Certain essential references which help us realize if we are healthy human beings from psycho-mental point of view

by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru 
Usually, the human beings which are sane from psycho-mental point of view manifest:

The ability to love and to be loved, accepting and even receiving the love they are given. Lacking this essential feature, more than any other mammal, the human beings do not feel fulfilment, happiness and affective joy can not evolve.

2. The power to accept with joy and curiosity the turns for the best which are necessary to them, the changing for the worse which do not depend on their will, or their choices or different changing which appear along their life.

3. The power to accept the states of uncertainty without fear.

4. The power to confront the fear of irrational with courage feeling a powerful and constant state of optimism.

5. The ability to assume different risks or challenges willingly, which are beneficial.

6. The power to eliminate and to even destroy without excessive efforts the fear and obsession about some terrible unending scenario regarding certain beneficial actions we are about to realize.

7. Powerful states of joy of life which should be spontaneous.
An ample and broad scale of emotional invigorating answers to different situations which appear in life.

8. The possibility to answer in a balanced way to different negative emotions (baneful) such as angry, stress, certain tensions (in the case of sane human beings, the states of happiness and joy are very important especially when they are animated by motivation and even more than that such wonderful states are a natural antidote against pain).

9. An efficient contact with reality which must be neither diminished (due to the predominance of imagination), nor excessively (this allows sane human beings to accommodate easily to different situations which appear in life). It was noticed that human beings cannot bear certain harsh, shocking or thrilling realities if they are neither healthy from psycho-mental point of view nor enough prepared inwardly

A realistic and rich enough vision upon the ambience in which they live or in other words which surrounds and offers them the possibility to nurture divine and universally valuable hopes; moreover, this allows them to be endowed with creativity in order to feel well or as well as possible and to prosper/grow.
11. An important degree of self-knowledge which make appear self-confidence and encourage them to show their (more or less) exceptional qualities and skills which they are naturally endowed with. Such a significant example is the ability of self-curing which they must use to the full when it is necessary and even using it altruistically in order to cure other human beings which accept their help.

12. The power of saying “I was wrong!” in a sincere and humble way when they did some mistakes.
13. The power to learn and keep in mind almost everything that is good and valuable out of every good or bad experience they had.

14. The power to appreciate by their true value and to repeat on proper occasions certain well and delightful experiences which helps them transform, know themselves, awaken the latent abilities, all these making them feeling more and more fulfilled, satisfied, flowering and happy.

15. The power to avoid or to reject by conscious choice the repeating of certain experiences which are generally considered to be evil, ill-fated and which provoked them great sufferings, tensions, disappointments, socks or obvious disturbances. 
16. The profound satisfactory and sthenic feelings of security and joy determined by their belonging to a certain group or society in general. 

17. The ability to satisfy the natural, beneficial and harmonious requests of the group or of the members of that group they belong to as well as possible and with common sense (even altruism). All these must be combined with the freedom of choice wisely and with common sense, according to their skills or native qualities.
18. The freedom and spontaneity necessary to make blossom, grow and flowering all their talents and native qualities/ endowments both to their well and the other’s well.

19. The liberty of self-expression by own wish but on the condition that this should be harmonious, coming out of common sense and should not harm the others or provoke them sufferings on purpose.
20. The opening to feel states of admiration spontaneously.

21. The ability to feel states of magic and mystery in certain moments of their existence.

22. The ability to feel states of adoration and veneration when such states spring out spontaneously.
23. The ability to fulfil naturally and harmoniously the beneficial needs of their body and of the other human beings of the opposite sex who they have harmonious relationships with, based on reciprocal love and respect, showing common sense and intelligence every time.
24. A sense of humour which can often compensate the lack of some qualities which have been described above.
25. The ability to laugh harmoniously and invigoratingly. 

26. The often states of intense and profound happiness and the aspiration for being joyful, for feeling intense states of love, fulfilment, pleasure, compassion, abnegation, forgiveness must be often the important elements of our psycho-mental sanity for human beings. 

All the features which have been described or enumerated above are very important as they represent the basic needs of the sane human beings from psycho-mental point of view. These qualities can be also considered as a SUI GENERIS project which is universally necessary for the survival of the human being.

From The Booklet of the International Yoga Symposium, Costinesti 2009


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