The witness industry at the Prosecutors’ Office

To stress one striking thing in this entire “judiciary conflagration”, which is the huge irrational action displayed against Gregorian Bivolaru and the M.I.S.A. yogis: the corrupted Romanian Justice is missing any persuasive or credible evidence. There are serious accusations, but no evidence. To give reason for the attacks on March 2004 they even reach the stupid situation to impress the audience by some complaints lodged by the poor parents left by their children. But the penal files require plain evidence. Since there is no evidence for any crime, no plausible explanation for the penal searching, the victim-witness becomes the key-figure to support the whole story fabricated by the prosecutors. Whether deluded, threatened under blackmail, or lured by some material rewards, the witness is urged to declare all the concoctions of the prosecutors in order to become the victim (the injured party) of some unreal crimes.

Mădălina Dumitru was turned into the prosecutors’ victim because she refused to perform the injured party…

After long sessions to deliberate on a way to incriminate Gregorian Bivolaru, the “enlightened minds” who plotted the “Christ” operation agreed on a disreputable accusation: minors’ corruption. For the only reason that the issue could touch the hearts of thousands of parents they counted on arousing the Romanian people against the yogis. The only thing to deal with was finding a minor girl, quite familiar to Grieg. Since the latter had been closely supervised, that was a safe track to follow. The perfect subject was found: minor Mădălina Dumitru – they only had to “convince” her to state that she had had sexual relationship with Gregorian Bivolaru when she was young enough to have this labeled as a crime. The deliberate panic and terror during the searching on 18th of March aimed absolutely at pushing the witnesses in such a state for them to declare no matter what in order to escape the prosecutors’ claws. This worked perfectly for Mădălina Dumitru. At the beginning…

March 18, 2004 early morning. The masked gendarmes burst into the house where Mădălina was dwelling with her friend Mirona Farcaşi: “Where is the minor? Where is the minor?”

Here are some impressive excerpts of Mădălina’s statement:
“They entered the room. They shouted: “Down! Lie down! One of them came to me and kicked my breast. Down! Down!” I was just watching them scared. At times they told us to stop talking or they would shoot us. I said to Mirona: “they will kill us”. There came two lads and asked me to put clothes on and follow them. The prosecutor was a woman and she told me to follow them not to oppose or I’d get in trouble. Two hours and a half later a prosecutor came. He told me to put down what they say and Mirona would be all right, too. “Your fellow, Bivolaru will be all right, too!” Meanwhile he was speaking on radio to the guys over there and they were telling him about the things they found at home… They asked me if Bivolaru could get in telepathic contact with me. They asked me when I had started the yoga classes. I started in 2002. They were quite surprised. They seemed to be counting. They urged me to write 2001, but I wouldn’t write […].
They asked me to write that I had come to a conference in Bucharest and I went to Grieg by the end of the conference and I told him I wanted to be his girl friend.
The prosecutor was getting hurried. He told me there would come somebody else in his place and start it over again unless I wanted to end it up right away. At times they would have me sing trying to disturb me in order to calm down and write. They said: “what can we do now if you have joined Bivolaru’s fellows, what can we do? Put that down and you’ll be safe, Mirona and you and that Bivolaru”. [As Mădălina was giving the statement, her lawyer, Adina Solomon was trying to get in there but she wasn’t allowed]. Then, Mădălina was taken back by car, late after midnight.

Mădălina Dumitru went back to the Prosecutor’s Office next day at 8am, together with her lawyer to lodge a penal complaint against the prosecutors and to withdraw the statement she had been compelled to give the other day. Ever since that day she had been hunted, harassed, tormented, aggressed and forced force her give false statements against Gregorian Bivolaru. Her story is absolutely shocking and tremendous.
These events that Mădălina underwent sample what a witness can get through if he/she wouldn’t state what the prosecutors ask. Lots of yogis had similar experiences, though at a different scale. They could not be persuaded to give false statements. Well, things were different with some other key-figures in this huge framing. Some of them fell into blackmail, out of greed. Some others lodged false statements, out of revenge. 

