Again in the center of attention: the Christ operation

About the occult significances that unmask those who commanded the sizeable action against MISA and against Gregorian Bivolaru.

By Maria Nicola
The postponing of the decision in the Gregorian Bivolaru case (now being judged at the High Court of Cassation and Justice) for the 12th of April returns us, not just symbolically, but staggeringly concretely, to the beginning of the Christ operation and the events from March 2004. The action of the Romanian Police and Gendarmerie that targeted the MISA School was declared at the respective time “the largest action of the Romanian Police” and received, as if by accident, the name of “CHRIST operation”.
Authorities serenely declared that this name has no other significance, being a randomly chosen code name and that the action took place during Passions Week, right before Easter, just “accidentally”. Is it really so?! Among other obvious significances of this blaspheming name and of this dubious synchronization, what is obvious at first interpretation is the fact that Gregorian Bivolaru’s accusers very well knew that he is innocent, sacrificing him like a sort of “scapegoat”, but also in a sinister and mocking revenge.
The most striking and shocking aspect, if we related to the events from March 2004 and the “CHRIST operation” is the fact that on the 12th of April, this year, so right on the day on which verdict was supposed to be pronounced, is the Good Thursday or, in other words, the Thursday right before Easter. The Good Thursday was the day of the Holy Supper, followed by the capturing of Jesus and his dragging from one court to another, being tortured and mocked, before being unjustly condemned and, on the second day, murdered on the cross, although he was innocent.

Let us remind one of what happened in 2004

On the 18th of March 2004, the Romanian authorities launched an aggressive sizeable operation against the MISA yoga school. Over 300 gendarmes and prosecutors assaulted 16 private houses of yogis, violating almost all regulations of the Penal Code regarding the way to conduct searches. Tons of personal goods were confiscated, tens of people were held abusively and interrogated, coerced to give incriminating statements against Gregorian Bivolaru.
On the same day, we witnessed a literal explosion in the press of a disinformation campaign that was then fueled months in a row with false information provided by the authorities themselves, in an unprecedented campaign of intoxicating public opinion and “setting it on” the yoga practitioners from Romania. The main target of this denigrating campaign was yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru.
After a first wave of articles and statements that spoke, for example, about “the greatest operation against prostitution and drugs traffic”, in just a few days it began to become obvious that information about this case were not supported by evidence at all. In desperation, artisans of the attack against MISA launched themselves in a raging campaign of discrediting the MISA spiritual leader, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. Libelous articles against him appeared in almost all newspapers in the period March – April 2004. Just a few days after, the name of the operation was made public: CHRIST. What followed – the harassment of Gregorian Bivolaru, his detaining in a state of arrest, his relocation from one court of law to another, in chains and with impressive security, bears a striking similarity to what happened 2000 years ago during Jesus’ “trial”.
In the end, after this dazzling unfolding of forces and after this entire media circus that allegedly accompanied the largest action of the Romanian Police, one operated a single arrest – an illegal one too – namely the detention of Gregorian Bivolaru on the 29th of March 2004. In the meantime, a file was concocted from different crimes that were quickly invented by the prosecutors, in order to keep him behind bars, but nevertheless he was released after a few days and managed to get to Sweden, where he received political asylum.
Now, after eight years, the file that was scrabbled at the respective time, “in desperation”, by prosecutors got to the final judging stage in the HCCJ. Two courts of law have decided until now that Gregorian Bivolaru is innocent and that the actions he is accused of do not exist. Therefore, the decision from HCCJ should be simple and direct, but instead of this, it was postponed again and again…up to Good Thursday!

Aspects that reveal the artisans of the anti-MISA campaign

Although they acted in an abject and insidious way in order to plot the Christ operation, those who commanded the anti-MISA campaign from the shadows put their “signature” on it in an unmistakable way. Thus, the 18th of March is a significant day for freemasonry, being the day on which this odious satanic sect celebrates through black magic rituals the killing of Jacques de Molay and the oath to revenge his death by destroying authentic spirituality.
By inscribing in the series of events that marked the history of our planet and that were orchestrated by masons, along centuries, in different years, on the 18th of March, the attack on the Romanian yoga school is also nothing but an eloquent masonic revenge. And things return to the initial significance of the masonic revenge, if we consider the numeric incidence of the date 12.04.2012. The number 12 (from the 12th of April) corresponds in the Tarot to the Major Arcana of the “Hanged-man”, and rituals of masonic revenge have a sinister predilection for murdering by hanging. More than this, through addition – that is so much appreciated by masons in their bazar occultism (which they always practice in a malefic way), the 12.04.2012 becomes 1+2+0+4+2+0+1+2=12, quite transparently returning to the number 12!!! Or, this no longer makes us wonder at all, considering that Gregorian Bivolaru is considered by the masonry as enemy no. 1 – probably this is the significance of the fact that he is again placed on position no. 1 of “the most dangerous persons” list from Romania! Is it not pretty obvious that we are dealing with revenge and ritual sacrifice here?
We will continue the analysis of these eloquent and staggering aspects. For your correct documentation we recommend some of the articles published by yogaesoteric on this subject in the past years. Although all these articles are well documented and contain sensational information, we found none (or fragments) of them in the mainstream media.


3 April 2012

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