Chemtrails Can Be Biowarfare, or Geoengineering: History of Biological, Chemical Experiments on Citizens

We invite you to see a short documentary, Chemtrails and Biowarfare: History of Biological, Chemical Experiments on Citizens, which helps us understand more about what is going on regarding the chemtrails genocide.

This video makes the case that there are two different distinct agendas of “chemtrails” sprayed out of airplanes: there is weather modification or geoengineering, and then there are biological warfare experiments and toxic chemicals that seem to be disguised by the geoengineering materials, which contain such things as aluminum and barium.

It would seem as if the geoengineering spray could disguise other biological warfare agents and chemicals used for completely different purposes.

This video explores an astoundingly long history of U.S. government experiments on citizens with biological warfare agents and chemicals, from the spraying of San Francisco with bacteria in “One of the largest human experiments in history” to the potential murder of CIA, MK ULTRA chemist Frank Olson who worked at Ft. Detrick.

The film explores Ft. Detrick and how Nazi scientist Dr. Kurt Blome admitted he had worked on Nazi bacteriological warfare projects and had experimented on concentration camp prisoners with bubonic plague and sarin gas at Auschwitz, and was saved from the Nuremberg Trials by the U.S. to later participate in biological warfare experiments on U.S. citizens at Ft. Detrick, as part of MK ULTRA.

The video exposes how currently the Department of Homeland Security is still building another facility to experiment with biological warfare and things they very well could be testing on the Americans right now. This could happen even after safety breaches in recent years at similar facilities and despite the utterly disgusting nature of biological warfare. It is called the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility set to be built in Kansas, to mirror the historically criminal Plum Island Animal Disease facility.

Please share this incomprehensibly long history with anyone who finds it implausible that the US Government would spray the Americans with bacteria or toxic chemicals.

Geoengineering is one main purpose of what is called “chemtrails”, but it can easily disguise bacteria, biological warfare agents, toxic chemicals, and who knows what they may spray on the people, only to be declassified years later like all the other incidents.

What is called “chemtrails” contain mostly geoengineering materials, but the Americans should pay attention if they want to know when their own governement sprays them with even worse things, and they should know their history.



February 24, 2017

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