Court Document: Indictment against Hillary, Harry Reid, Loretta Lynch, Comey, Etc. Read It for Yourself


By Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I received this official court document prepared by the National Liberty Alliance from Laura Legere, a non-stop activist, former National Liberty Alliance Common Law Courtroom Observer Admin and author of the award-winning It’s Not Weird Anymore.

I know we keep hearing about sealed indictments and mass arrests and the like but haven’t seen much more than a suspicious orthopedic boot on Hillary Clinton, John McCain and perhaps one or two others, but things are progressing behind the scenes.

If you are aware of the staggering scandals in the deep state/shadow government, I believe you can imagine the scope of the arrests that would be called for, the manpower involved from the military and US Marshals, supreme court judges (honest ones are hard to come by) and the discretion required to prepare new inmate quarters at Guantanamo and other locations… it’s a massive endeavour.

How many people do you know who wouldn’t blink an eye to hear that hundreds of US government officials, diplomats and other public representatives are on their way to prison to await military tribunals?

If President Trump held a press conference or went on television tonight and announced this, what do you suppose the reaction in America would be based on the behaviour of the “snowflakes” and brainwashed Hillary followers? What about the people who have no idea whatsoever a deep state even exists?

What if a portion of the population in America are not what they seem and were triggered to cause mayhem and mass hysteria and violence? If you think a few school false flag shootings were horrific, consider exponential chaos.

I trust that those in place to take care of this are doing what has been agreed is the best course of action for all concerned to keep the peace and deliver justice. I believe it will be done, and timing is everything.

Perhaps a bite-sized piece of action is a good starting point, as so many Americans are aware of the land grabs and murder involved at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and as a result of the attempts to evict the Hammond’s from their ranch in Oregon. Family members were incarcerated and allegedly beaten while in custody and a supporter by the name of LaVoy Finnicum, as showed in a video recording, was ambushed and gunned down in cold blood by federal agents and/or law enforcement. At some point the truth must have been established sufficiently for these documents to be executed.

The charges below are a good start to prosecute the crimes perpetrated by so many linked parties in Washington and their agencies. The conniving, the theft, the lying, the coverups, the treason, the assassinations… it’s almost endless.
It must be difficult to decide how to approach the removal of some of these parties because there are so many counts against them for so many different crimes.

They have to start this monumental task somewhere and the NLA has apparently taken this step to get the ball rolling, since AG Sessions hasn’t yet delivered what so many feel is mandatory and long overdue. May justice be served.

Read the document for yourself at this link. It is lengthy and contains links to video evidence.

We must hope that there is enforcement of this documentation and follow through on these charges. They are not insignificant.


February 17, 2019


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