A letter from Australia

Monica C. is a pioneer. She courageously left with deep faith in God for a remote country, Australia to share with the others what she had learnt after practicing yoga for 15 years. Once she got there she had lots of nice surprises such as she met a special person who can easily get in connection to the creatures of light in the other world. Here are some excerpts of Monica’s letter writing about this remarkable encounter.

One day I entered a crystal shop and I saw a special woman expressing a highly spiritual energy. I got out of the shop but at an irresistible inner goad back I went back to talk to her. One of the things she told me about was that his husband, Paul is practicing some special meditations and she was going to introduce me to him as soon as possible. Well, I finally reached him and he is an extraordinary person, indeed. After a while he confessed some outstanding things in his life and I think these should be known.

Paul told me is a scribe of God and that his life had changed for ten years now, since he heard a voice one night: “Rise up, Paul and write, for here is God talking to you.” At the beginning he got scared as he was not much of a pious person and he thought he had got out of his mind, but the very next moment – he told me in deep humbleness – he realized who he really was. (As far as he explained to me, he obviously had a state of awakening of the soul and there subsequently emerged the revealing of the Divine Self Atman). He was shown “the beginning and the end” and he understood that he, like any human being, is a picture of God and every human being “should only remember that he/she is basically the same with God”.
He told me that he is not a well-read person, and all his life he had read but two spiritual books, but for ten years now he had been writing four books at the same time. He also stressed that he can only write when God himself urges him.
He confessed all these to me as he had felt shivers when he saw the circle on the poster of our yoga course (that is the yantra of Shambala). He said that the very next evening he was again “called” by the beings of light having the same token in the background who are guiding him and whom he names “the white brotherhood”. So he asked them about me and about what I am doing here.
 The answer he got was quite clear: the beings of light told him I came here (in Australia) sent by my master who is an exceptional being (I want to mention that he had no idea about my master, Grieg), not only enlightened, but who is permanently the same with God. Also, he mentioned that God sent him on Earth to get him reveal a new basic law of vibration (i.e. the law of resonance), which is going to prepare the human beings for the great exceptional translation in 2012. His main mission is to help people refine their subtle structures in order to get ready to pass into the new world that the Bible refers to. There will be new heaven and new earth there, for this is going to be essentially a spiritual world. My master is encountering difficulties because he had the courage to disclose the existence of Satan’s brotherhood and their actions. But in the long run, after many tests the divine good is going to prevail.

Paul also told me about how he had blissfully remembered some spiritual experiences in his previous lives and in the subtle worlds where he came from into this life. He told me that he can feel people spreading the almighty light of God our Father and who are watching over our world. He was surprised to notice that these pure spirits are often incarnated in common persons.
He asked me whether it seems to me as if I don’t have to look for people to join the yoga classes and they are coming by themselves, for they are already waiting for me in the bottom of their heart. I said he was right and that many persons told me at first sight that I looked familiar to them, even if they could not have possibly known me.
Quite modestly he says he is a mere house painter, brought up in poverty, which lacks a sophisticated style to express what he is experiencing. But it’s obvious that his simple language is unveiling incredibly true and profound things.

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