Simion Lupescu became a witness undercover…

Simion Lupescu (alias Simi) had been practicing yoga at M.I.S.A. for a long time. Since January 2004 he started to give all kinds of statements to the prosecutors. Later on he would tell that he wanted to revenge on Grieg. Why should he revenge? Simion had been expelled from the yoga course because he had been using Grieg’s name to cheat on some persons who had lent him large amount of money, which he wouldn’t give back. Instead of owning his mistake and giving back the money he went down deeper in mud. He ran away and he took, actually he stole some things belonging to Grieg, which were found in his house by one of the lawyers of M.I.S.A. Simi stated all sorts of fantastic things, hoping he would take financial profit out of this. Else he thought of getting excessive amount of money by being paid damages in trial. He is so naïve to think he will ever get this…

From now on, Simi’s stories grew ever more fantastic. We hear that he wanted to take back his statements after a while, but he had already been trapped in by the prosecutors; so he had to play the role of Judas to an end.
Not to be disturbed in his game he asked the Prosecutor’s Office for protection. He wanted to be a witness undercover, claiming the yogis would kill him if they know he is doing this. That’s again a dirty lie, for he did tell himself his name as a witness undercover: Vasile Marinescu and nobody killed him. Simi the Wolf (“lupu” is the Romanian for “wolf”) very well knows that the yogis are practicing Ahimsa (the non-violence principle).
One of the countless dilations of the former practitioner is that Grieg is involved in spying and he owns some special devices, quite expensive, brought from abroad to use in this respect.

Meanwhile Ilinca Simionescu becomes Mrs. Lupescu

In May 2004 the authorities are in big trouble. Mădălina Dumitru, the victim they were counting on kept denying the alleged sexual relationship and she accused the authorities of forcing her under sequester in order to get her sign the false declarations. The clue was leaking out. So a real minors hunting starts all over the country. Under-aged girls were brought to Bucharest, being examined and told that it’s for their own good to state they had had sexual intercourse with Gregorian Bivolaru as minors. But this wouldn’t work either, so the authorities hired again their team, i.e. Simion’s wife who was promised exoneration from some debts of hers.

Therefore, one week after her marriage to Simi, on May 18 2004, Ilinca Simionescu becomes a civil party and lodges a complaint against Gregorian Bivolaru to accuse the latter of seducing her when she was 16 and she asks 5 billions damages. That’s really interesting: the girl realized she was abused after 2 years. It goes without saying that the girl was persuaded by the prosecutors to do this. Here’s what lawyer Tiberiu Barbacioru states: “Obviously there are pressures at stake. When the civil party (Ilinca Simionescu) comes as a witness flanked by masked gendarmes in three vans, that’s the conclusion to reach”

Hearing that it’s money at stake, Arabella Agnes Mureşan suddenly realized that she had been “abused”, too. That was five years ago.

Arabella Agnes Mureşan asked 5 billions lei damages for being sexually abused when a minor, this is 5 years ago. She was known to ask money which she would never give back. Later on, together with her mother, Doina Danut, a florist gypsy in Deva, she started to blackmail and threaten some persons attending the yoga course and Grieg himself. After giving false statements, Arabella, the blond gypsy boasted to a friend that she had cheated on the prosecutors and she revenged on Bivolaru. Why should she take revenge on somebody who had never done any harm to her?

A thing which is less known is that Gregorian Bivolaru lodged a complaint against Arabella, her sister and their mother. The complaint states that in 1998, a gypsy florist in Deva got in contact to Grieg and asked him a loan to start some business with flowers. “Since M.I.S.A. is also concerned in helping the persons in need or suffering ethnic discriminations, I offered my financial and psychological support and gave her free access for the yoga classes” Gregorian Bivolaru states in his complaint.

After a while, Danut Doina asked permission to bring her girls Isabella and Arabella Agnes to the yoga classes, “because they give her serious trouble as they lack the paternal education, their father being in jail, convicted for fraud and they also had financial problems. Also Danut Dointa explained to me the disorganized, promiscuous conditions her girls were brought up in. She also told me countless times that she had to get sexual contact to different men in order to draw financial benefit out of this. She said that sometimes this occurred right in the eyes of her daughters or that sometimes she even had to get them sleep at the door. By the end of 2000, Danut Doina threatened me she would lodge a complaint against me for violating her daughters and she would put anything down there just to destroy me. She said if I wanted to get rid of those accusations she wanted me to buy her a house or to have one built for her”.

After the blackmail, the three women were expelled from the yoga classes: “After leaving the courses the three women had no shame to prostitute as hostess on video chat. Muresan Arabella Agnes got in contact with some Iranian, Hassan, a member of the Japanese mafia Yakuza, as far as we know, who helped her get to Japan. There she was hired in a bar, but as she was practicing prostitution she was expelled and banned for Japan. We found out that she had a marriage of property to a Japanese man, that the said Hassan bought that bar and gave it to Arabella Agnes Mureşan, who would publish announcements in Romania to find girls who were taken to Japan with a tourist visa, forcing them to prostitution for her and for the Iranian”.

There are witnesses to support the complaint that Gregorian Bivolaru submitted, but the authorities didn’t even mind it. Lawyer Dumitru Niţurad claims he had a written note signed by Arabella, where she states that she had never had sexual intercourse with Gregorian Bivolaru. In the long run, it seems that Arabella left for Costa Rica saying that she had cheated on the prosecutors.

