Big Tech Fascism And Censorship Of Free Speech


Facebook announces medical FASCISM rule: All content that contradicts the corrupt vaccine industry will be BANNED

Mark Zuckerberg’s baby, Facebook, has decided to go all-in with fascist plans to censor all content on its platform that in any way questions vaccines.

In a formal announcement, Facebook clearly indicated that it’s siding with “global health organizations” such as the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.), both of which have dubbed all honest skepticism about vaccine safety and effectiveness as “verifiable vaccine hoaxes.”

“If these vaccine hoaxes appear on Facebook, we will take action against them,” the announcement from Facebook reads, adding that “group or Page admin posts” that share “vaccine misinformation” will be excluded from Facebook’s official “recommendations.” Further, Facebook plans to “reduce these groups (sic) and Pages’ distribution in News Feed and Search, and reject ads with this misinformation.”

The drastic move comes after California Democrat Adam Schiff called on Facebook, Amazon, and various other Big Tech giants to allow only government-approved propaganda about vaccines to be shared, sold, or otherwise propagated on their platforms – an online “book burning,” if you will.

Amazon was similarly compliant with Schiff’s petition, having agreed to remove all “anti-vaccine” films from its Prime service, which means it might potentially go after “anti-vaccine” e-books on Kindle as well.

“We are exploring ways to share educational information about vaccines when people come across misinformation on this topic,” Facebook reiterated about its own plans to conduct similar censorship “raids” on “anti-vax” content.

Big Tech fascism and censorship of free speech is a BIPARTISAN attack on the First Amendment

While Schiff is the one getting the most attention for orchestrating this crusade against online free speech, it’s important to note that some Republicans are also on-board with this fascist agenda, including Texas Republican Michael Burgess, who helped co-introduce bipartisan legislation along with Schiff that calls for mass censorship of “unfounded and debunked theories” about vaccines.

The repercussions of this legislation, which hasn’t been passed yet, is already being seen on other tech platforms besides Facebook and Amazon, including on Instagram where “anti-vax” hashtags will no longer be showing up on Instagram’s official hashtag page. These same “anti-vax” hashtags will also be blocked from Instagram’s “Explore” tab.

YouTube, which is now owned by Google, also recently demonetized a channel known as “Stop Mandatory Vaccination,” which is run by former executive director of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association, Larry Cook. Not only has Cook’s YouTube channel lost its income stream, but his books are now being promoted less on Amazon as well, reports indicate.

As far as Facebook’s ongoing plans to target vaccine free speech, Monika Bickert, the company’s head of “global policy management,” indicated in a statement that the social media platform plans to simply block from view all groups, pages, and possibly even individual accounts that share “anti-vax” content.

Facebook, Bickert says, is “working to tackle vaccine misinformation on Facebook by reducing its distribution and providing people with authoritative information on the topic.”

Facebook, Google, and many other tech platforms pushing censorship are really just CIA-run deep state “spook” mechanisms in disguise

It’s important to remember that Facebook, Google, and many other similar platforms are really just covert extensions of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) and other deep state entities, and that they’re being used to control the population, steer the narrative, and ultimately enslave the planet.

“Google really isn’t a private company,” Zero Hedge warned back in 2017. “If it continues to attack alternative media like Alex Jones and, it may find lawsuits headed in its direction. The same may go for Facebook too.”

Meanwhile, on Jan. 15, 2020, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against Adam Schiff, accusing him of having abused government power and infringed on their free-speech rights.

AAPS argues in the complaint against Rep. Schiff: “The First Amendment protects the rights of free speech and association. Included within the right of free speech is a right to receive information from willing speakers. Under the First Amendment, Americans have the right to hear all sides of every issue and to make their own judgments about those issues without government interference or limitations. Content-based restrictions on speech are presumptively unconstitutional, and courts analyze such restrictions under strict scrutiny.”

Also, on May 28, 2020 US President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship stating, among others:

“Free speech is the bedrock of American democracy. Our Founding Fathers protected this sacred right with the First Amendment to the Constitution. The freedom to express and debate ideas is the foundation for all of our rights as a free people.

In a country that has long cherished the freedom of expression, we cannot allow a limited number of online platforms to hand pick the speech that Americans may access and convey on the internet. This practice is fundamentally un-American and anti-democratic. When large, powerful social media companies censor opinions with which they disagree, they exercise a dangerous power. They cease functioning as passive bulletin boards, and ought to be viewed and treated as content creators.

The growth of online platforms in recent years raises important questions about applying the ideals of the First Amendment to modern communications technology. Today, many Americans follow the news, stay in touch with friends and family, and share their views on current events through social media and other online platforms. As a result, these platforms function in many ways as a 21st century equivalent of the public square.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube wield immense, if not unprecedented, power to shape the interpretation of public events; to censor, delete, or disappear information; and to control what people see or do not see.

As President, I have made clear my commitment to free and open debate on the internet. Such debate is just as important online as it is in our universities, our town halls, and our homes. It is essential to sustaining our democracy.

Online platforms are engaging in selective censorship that is harming our national discourse. Tens of thousands of Americans have reported, among other troubling behaviors, online platforms ‘flagging’ content as inappropriate, even though it does not violate any stated terms of service; making unannounced and unexplained changes to company policies that have the effect of disfavoring certain viewpoints; and deleting content and entire accounts with no warning, no rationale, and no recourse.

Twitter now selectively decides to place a warning label on certain tweets in a manner that clearly reflects political bias. As has been reported, Twitter seems never to have placed such a label on another politician’s tweet. As recently as last week, Representative Adam Schiff was continuing to mislead his followers by peddling the long-disproved Russian Collusion Hoax, and Twitter did not flag those tweets. Unsurprisingly, its officer in charge of so-called ‘Site Integrity’ has flaunted his political bias in his own tweets.

At the same time online platforms are invoking inconsistent, irrational, and groundless justifications to censor or otherwise restrict Americans’ speech here at home, several online platforms are profiting from and promoting the aggression and disinformation spread by foreign governments like China. One United States company, for example, created a search engine for the Chinese Communist Party that would have blacklisted searches for ‘human rights,’ hid data unfavorable to the Chinese Communist Party, and tracked users determined appropriate for surveillance. It also established research partnerships in China that provide direct benefits to the Chinese military. Other companies have accepted advertisements paid for by the Chinese government that spread false information about China’s mass imprisonment of religious minorities, thereby enabling these abuses of human rights. They have also amplified China’s propaganda abroad, including by allowing Chinese government officials to use their platforms to spread misinformation regarding the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to undermine pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

As a Nation, we must foster and protect diverse viewpoints in today’s digital communications environment where all Americans can and should have a voice. We must seek transparency and accountability from online platforms, and encourage standards and tools to protect and preserve the integrity and openness of American discourse and freedom of expression.”


June 18, 2020


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