to bring out all information pertaining to UFOs out in the open and share it with the then Soviet Russia. In his book Kennedy’s Last Stand, Michael E. Salla, Ph.D., has provided persuasive evidence about the fact that any attempt to wrest the UFO related secret information and technology out of the hands of those who control it, will, under the law, lead to his or her liquidation. There are many insiders who have provided this information from time to time. The decision in this regard is taken by the group revealed in the 1980s as carrying the name MJ 12.

MJ 12 has been entrusted with complete oversight of the UFO program and the control has been taken out of the hands of the U.S. government as a result of adoption of certain recommendations by a committee headed by Nelson Rockefeller. And who was Nelson Rockefeller? A member of the satanic Illuminati international banking brethren whose family has traditionally had ownership of major oil companies as well. The recommendations were approved by Eisenhower who subsequently lived to regret them.

Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Defense Minister, has stated recently that President Eisenhower had vented his frustration with the private control of UFO information and technology, to the exclusion of the U.S. government, when he had warned the nation against the military-industrial complex in his farewell speech. There is the well-known incident in which President Eisenhower, when denied information about secret activities at Area 51, threatened the use of military force to take over the site. That led to results. But as Paul Hellyer has remarked, no President has “really been in the loop totally” since President Truman.

Hellyer states: “An eye witness who had worked in the company of President Eisenhower said what he was really concerned about was that the ET file had fallen into the wrong hands. And that’s what he was really concerned about and I wish he had said it. But that’s when, I guess when the cover-up really got underway in earnest.”

Bill Cooper, former Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member, author and radio show host, who had, on June 28, 2001, correctly predicted an attack that would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden, made many revelations and fought incessantly against the Illuminati until he was killed on November 5, 2001 by police officers in a “shootout”!

Bill Cooper had warned against a fake planned alien attack in his 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse. In a documentary, Operation Redlight, that Cooper released in 1991, there are excerpts from the recordings of a speech by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, delivered on May 12, 1962, before the Corps of Cadets of the United States Army at West Point Academy. The General, then 82, spoke without any notes and, in the speech, mentioned the possibility of “a conflict between a truly united human race and the sinister forces from some other planetary galaxy”. He had as far back as 1955 disclosed the possibility of a war with “people from other planets” to the New York Times.

In another clip that is available on YouTube, Bill Cooper has clearly stated that in his work in the Navy Intelligence Briefing Team he saw documents, in the year 1972, that revealed that the extraterrestrials were real and that there were attempts at back engineering the UFOs (this was Operation Redlight, a part of the overall Project Majority). Bill Cooper narrates that he had seen an astonishing UFO which emerged out of the sea, went above the clouds and returned repeatedly (or its replicas returned) to eventually disappear underwater. In view of his experience and in view of the documentation he came across in his work, Bill Cooper obtained whatever documentation he could, through Freedom of Information Act and other sources and found that there had been “in existence” a decades old plan “to create an artificial extraterrestrial threat to this Earth in order to create a one world totalitarian socialist state”.

The passage below about “John Haller” (who doesn’t exist) is a parody from The Onion. The extent to which this subject has gone is worth to make us think and ask ourselves certain questions…

“It is highly instructive to watch a YouTube clip in which Rep. John Haller (R) of Pennsylvania, 6th District, presents HR 8971 The Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill. Although the relevant portion is transcribed below, watching the actual video clip is highly instructive and thought-provoking. It also makes one think about the level of comprehension and integrity of the U.S. Congress!

The Congress passed a bill without knowing the full contents of that bill! The transcribed piece runs from 4.32 min to 6.23 min mark, the actual text of the Bill being read out from 4.40 minute mark to 6.14 minute mark – 94 seconds in all. In a statement that took Congressman John Haller 94 seconds to read the word ‘classified’ occurs 17 times (i.e. almost every 5.5 seconds on an average)! The transcribed text is as follows:

‘Congress shall now vote for approval of HR 8791 The Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill as said bill requests emergency response funding up to and including [ I am sorry this portion is classified] dollars to prepare for national level terrorist and/or attack from [classified]. Funding for first responder personnel and vehicles would be doubled if said attack leads to more than 80% of national population being affected by [classified]. This funding shall commence in conjunction with first attack on [umm… classified] or the first large scale outbreak of [classified] dependent upon which comes first. Civilian and military units shall be trained in containment and combat of [classified] including irradiated [classified].
The possibility of [classified] airborne flesh-eating [classified] and/or all of above in such event as [classified] spewing [classified] escape, are released or otherwise become uncontrollable. Air force units (undecipherable word) shall be directed to combat said [classified] due to their enormous size and otherworldly strength. Should event occur in urban areas [Jesus! That’s classified] far surpassing our darkest nightmares, casualties exceed [classified] body disposal action shall be halted and associated resources shall be reallocated to [classified] underground [classified] protected berthing centres. New Bill of Rights shall be drafted and approved by [classified]. Having now reviewed the Bill I ask you to please cast your vote.’

There is so much concealment in this bill that it makes a mockery of the entire law-making process. The legislators have no clue as what is it that they are approving. However, one must note the phrase ‘their enormous size and otherworldly strength’ – what does the legislation refer to? This phrase occurs in conjunction with the employment of air force units to combat something whose name and/or description is not revealed but which has enormous size and otherworldly strength. The Bill refers to an attack in which 80% or more of the population could possibly be affected! And what was it that scared Congressman Haller so much that he paused when he came to it, uttered the word ‘Jesus’, and then uttered the words ‘it’s classified’? The Bill of Rights will be done away with in this scenario! And why is the name of the authority that shall draft and approve the ‘new Bill of Rights’ classified? And why is it that not a single Congressman has ever raised questions pertaining to what Congressman Haller had read out? So wrapped up in this Bill is the possibility of an ‘alien’ attack and the subsequent annulment of the Bill of Rights.”

The pamphlet above pushes us to imagine such a scenario that doesn’t seem to be very far away in time… and fill in our minds the “classified” blanks… We can now discover the horrific intent of the Elite. And thus the dark night of dictatorial rule on the globe will descend from outer space if the Elite plans succeed…


June 8, 2018


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