Cristina Ionela Dumitru, a witness of the defendant party, was blackmailed and turned into defendant and then into the prosecutors’ witness
At the beginning, Cristina Dumitru was summoned as a witness in the investigation concerning Gregorian Bivolaru and by October 2004, she testified to the prosecutors that Mr. Bivolaru is innocent and that he had never had sexual intercourse with Mădălina Dumitru or any minors.

Cristina Dumitru stated these against all the intimidation attacks she had been inflicted: she was harassed, put under surveillance, and photographed, she was brought countless times by the investigators from Mangalia to Bucharest to be examined, she wasn’t allowed juridical assistance and she even lost pregnancy due to the stress she had suffered.

After her giving statements to support Gregorian Bivolaru, the prosecutors pressed on. In October 2004 she is no longer a witness and she is accused of human trafficking and finally they had her house under sequester. Then, the prosecutors gloriously presented the result of their endless efforts: Cristina Dumitru will sign the accusing statements, though false.

Techniques of investigation

All those who were subjects to the searching are stating the same: “They meant to intimidate us and misinform people”.

The prosecutors did not shrink from looking for all kind of people and get them state they know “compromising” things about the yogi. Therefore, people living in buildings next to a hall where the yoga courses were taking place, were encouraged to tell all kinds of things they could have seen through the window. Provided that most of them are unemployed, living a dreary life, barely educated, we can easily imagine their cordial welcome to the shrewd manipulating prosecutors. The fact that the hall is just one level higher than the other buildings is just petty detail.

They went to the places where yoga practitioners dwell and asked their neighbors whether they know anything about those persons practicing yoga at the M.I.S.A. and state any offense. The neighbors of a doctor who practices yoga were asked whether they wanted to state that he practices group sex in the consulting room.

They pushed so far the limits that people of Justice out speak in media things to intimidate the witnesses:

“Although the prosecutors cannot use the evidence in the court (the evidence concerns intercepted phone conversations) it could be used to intimidate the witness, judicial sources who asked anonymity stated for us. The main persons who are aimed to, Mirona Farcaşi, a friend of Mădălina, and Dumitru Ionela Cristina, the owner of the house the minor girl friend of guru was dwelling. If shown the intercepted conversations, the two girls might be determined to declare all they know about the alleged love affair between the two subjects, the judiciary sources say and their statements might be stand for evidence against Bivolaru in case Mădălina Dumitru has withdrawn her complaint” the newspaper “Ziarul” writes on August 12 2004.

Desperately trying to persuade the audience that Gregorian Bivolaru is a dangerous criminal, they even tried to suggest some connection to the case of the gypsies Cămătaru. As a consequence to the statement made by the spokesman of the Prosecutor’s office, Simona Frolu, the papers gossip about witnesses who have allegedly noticed Gregorian Bivolaru attending Cămătaru’s hotel. Gregorian Bivolaru has allegedly been given protection by the gypsies in return for some services, namely he would find prostitutes for them. Yet things become clear on TV: the countless witnesses are but one person…working in that hotel, happy to show on TV who claims that Gregorian Bivolaru might come around, as well, since he’s living in the neighborhood!!!

In August 2004 a 14 years old girl, attending the M.I.S.A. courses is forcefully taken away to the Police, on reason she had some problem with the ID card. As she got there, prosecutor Marian Delcea starts to investigate her denying her aunt to assist her, according the law for minors’ protection. The girl was visiting her aunt in Costineşti, which two policemen from a Police station in Bucharest had just found out in a discreet way. To find out for sure where the minor is they went to her parents’ in Bucharest and scared them to death saying that their daughter had been rubbed in a train. After finding out the address where she could be found, the investigators followed her trace.  The girl says that the prosecutor showed her a picture of her, wearing bathing underwear and asked her how she dared to take such a picture. Then he showed her two roses, one of which wilted, saying that’s what the yoga practice would make her look like.

In order to make up a new file against Gregorian Bivolaru and eliminate M.I.S.A. by accusing the leaders of the Yoga School, the prosecutors have lately proceeded to hearing more than 50 persons. They tried once again to get some false statements, namely the investigated persons had been victims of human beings trafficking. But once again the only false statements available belong to the seven witnesses who since the beginning had played the dirty game of the authorities.

We can but keep hoping that people playing such dirty games are going to realize what they are really doing, that they will denounce it and give back the money. For one lie brings about another and it’s only the truth that is going to take them out of this swamp they are drenching in. Let those who have ears hear this! Let those who have eyes see this! Let those who have a soul awake it!

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